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Lindsay Arch is a judge.


Season 3[]

Jimmy is presented to judge Lindsay Arch for his arraignment. She tells Jimmy all the facts that are alleged against him and announces the maximum sentences associated. Although the judge strongly discourages him from representing himself, Jimmy refuses Kim's help. Benevolent, the judge agrees that Jimmy plead not guilty and accepts that he will be released on a $2,500 bond. ("Sunk Costs")


Better Call Saul[]

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Memorable Quotes[]

Judge: "James McGill."
Jimmy: "Yes, Your Honor."
Judge: "Not how I'm used to seeing you in here, Mr. McGill."
Jimmy: "Not how I'd like to be seen."
Judge: "Well. You had quite the day yesterday. (...) Victim is... your brother Charles. Seriously?"
―Judge Lindsay Arch and Jimmy during Jimmy's arraignment.[src]