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You only go around once.
― Lingk to Jimmy McGill[src]

Mr. Lingk is a wealthy man from Omaha, Nebraska.



In 2004, Lingk's dog passed away, and he kept the dog's ashes in an urn in his house. ("Waterworks")

Better Call Saul[]

Season 6[]

Lingk is stalked by Jimmy McGill (under the Gene Takavic alias) for an extended period, who determines him to be suitably wealthy and isolated, lacking close family or friends, making him the perfect mark.


Lingk talking to "Viktor".

Jimmy, adopting the persona of Viktor, sets about ingratiating himself to Lingk during a night of drinking. After they engage in conversation about the moral consequences of white-collar criminals, Lingk's beeper goes off and he begins taking pills; he admits to Jimmy that he has cancer. Jimmy initially seems hesitant to go through with the scam and asks Lingk if he should still be drinking in his condition; Lingk responds, "You only go around once." Jimmy takes Lingk outside and lets him be driven away in Jeff's cab.

After settling in to watch TV, Jimmy receives a call on his old earphone from a frantic Jeff. He, Jeff and Buddy reconvene in Jeff's garage, which is seen by Marion from her bedroom. Inside, Buddy tells Jimmy that he can't go through with the scam on Lingk due to his illness, explaining that his own father had cancer and thus doesn't want to rob someone else suffering from it. When Buddy says that he removed the duct tape from Lingk's lock, Jimmy angrily fires him and warns him to not talk about what they've been doing. He quickly enlists Jeff to drive him to Lingk's house so that he can commit the break-in himself, dismissing Jeff's own misgivings. Jimmy breaks through a glass panel to unlock Lingk's front door. ("Breaking Bad")

After breaking into the house, Jimmy finds Lingk laying asleep on his living room floor. He proceeds to take photos of Lingk's bank documents and steal expensive watches from his rec room. Lingk soon wakes up and uses the bathroom; Jimmy is prepared to knock him out with a cremation urn when he once again falls asleep. Meanwhile, Jeff pulls up in front of the house to pick up Jimmy. However, a police cruiser pulls up behind his cab as the two officers inside take a meal break. Assuming that the cruiser is there because of Jimmy, Jeff tries to speed away and crashes into a parked vehicle. The cops confront Jeff as he stumbles out of the cab as Jimmy leaves the scene. It is later revealed that Jeff was arrested after the break-in at Lingk's house was reported to the authorities. ("Waterworks")


  • Lingk is named after a character in the play Glengarry Glen Ross, who was also targeted as a mark in an attempted swindle.


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