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Image Character name / credit Portrayed by Appearances Notes
Duty Officer Jacocks - Live Free or Die
Duty Officer Jacocks James Harris "Live Free or Die" guards the evidence room that Walt, Jesse, and Mike try to infiltrate
Nurse - Live Free or Die
Nurse Gail Starr "Live Free or Die"
Lucy - waitress
Lucy Monique Candelaria "Live Free or Die"
Denny's server
Food technicians 2
Chief Food Technician Carrington Vilmont "Madrigal" Introduces the "Franch" sauce to an unamused Peter Schuler
Madrigal Lawyer
Lawyer Mathias Kaesebier "Madrigal"
Darla Kristin Hansen "Hazard Pay" guard at Metropolitan Detention Center who is greeted by Dan Wachsberger as he enters
Vagn Alex Knight "Hazard Pay"
Homeowner Michael Ostroski "Hazard Pay"
Lydia's Secretary
Secretary Melissa McCurley "Fifty-One"
Engineer Myk Watford "Dead Freight" Operates the train that Walt and co. rob
Good Samaritan
Good Samaritan Ryan Begay "Dead Freight" Pushes Kuby's truck off the tracks
Declan's Driver
Declan's Driver Morse Bicknell "Buyout"
"Say My Name"
"Gliding Over All"
Antoinette Antonio
Antoinette Antonio [Herself} "Buyout"
"Gliding Over All"
DEA Agents Say My Name

pictured right
DEA Agent Phillip Hart "Say My Name"
DEA Agents Say My Name

pictured left
Senior DEA Agent Bill Peterson "Say My Name"
AUSA Gliding Over All
Assistant United States Attorney Craig Nigh "Gliding Over All"
Dennis' PD
Public Defender Scott Ward "Gliding Over All"