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Lily of the valley
Said it was most likely a flower called Lily of the Valley, it's uh... it's like common... got these red berries on it that... I guess taste sweet and sometimes little kids eat em' and wind up poisoning themselves... and that's it, nothing more.
Jesse Pinkman discovers Gus didn't poison Brock.

Convallaria majalis, commonly known as the Lily of the Valley, is a poisonous flowering plant found in New Mexico. It was frequently shown in Season 4 of Breaking Bad.


When Walter White was contemplating how he was going to topple drug kingpin Gustavo Fring, he noticed the potted lilies in his backyard. ("End Times")

Brock Cantillo was poisoned by Walt in an unknown way with the Lily of the Valley berry. The doctors initially thought Brock was poisoned by ricin as Jesse Pinkman had suggested but later discovered the true toxin. The doctors and Jesse believed that Brock came across the flower growing naturally and ate some poisonous berries. ("Face Off")

After returning home from successfully getting Hector Salamanca to kill Gus and getting Jesse back on his side, Walt disposed of the Lily plant from his backyard. ("Live Free or Die")


  • The symptoms associated with lily of the valley poisoning are somewhat similar to ricin poisoning, but far less severe, as so far no deaths from consumption of lily of the valley have been confirmed.
  • The plant contains at least 38 cardiac glycosides, all of which are known to be harmful, with convallatoxin and convallamarin being the majority of components.


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