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This article is about bit parts in Season 1 (Better Call Saul). For Season 1 (Breaking Bad), see List of bit parts in Breaking Bad/Season 1.
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Season 1[]

Image Character name / credit Portrayed by Appearances Notes
BCS Uno mall man
Michael Perez "Uno" Gene thinks this man is staring at him, but it turns out he sees some kids he knows in the hallway and goes to hug them
People at the Mall ("Uno")
"Uno" The man above spots these people he knows and goes and embraces them, starting with the woman on the left.
Gets hugged "uno"
"Uno" Recognizes the man from above and hugs him
Bailiff - BCS 101 Uno
Bailiff Lonnie Lane "Uno" Court room bailiff, he goes into the bathroom looking for Jimmy, who is practicing is closing statement an late for court
Jury members + Stenographer
Jury and stenographer "Uno" Jury hearing the case Jimmy defends
Defendant -1
Defendant #1 Grant Barker "Uno" Defendant
Bcs uno copy
Defendant #2 Clay Space "Uno" Defendant
Bcs uno copy 2
Kenny ("Defendant #3") David Saiz "Uno" Defendant
Irving R
Judge Irving R. Nance ("Judge") Larry Glaister "Uno" Just presiding over the trial
Gallery man "Uno"
"Uno" Presumably friend or family of defendants in the gallery. He is the first to stand up to see the video played for the jury
Court officer 1 "Uno"
"Uno" Woman speaking to an officer at the desk. On the right side of the screen Jimmy is arguing with the court clerk over his payment for defending the case
Security check court house "Uno"
"Uno" Jimmy storms out of the courthouse, furious that he didn't get paid for 3 defendants, but rather for 1
Keith and Karen BCS
Keith and Karen "Uno" Jimmy greets them as he walks up the stairs
Screen Shot 2020-01-07 at 11.42
"Jack, Nate, and Aaron" "Uno"
Screen Shot 2019-11-23 at 3.51.12 PM
Nate "Uno"
Attorney (Uno)
Lawyer Alan Humphrey "Uno",


In the conference room with Howard and Kim
Staring Man Michael Perez
Salon Employee #1 Victoria Pham-Gilchrist
Salon Employee #2 Kim Lan T. Pham
Salon Employee #3 Nhu Thi Ta
Salon Employee #4 Bau Thi Duong
BCS "Uno" onlookers
Onlookers Numerous onlookers who watch Lars and Cal Lindholm getting hit by the car driven by Abuelita. (Another man comes out of the door after this shot)
Breadsticks hands
Breadstick Guy Jeff Poole "Mijo" Cracked breadsticks in a way that reminds Jimmy of Tuco breaking the twins' legs. Only his hands and a blurry shot of his face in the foreground are seen.
Clovis defendant (not Badgers cousin)
Clovis (credited as "Snake Face") Robert Fortner "Mijo" Jimmy meets one of his clients in jail, and then accompanies him to a court appearances. Not the same as Clovis, who is Badger's cousin
Screen Shot 2019-12-09 at 5.57.38 PM
Mr. Pearson "Mijo" Jimmy's client, who doesn't have best so Jimmy lends him his for his court appearance
Jimmy client "Mijo"
Client Andrea Good (uncredited) "Mijo" One of Jimmy's clients
Jimmy clients "mijo"
Clients "Mijo" One or two of Jimmy's clients
Client and father
Client and presumably the "Angry Father" possibly David Loving (Angry Father) "Mijo" Jimmy is talking them them, but sees Kim walking out of another courtroom and turns and smiles at her. Kim is actually directly behind the son in this shot.

"Angry father" is a credited role

Attorneys "Mijo"
Attorneys "Mijo" Seems to be attorneys working with Kim on a case. There's a continuity error in this shot. Two attorneys follow Kim out of the courtroom, however it cuts to a shot of them further down the hallway but only one is there.
Courthouse officer
"Mijo" Courthouse officer. Seen in several shots, but in one of them Jimmy hands him a cup of coffee, which he gladly accepts
Court bathroom police officer
"Mijo" Police officer who watches Jimmy preparing a speech in the restroom
Running man "Mijo"
"Mijo" Man running up the stairs an bumps into JImmy while he's eating a sandwich and reviewing notes
Jail Guard Says "Berger, lawyer". May have been unscreen, several officers are on-screen but its not clear who is speaking
Berger behind bars
Berger One of Jimmy's defendants, appears to have met Jimmy before. He wrote a book about something.
Mr. Edison "Mr. Edison, like the inventor" - Jimmy McGill
at least 5 other defendants Clips of Jimmy defending clients in court, interspersed lines
Jail Deputy Jim Hatch "Nacho"
Albuquerque Police Officer Rick Anglada (uncredited) "Nacho",


Courthouse Lawyer William Fogle (uncredited) "Nacho"
Judge Dawnn Lewis "Hero"
Tailor Paul Geoffrey "Hero" Jimmy gets a new, tailored suit
Chuck's Neighbor Rose Liotta "Hero","Alpine Shepherd Boy" Witnesses Chuck taking her Albuquerque Journal from the driveway and calls the police
Lady Onlooker Staci Robbins "Hero" Witnesses Jimmy climbing up the billboard
HHM Attorney Tim Childress (uncredited) "Hero" Watches news coverage of Jimmy's "rescue" with a group of HHM attorneys
HHM Attorney Jyl Murray "Hero"
Veteran Cop Jacob Browne "Alpine Shepherd Boy" Called to Chuck's house after he takes his neighbor's newspaper
Senior #1 Francy Ivener "Alpine Shepherd Boy" Jimmy mets her at the retirement home to advertise his services
Senior #2 John Liberatore "Alpine Shepherd Boy" Jimmy mets her at the retirement home to advertise his services
SMQ Parking Staff at Shift Change Adrian Gurule "Alpine Shepherd Boy"
Pedestrian Rafael Torrez (uncredited) "Alpine Shepherd Boy"
Bartender - Five-o
Bartender Steve Mokate "Five-O" Offers Mike a ride since he looked visibly inebriated
Bingo Helper "Bingo"
Bingo Helper Kelley Lewallen "Bingo" Covers for Jimmy while he meets with the Kettlemans
Lobby Guard
Lobby Guard Dan Moseley "Bingo" Gives Jimmy the keys to a suite he is prospecting