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Laser tag! 7,000 square feet of rolicking fun in the heart of northern Bernalillo County!
Saul Goodman to Walter & Skyler White.[src]

Lazer Base is a laser tag facility in Albuquerque. It is owned by Daniel Wormald.[1]


Breaking Bad[]

Season 3[]

Saul attempted to convince Walter and Skyler to invest in a laser tag business to launder their money. When asked how it related to Walt, Saul explained: "Walt's a scientist, scientists love lasers." Saul also tried to convince Walt further by telling him that the place had a "Danny", which is a trusted owner who would "look the other way to keep his dream afloat" if the stock market would ever drop suddenly ("Abiquiú").

Walt, Jesse, and Saul also met here to discuss their moves against Gus, Gale, and Mike. Victor followed Saul to the location but remained in his car ("Full Measure").

Season 5[]

After the collapse of Gus' Drug Empire, Saul took Walt, Jesse, and Mike to a handful of possible new lab sites. However, they found fault with each: the box factory had a corrugating machine, which uses steam and salt, resulting in humidity that will ruin the crystal; the tortilla factory wouldn't work as the cooking fumes would make the tortillas taste like "cat piss" and because food operations are subject to unannounced government inspections. When Saul pulled up outside Lazer Base, his go-to money laundering business, and said that Danny had set aside an area right behind the skeeball games, Walt and Jesse replied, "No" and "Hell, no". ("Hazard Pay")

Better Call Saul[]

Season 6[]

In 2010, Saul asks Francesca Liddy about the laser tag business, but she reveals that the DEA found and seized it along with the rest of Saul's assets. ("Breaking Bad")


  • In episode "Smoke" of Better Call Saul, after the present day flashfoward, shows Jimmy waking up and after making coffee, reading the want ads and circling several opportunities. Left uncircled is an ad for a Lazer Base ticket seller. "LAZER BASE ALBUQUERQUE'S #1 LAZER TAG COMPANY IS NOW HIRING! THINK YOU HAVE WHAT IT TAKES TO SELL TICKETS? (No Exp. Required  Min Wage Employee Discounts!) 505-198-1775"


  1. "We made Pryce’s real name Daniel Wormald, and my dream was always to bring Pryce back and have him be the guy who runs the Laser Tag place as Danny. It just didn’t work out that way. But when Gene mentions Danny here, that’s who he’s referring to."

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