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Just offscreen.
KCAV Reporter "Pilot" Interviewed Hank Schrader after a drug bust; the report was watched at Walter White's house during his party.
Pilot Car Wash
woman at the car wash "Pilot" Woman who is getting her BMW washed while Walt watches in the distance before he faints and is taken to the hospital
E.M.T. Christopher Dempsey "Pilot" Stabilized Walter White in the back of an ambulance after Walt collapsed at the A1A Car Wash.

One of the agents.
DEA Field Commander "Pilot" Led the DEA team to arrest "Captain Cook" and Emilio Koyama.

On left.
Jock's Friend #1 Jesus Ramirez "Pilot" One of the Jock's friends at the clothing store.

On right.
Jock's Friend #2 Joshua S. Patton "Pilot" One of the Jock's friends at the clothing store.
Backhoe Operator Anthony Wamego "Cat's in the Bag..." Pulled Walt and Jesse's RV out of a ditch.
Ob-Gyn Shane Marinson "Cat's in the Bag..." Informed Walt and Skyler that her child was a girl.
Native-American Girl "Cat's in the Bag..."
"...and the Bag's in the River"
Played ball with her brother in the badlands and found Walt's respirator; later went with her mother and brother to give the respirator to the police.
Native-American Boy "Cat's in the Bag..."
"...and the Bag's in the River"
Played ball with his sister in the badlands; later went with his mother and sister to give Walt's respirator to the police.
Sales Girl Anna Fenix "...and the Bag's in the River" The clerk at the shoe store where Marie was shopping; she was so busy talking on her phone that she failed to notice Marie steal a pair of heels.
Meth Dealer Daniel Serrano "...and the Bag's in the River" A dealer arrested during a drug bust by Hank and Steven Gomez; attempted to assault Hank, who easily won the altercation.
State Deputy "...and the Bag's in the River" Given Walt's respirator by the Native-American family and shouted out for Hank and Gomez.
Meeting Agent Jon Kristian Moore "Cancer Man" Sat in on "Operation: Icebreaker".
Biker Hallucinations "Cancer Man" While on meth, Jesse hallucinated two tough-looking bikers driving up to his house and pulling weapons.
Jehovah's Witnesses "Cancer Man" In reality, the bikers were Jehova's Witnesses, and left a flyer on Jesse's front door.
Mesa Credit Union Teller #1 Tish Miller "Cancer Man" Invited Walt over to her line so that he wouldn't have to stand behind Ken Wins; she then deposited Walt's money.
Mesa Credit Union Teller #2 "Cancer Man" Stared at by Ken, whom she was disgusted by.
Pinkman Family Maid "Cancer Man" Found a joint of marijuana in Jesse's room and gave it to Diane Pinkman and Adam Pinkman.
Danny's Auto Service Clerk "Cancer Man" Saw Ken's BMW destroyed by Walt; called the police after Ken became livid.
Arroyo Realty Manager William Sterchi "Gray Matter" Offered Jesse a job as an advertiser when Jesse thought he was applying for a sales job.
Schwartz Party Server Kiira Arai Sniegowski "Gray Matter" Accepted Walt and Skyler's gift.
Schwartz Party Scientist William Allen "Gray Matter" Introduced to Walt by Farley.
Music Producer Loren Haynes "Gray Matter" Gave Elliott Schwartz a Fender Straticastor from Eric Clapton as a gift.
Off-Duty Cop Frederic Doss "Gray Matter" Walt Jr. attempted to buy beer from him; he detained Junior until Hank arrived.
Medical Technician Juanita Trad "Gray Matter" Took Walt to begin his treatment.
Teller BB 106
Teller "Crazy Handful of Nothin'" Receives payment from Walt after his treatment
Blonde Student Seraphine DeYoung "Crazy Handful of Nothin'" Sat in Walt's class while he lectured them on mercury fulminate; asked if an explosion was what Walt was asking for.
Screen Shot 2019-12-09 at 4.49.41 PM
Police Officer "Crazy Handful of Nothin'" Police officer handcuffing Hugo Archilleya at school
Crazy Handful of Nothin officer
Police Officer "Crazy Handful of Nothin'" Police officer who accompanies Hank and Gomez to arrest Hugo
Crazy Hand Full of Nothing scene
Numerous students and onlookers {Various} "Crazy Handful of Nothin'" Onlookers watching Hugo being arrested
Tuco's Doorman Dennis Keiffer "Crazy Handful of Nothin'" Guarded the entrance to Tuco's pad.
Biker at Tuco's headquarters
Tuco's Headquarters Guard "Crazy Handful of Nothin'" Standing on the side of the building when Walt blows out the windows. Presumably injured by falling glass/debris
APD Lieutenant Geoffrey Rivas "A No-Rough-Stuff-Type Deal" Briefed the PTA of J. P. Wynne High School on the dangers of meth and the missing lab equipment.
Concerned Parent #1 Dave Colon "A No-Rough-Stuff-Type Deal" One of the parents at the meeting.
Concerned Parent #2 Kristen Lorre "A No-Rough-Stuff-Type Deal" One of the parents at the meeting.
Concerned Parent #3 Lorri Oliver "A No-Rough-Stuff-Type Deal" One of the parents at the meeting.
Yuppie Woman Carrie Fleming "A No-Rough-Stuff-Type Deal" Went on a tour of Jesse's house for sale.
Blonde Woman "A No-Rough-Stuff-Type Deal" Unknowingly had her cleavage taped at by Walt Jr.
Gertrude Zachary's Manager Mike Miller "A No-Rough-Stuff-Type Deal" The manager of Gertrude Zachary Jewelry, he detained Skyler but was forced to release her after she faked going into labour.
Pink Sweatshirt Girl "A No-Rough-Stuff-Type Deal" A young girl at the open house; Walt shushed her from telling anyone else about the basement.
Female Buyer "A No-Rough-Stuff-Type Deal" Inhaled the meth from the basement.
Male Buyer Jacob Mulliken "A No-Rough-Stuff-Type Deal" Tried to get into the basement, but Jesse yelled at him to leave.