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Let them keep believing I'm dead. So much the better. It was the chicken man. That coward sat up there in the north while his paramilitaries came into my home... my home, Uncle! Screw Bolsa, screw Eladio. I'm coming north. I'm going to hurt him. Hurt him like you taught me. And then I will kill him.
― Lalo to Hector about his thirst for revenge.[src]

Eduardo "Lalo" Salamanca, also known as Don Eduardo, is a powerful and high-ranking Cartel member and a major distributor. He is the grandson of Abuelita and the nephew of Hector Salamanca. Lalo also has three cousins who are involved in criminal activities: Tuco, Marco, and Leonel, as well as a first cousin once removed, Joaquin Salamanca. He is the third Salamanca family member to run their drug operation, following his uncle Hector and nephew Tuco. Lalo is cheerful and charismatic, but vicious when the situation calls for it.

Warning, the following may contain spoilers.
In 2004, Lalo arrives from Mexico soon after Hector's stroke to help run the family's drug operation, and takes a greater interest in the day-to-day details than Hector did, which makes Nacho Varga uneasy. Lalo visits Hector in the nursing home and enables Hector to communicate more effectively by giving him a front desk call bell, which Lalo kept as a souvenir after Hector and Lalo killed a hotelier. Lalo thanks Gustavo Fring for giving Hector first aid after his stroke and paying for his care, but also surveils Gus' subordinates in order to learn their regular activities. When Werner escapes from Mike's supervision, Lalo follows Mike and kills Fred, a money wire store clerk, to obtain Werner's location. He becomes aware that Werner was constructing something for Gus and Gus fabricates a story to explain events of which Lalo is aware, which Lalo outwardly accepts while remaining suspicious.

Lalo disrupt Gus' activities and places trust in Nacho, unaware Nacho is Gus' mole. Lalo allows Domingo Molina to become a DEA informant with Jimmy's help, and Domingo turns over locations of Gus' dead drops. Gus has Mike link Lalo to Fred's murder to get him arrested, but later has Jimmy arrange for his bail of $7 million. Lalo convinces Jimmy to pick up the cash from Leonel and Marco at a remote desert location. Jimmy is nearly killed by the cartel, who believe it best to keep Lalo in prison to protect Gus' business, but Mike arrives to save him. After Jimmy's car breaks down, Mike and Jimmy trek through the desert over two days before reaching safety. Jimmy provides Lalo a cover story to hide Mike's involvement, which Lalo accepts. He intends to skip bail and return to Mexico, but instead of waiting for Leonel and Marco to pick him up, he searches for Jimmy's car. He returns to Albuquerque to confront Jimmy at Kim, and reveals that he found Jimmy's car, which was full of bullet holes. Kim says passersby probably shot at the car for fun and accuses Lalo of not trusting Jimmy. Lalo then instructs Nacho to drive him to Mexico, but not the original pickup site. In Mexico, he introduces Nacho to Don Eladio and informs him that Nacho will run the Salamanca drug business while Lalo hides from the authorities.

Gus arranges an assassination attempt on Lalo with Nacho's help, but Lalo survives. He fakes his death, then travels to Germany under an alias to find proof that Gus is disloyal to the cartel. After conversing with Werner Ziegler's widow Margarethe and later breaking into her house, he finds clues that lead him to Casper, a member of Werner's construction crew. Using details obtained from Casper, Lalo returns to Albuquerque and surveils Gus' industrial laundry. He later arrives at Kim's apartment, intending to interrogate her and Jimmy about their ties to Mike and Gus. Howard Hamlin had arrived shortly before Lalo; he ignores Jimmy and Kim's entreaties to leave immediately, and Lalo kills him with a gunshot to the head.


Background Information

Eduardo "Lalo" Salamanca was born in Mexico and was raised by his uncle, Hector, as an enforcer of the Cartel like his cousins Tuco, Marco, Leonel, and his first cousin once removed, Joaquin. He once assisted his uncle in torturing a hotel proprietor for disrespecting the two of them, and burning the proprietor to death and his hotel down, keeping a desk bell as a souvenir of the ordeal ("Wiedersehen").

Lalo later became a high-ranking member of the cartel, second only to his uncle in status and he was referred to as "Don" like the rest of the Cartel leaders. He at one point took up residence in a large, heavily fortified compound somewhere in Mexico and surrounded himself with servants that he viewed as being family to him and other individuals that he could use in the event of an attempted assassination.

Better Call Saul

Season 4

Lalo meets Nacho Varga.

Nacho Varga arrives at El Michoacáno where Hector ran his business and finds Lalo in the kitchen making food. Though Lalo offers the food to Nacho, stating that it's delicious and a family recipe, Nacho refuses the offer, recognizing that Lalo has been sent by the Salamancas. Lalo confirms this and introduces himself as Eduardo, though he invites Nacho to call him by his nickname of Lalo. Lalo explains that he has been sent to help keep the business running and sits down to meet with the local dealers. ("Coushatta")

Lalo talking to Hector Salamanca and gives him a bell.

