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Image Character name / credit Portrayed by Appearances Notes
Skater Ray Chavez "Blood Money"
Homeless Man Blood Money
Homeless Man Wayne Dehart "Blood Money" Asks Jesse probably for food, and Jesse gives him almost $1000 in cash
Homeowner Blood Money
Homeowner Brett Shane Cooley "Blood Money"
DEA Agent - Buried

pictured center
DEA Agent Victoria Lease "Buried"
Jack's Henchman Mark Vasconcellos "Buried"
Old Man - Buried
Old Man Michael Davis "Buried"
Customer - Confessions
Customer Millard Drexler "Confessions"
Waitress - Confessions
Waitress Caroline Patz "Confessions"
Locksmith - Rabid Dog
Locksmith Wray Crawford "Rabid Dog"
Carpet Cleaner 1
Carpet Cleaner #1 Manny Rey "Rabid Dog" Cleans the oil stains from Walt's carpet
Carpet Cleaner Guy 2
Carpet Cleaner #2 Rafael Herrera "Rabid Dog" Cleans the oil stains from Walt's carpet
Kid - Rabid Dog
Kid Sachie Capitani "Rabid Dog"
Homeless Man - Rabid Dog
Homeless Man Jack Burning "Rabid Dog"
Customer - To'hajiilee
Customer Merritt Glover "To'hajiilee"
Native American Man - Ozymandias
Native American Man Saginaw Grant "Ozymandias" Walt buys his truck, despite being told that it's not for sale
Detective 1 - Ozymandias
Detective #1 Hank Rogerson "Ozymandias"
Detective #2 Billy Lockwood "Ozymandias"
Cops - Ozymandias

pictured right
Cop #1 Patricio Delgardo "Ozymandias"
Cops - Ozymandias

pictured left
Cop #2 Carlos Telles "Ozymandias"
Fireman Noah Segan "Ozymandias" Discovers the crying Holly White, whom Walt drops off at Fire Station Twenty after kidnapping her for a few hours
Car Wash Customer Moira Walley-Beckett (technically uncredited) "Ozymandias" Wrote this and several other episodes
AUSA - Granite State
US Attorney Brennan Brown "Granite State"
Skyler's Public Defender
Skyler's Public Defender Eric Price "Granite State"
Deputies - Granite State

pictured left
Deputy #1 Aaron Wright "Granite State"
Deputies - Granite State

pictured right
Deputy #2 Dave Priemazon "Granite State"
Waitress - Granite State
Waitress Julianne Flores "Granite State" Waitress at The Grove
Government Lawyer - Granite State

pictured far right
Government Lawyer William Stafford "Granite State"
School Office Worker Deborah Martinez "Granite State"
Bartender - Granite State
Bartender Kurt Soderstrom "Granite State"
Barfly - Granite State
Barfly Leslie O'Carroll "Granite State" Impersonates Marie Schrader in order to allow Walt to talk to Walt Jr. on the school phone
Charlie Rose Granite State
Charlie Rose {Himself} "Granite State" Hosts an episode of his talk show where Elliot and Gretchen Schwartz appear
Waiter - Felina
Waiter Alex Gianopoulos "Felina"
DEA Agent - Felina
DEA Agent Steve Stafford "Felina"
Jack's Gang Member 1
Jack's Gang Member #1 "Felina"
Jack's Gang Member 2
Jack's Gang Member #2 Mark Vasconcellos "Felina"