This article is about the list of deaths on Better Call Saul. For the list of deaths on Breaking Bad, see List of deaths on Breaking Bad.

Better Call Saul is a show about Jimmy McGill's transformation into Saul Goodman. You can't become a "criminal" lawyer without breaking a few eggs. Here is a list of every character and bystander that has died over the series and in flashbacks.

Season One - 3 deaths

Cause of Death Responsible Party Last Words
Troy Hoffman and Jack Fensky
Shot to death. ("Five-O") Mike Ehrmantraut Troy: "What do we do man?"

Jack: (Coughing and spluttering)

Marco Pasternak
Heart attack. ("Marco") N/A "This was the greatest week of my life."

Season Two - 3 deaths

Cause of Death Responsible Party Last Words
An unnamed innocent bystander
aka Good Samaritan
BCS 308 03
Shot once in the face (offscreen). ("Nailed") Hector Salamanca N/A
Ruth McGill
Coma ("Klick") N/A "Jimmy?"
Ximenez Lecerda
BCS 210 13
Shot once in the head. ("Klick") The Cousins on Hector Salamanca's orders "Por favor!"

Season Three - 1 death

Cause of Death Responsible Party Last Words
Chuck McGill
BCS 310 21
Suicide by fire ("Lantern") Himself "Thank you."

Season Four - 25 deaths

Cause of Death Responsible Party Last Words
Arturo Colon
BCS 402 15
Suffocation ("Breathe") Gustavo Fring "That's how you do it. We had them pissing their pants."
Espinosa Gang (21+)
BCS 404 05
Shot to death ("Talk") One by Nacho Varga, the others by the Cousins "That's the only way you're walking out of here alive."
Geraldine Strauss
Heart failure (offscreen) ("Piñata") N/A Unknown
Fred Whalen
Fred corpse
Shot to death (offscreen) ("Winner") Lalo Salamanca Unknown
Werner Ziegler
BCS 410 14
Shot to death ("Winner") Mike Ehrmantraut on Gustavo Fring’s orders “There are so many stars visible in New Mexico. I will walk out there to get a better look.”
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