After Hector is moved to Casa Tranquila following his stroke and paralysis caused by Nacho, Lalo and Nacho go and pay him a visit. Lalo addresses Hector, remembering an incident where the two of them burned down a hotel and tortured the proprietor for showing disrespect. Lalo goes on to say that he went back into the hotel as it was burning, and retrieved a souvenir that he has kept for years. He presents the souvenir to Hector as a gift: the bell from the hotel's front desk. Lalo ties the bell to the armrest of Hector's wheelchair, allowing him to ring it for the first time, then speaks to Hector in private about "the Chilean" before leaving with apparent new orders from Hector.

Lalo and Nacho meeting Gustavo Fring at Los Pollos Hermanos.

Lalo and Nacho pay a visit to Los Pollos Hermanos for lunch and are greeted by Gus. Lalo enthusiastically compliments Gus for his chicken. Lalo is then invited back into Gus' office, where he thanks Gus on behalf of the Salamanca family for saving Hector's life. He also speculates that Don Eladio Vuente enjoys exploiting the "bad blood" between Gus and the Salamancas, implying that he's seeking an alliance against Eladio. Gus picks up that Lalo is trying to get him to show dissatisfaction against the cartel, so he replies that he is "satisfied with the current arrangement" and shakes Lalo's hand as he leaves. Outside the restaurant, Lalo asks Nacho to drive him to Gus' chicken farm. ("Wiedersehen")

Lalo looking through security footage at TravelWire after murdering Fred Whalen, to find Mike Ehrmantraut.

He spies on Gus' operations and later follows Mike Ehrmantraut while the latter is looking for Werner Ziegler. Mike spots the tail, however, and loses Lalo by driving into a parking lot and then jamming the ramp on his way out, much to Lalo's frustration. Lalo proceeds to pay a visit to the TravelWire Mike went to. When he starts asking questions, Fred is uncooperative and tells him to call the police. While Fred is taking a call, Lalo sneaks above the ceiling paneling and drops into Fred's booth from above. He murders Fred, before reviewing the security footage and seeing the brochures Mike picked up. He calls the hotel Werner is staying in and pretends to be one of Gustavo's men. He questions Werner about a secret construction project before Mike interrupts Werner and takes the phone away from him. Lalo realizes he's talking to Mike and greets him before Mike hangs up. ("Winner")

Season 5

Back at El Michoacano, Lalo struggles to figure out who Werner Ziegler and Mike are and what they have to do with Gus's mysterious construction project. He learns from Nacho and Domingo of a rumor that a competing drug gang has been "stepping on" the Salamanca family's business. Lalo decides to investigate with Nacho in tow, driving to a Salamanca hideout where packets of the cocaine from Gus's chicken farm are being kept for distribution. Lalo inspects each packet and determines that some of them are not cartel product.

Lalo and Juan Bolsa meet with Gus.

Later on, Lalo drives to the chicken farm to have a sit-down with Gus and Juan Bolsa over the altered cocaine. Gus falsely admits that he secretly replaced some of the cartel's cocaine with methamphetamine after Werner stumbled upon Gus's drug business and stole the product. When Lalo demands to know what "construction project" Werner was working on, Gus shows him and Bolsa a massive structure being built by Werner's men for an industrial chiller. Lalo is personally introduced to Mike, who is "supervising" the crew. With Lalo seemingly mollified, Bolsa tells Gus that Eladio is not pleased with the breach and warns him not to keep secrets from the cartel again. Outside the chicken farm, Bolsa confronts Lalo for spying on Gus's operation and murdering the TravelWire employee. Lalo replies that he is simply looking after the interests of his uncle Hector, who believes that Gus is holding a grudge against the cartel after Hector executed his "boyfriend." Bolsa insists that Gus is solely concerned with business, to which Lalo expresses skepticism due to an unspecified past incident in Santiago. Bolsa says that Gus will never be "one of us" but that he's a good earner who keeps Eladio happy, which is all that matters. Lalo then tells Bolsa that he has no further issues with Gus. ("Magic Man")

Lalo visits his uncle, Hector, at Casa Tranquila and discusses Gus' mysterious new construction project. Lalo doesn't buy Gus' cover story about building a new chicken refrigeration facility and expresses disapproval that Bolsa and Don Eladio seem to believe Gus. Hector hints that as long as Gus is making money for the cartel, this situation will persist. Later, Lalo and his men are sitting around at night playing poker. Lalo bluffs with 7+2 off-suit (worst possible hand) and raised, Domingo has pair 8s with an 8 on the table, giving him a triple 8. He knows he would win but folds to not insult Lalo. Lalo looks at his cards after showing his terrible hand and calls him crazy for folding, then calling him “Ocho Loco (Spanish for Krazy-8)," giving birth to his future criminal nickname. Domingo gets a call from one of the fifth street dealers saying there's a problem, so Nacho orders him to go and solve the issue.

