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Hank finds out

Hank Schrader reading Walter White's copy of Leaves of Grass, while also discovering the horrific truth that his brother-in-law has been the drug kingpin he's been searching for all along.

Leaves of Grass is a poetry collection by American poet Walt Whitman. First published in 1855, Whitman spent most of his professional life writing and rewriting Leaves of Grass, revising it multiple times until his death. There have been held to be either six or nine individual editions of Leaves of Grass; the count varying depending on how they are distinguished. This resulted in vastly different editions over four decades—the first edition being a small book of twelve poems, and the last, a compilation of over 400.

Leaves of Grass plays a prominent role in Breaking Bad. Episode eight of season five ("Gliding Over All", after poem 271 of Leaves of Grass) pulls together many of the series' references to Leaves of Grass, such as the fact that Walter White has the same initials as Walt Whitman (as noted in episode four of season four, "Bullet Points", and made more salient in "Gliding Over All"), that leads Hank to realize Walt is Heisenberg.

Gale's Inscription[]

Gale Boetticher left an inscription on Walter White's the copy of "Leaves of Grass", which is written as follows:

To my other favorite W.W.

It's an honour working with you.

Fondly, G.B.

As Hank read this, he realized that Walt was Heisenberg, therefore starting the events of Season 5B.