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Laurentius "Lars" Lindholm is a skater who is dedicated to making scams along with his twin brother Cal. The two pretend they are hit by cars while skating to get money from their victims.


Season 1[]

1x01 - Uno 7

Jimmy talking to Lars and Cal. ("Uno")

After Cal is hit by Jimmy's car, Lars, who videotaped the incident, demands an instant settlement of $500, both intent on calling the police unless Jimmy pays them. Jimmy becomes aware of their scam and tells them that they didn't choose their victim well, since he isn't wealthy. Jimmy asks them how they will pay for the broken windshield, to which they flee.

Jimmy enlists Cal and Lars to help him deceive Betsy Kettleman by having the twins pull off their usual scam on her and threatening to sue only for Jimmy to talk them out of it, hoping to convince her to hire Jimmy's services as a lawyer. The twins accept the proposal as Jimmy promises them two thousand dollars in exchange.

The brothers execute the plan perfectly, but moments after the “accident” occurs, the vehicle runs off, to the dismay of the skateboarders. In an attempt to chase the vehicle, the brothers hang on to the back of a truck. They pull into a driveway, but a Hispanic elderly woman exits the car instead. The skateboarders attempt to get money out of her anyways, and they follow her into the house. ("Uno")

1x02 - Mijo 3

Cal and Lars in the desert. ("Mijo")

After entering the house, the brothers continued to harangue who was revealed to be Tuco Salamanca's grandmother for a payout, calling her a "biznatch". After sending his grandmother upstairs, Tuco beats both of the brothers unconscious with his grandmother's cane and hogties them in the garage. Soon after, Jimmy appears in the house and Tuco agrees to let him go with twins, but changes his mind when the frightened Lars says Jimmy wanted to rip off the old woman.

Jimmy and the twins are brought into the desert by Tuco and his henchmen, who want to know who they are. Tuco decides to leave Jimmy unharmed, but plans to kill Cal and Lars for their arrogance. Jimmy tries to convince Tuco to just break a leg of each brother as punishment, as this will be months without being able to skate and always fear. Tuco accepts and breaks each of their legs. Jimmy rushes both of them to the hospital and pays for their medical bills. ("Mijo")

After the Kettleman's disappear and blood is found in Nacho Varga's van, Nacho reveals to Jimmy that the blood belongs to Cal and Lars, not the Kettleman's. ("Nacho")


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  • Lars and Cal's surname "Lindholm" is a very common Swedish surname, while his first name, "Lars," is of Scandinavian nature.