Mouse, Arlo and Lalo watching Nacho's mission.

However, Domingo is caught by the police while trying to get ten cocaine packets unstuck from a rain gutter. Lalo, Mouse, Arlo and Nacho sit in a car and survey the scene of the crime from a safe distance as police suit up to raid the stash house. Lalo asks if they were able to save any of the product before the cops came but Mouse said it's still in the house. Nacho, who has been secretly tasked by Gus to gain Lalo's trust, boldly decides to take matters into his own hands by climbing on the roofs of an adjacent building, then jumping onto the building where they gang has their product stored. The others watch tensely (Lalo even eating a snack) as a SWAT team lines up outside the door and prepares to breach it. Nacho climb in through the roof and salvages several bags of product before jumping out through a window just as the police swarm into the building. He surprises the gang members by coming back to the car and entering the passenger door unexpectedly; Lalo commends his actions, calling him a "badass". Back at El Michoacano, Lalo asks Nacho how long he's known Domingo and whether he's been inside jail before. Nacho replies that he's been family friends for a long time, and that Domingo has not been in jail but that he will keep his mouth shut. As Lalo stares at him, Nacho asks if he wants him to take care of it, but Lalo replies that he has something much better for Domingo in mind. ("50% Off")

Lalo and Nacho talking to Saul Goodman.

Lalo has Nacho bring him Saul Goodman to a warehouse where Lalo is working on his car. Lalo greets a fearful Saul and states that he is impressed with how Saul used his communication skills to talk Tuco out of killing the skateboarders a few years previously. Lalo and Nacho tell Saul that they wants him to carry a message to Krazy-8 inside the Metropolitan Detention Center, which would be protected under attorney-client privilege. Saul tries to talk himself out of the imposed job by mentioning increased rates, but Lalo hands him over the demanded fee in cash on the spot. Saul is successful and later reports to Nacho and Lalo that not only Domingo released the information to two DEA agents, Hank Schrader and Steven Gomez, but Domingo also became their personal snitch, giving Lalo a "direct hotline to the DEA" in case he needs it again. Lalo congratulates Nacho on finding a good criminal lawyer, and then implies that Saul will be working for them again in case they need him. ("The Guy For This")

Lalo is arrested and for the murder of Fred Whalen.

Nacho has a meeting with Gus and Mike to inform them that Lalo plans on using Domingo to rat out all of Gus' dealers and potentially his legitimate business, putting him out of order and rendering him useless to the cartel. Using intel from Nacho, Mike manages to connect Lalo to the murder of Fred - the TravelWire employee Lalo murdered while pursuing Mike and Werner. Mike convinces a witness to give the police information about Lalo's car, and soon after, he gives Lalo's location away through a police chat radio. As Lalo is driving down the street after dropping Nacho off, he's stopped by a police car. He slowly reaches for his gun, but three other police cars show up to block his path, they order him to turn the engine off and drop the keys out the window. With no other option, Lalo does as he's told and gets arrested. ("Wexler v. Goodman")

Lalo in court with Saul.

Under the alias Jorge De Guzman, Lalo is charged for the murder of Fred among other charges. Lalo has Nacho bring Saul Goodman to represent him. In court, Saul tells the judge that the defendant pleads "not guilty". The judge denies bail to Lalo. Later in a private room, Lalo and Saul discuss about the case. Lalo wants neither a deal with prosecution nor a trial, he wants to be released on bail. Saul mentions that it will be very difficult to do that, since the charges against him are quite serious. Lalo tells him that he will be a friend of the cartel if he manages to do that. Later in prison, Lalo arranges for a smuggled cellphone and calls Nacho, putting him back in charge of the Salamanca business and, knowing that he has been arrested under Gus' influence, ordering him to burn down a Los Pollos Hermanos restaurant, still unaware that Nacho is secretly working for Gus as well. Mike gets intel from Nacho and later gives Saul all the tools he needs to get Lalo out of jail. Back in the court, Saul tells the judge that the prime witness in the case was coached by a private detective. The prosecutor also admits of this fact. Saul even hired actors to play as Lalo's fake family to prove that he had community ties to Albuquerque. Based upon these factors, judge Xavier Parsons grants Lalo's bail for 7 million dollars in cash. Lalo says he can arrange for the money, but Saul has to pick it up personally. ("JMM")

Lalo talking to Saul's wife Kim Wexler in jail.

Lalo gives Saul instructions on where to go to pick up the money in the desert, but Saul refuses to take the risk. Lalo accepts this, but Saul changes his mind and asks for $100,000 to do the job. Though amused, Lalo agrees and Saul goes to collect Lalo's bail money from Leonel and Marco Salamanca. After Saul doesn't return home that night, Kim Wexler visits Lalo in jail under the guise of being a part of his legal team to find out where Saul went. Lalo is enraged to learn that Kim knows the truth until she reveals that she is Saul's wife. Lalo is amused by this fact, but realizes that Saul didn't just betray him and run off with the money. However, he refuses to help Kim find Saul and leaves. ("Bagman")

After reaching Albuquerque with the help of Mike, Tyrus Kitt, and Victor, Saul is able to bail Lalo out, though Lalo having that much money makes the DA suspicious of who he really is. Saul claims car trouble for his delay with Lalo poking holes in his story, but ultimately seeming to accept it. Lalo is pleased that Saul came through for him, but Saul warns that the seven million dollars has drawn suspicion. Lalo reveals that he intends to jump bail and return to Mexico, but states that he's not done with Saul yet as they are going to do "big things" together. As he gets picked up by Nacho, Lalo reveals Kim's visit and compliments her to Saul's shock. Gus subsequently realizes that the men who tried to intercept Lalo's bail money were actually hired by Juan Bolsa to protect the cartel's interests and by extension Gus'.

Lalo finds Saul's car.

The next day, Lalo visits Hector at Casa Tranquila and warns that the police will be after him for quite some time and he must return to Mexico. Lalo reassures Hector that he will have Don Eladio's ear and can sabotage Gus' business by making Eladio sick of "the Chicken Man." Lalo also reminds Hector that Tuco gets out of prison in eleven months and can take over the cartel's operations north of the border then. As a birthday party starts, Lalo is forced to leave, reminding his uncle that "family is everything." He then orders Nacho to take him to the border followed in secret by Victor.

Nacho transports Lalo to the same spot where Saul picked up the bail money in order for Lalo to be picked up by the Cousins. As Nacho drives away, Lalo suddenly stops him and orders him to drive six or seven miles away as Saul said that was where his car broke down. Lalo finds the wrecked car with bullet holes on the side. Returning to Nacho's car, Lalo orders him to take Lalo back to Albuquerque and states that he will get a message to the Cousins about the change of plans later.

Lalo telling Saul to tell him about what happened when he picked up the money.

Lalo subsequently shows up at Saul and Kim's home and refuses to let Kim leave as he demands answers from Saul about what actually happened when he picked up the money. Lalo keeps pushing Saul for the truth about what happened, unaware that Mike is listening in over Saul's hidden phone. Lalo makes it clear that he doesn't intend to leave while Mike aims a sniper rifle at him from across the street. Lalo once again refuses Saul's request to let Kim leave and reveals that he found Saul's car and pushes for the truth about what actually happened. Kim points out all that Saul has done for Lalo and demands to know what he wants and Lalo explains about the wrecked car filled with bullet holes. Kim claims that someone probably found the car, shot it up and rolled it in a ditch and guesses that Lalo chose Saul as Saul was the only one he could trust and that if he can't trust his men with his money, Lalo has bigger problems than Saul Goodman who doesn't lie to Kim or his clients. Kim orders Lalo to find another solution next time and not turn on the one person who went through hell to save him. Seemingly satisfied, Lalo departs and orders Nacho to take him to Mexico. However, it is not to the same place as Lalo has had a change of plans and they have a long way ahead of them. ("Bad Choice Road")

Lalo meeting Juan Bolsa and Eladio Vuente.

The next day, Lalo and Nacho arrive at the Salamanca Estate in Chihuahua, Mexico. Being greeted by one of his guards at the entrance gate, they pull into the driveway and Lalo cheerfully greets his household. He introduces Nacho to his housemaid Yolanda, his gardener Cecilio and all of his men, telling them that Nacho is his friend from "up north" who's staying with them for a while. Later that morning, while fixing one of his cars, Lalo explains to Nacho that they'll be visiting Don Eladio and gives him some tips on how to make Eladio like him and promote him within the cartel. They then drive out to Don Eladio's Hacienda, where Lalo once again cheerfully greets everyone he comes across until he approaches Don Eladio and Juan Bolsa, they throw in some jokes about Lalo's arrest in the US and how he had to pay for his release. In an attempt to please Don Eladio, Lalo gives him a brand new car as a gift with a box filled with money in the trunk. He then introduces Nacho to Eladio, saying that Nacho is the one who has taken care of the Salamanca territory in New Mexico after Hector's health deteriorated. Don Eladio quickly makes a joke about Nacho's mental state once he hears he's friends with Tuco. As Don Eladio pulls Nacho aside to have a chat, Lalo keeps watching from afar.

Lalo after the massacre at his home.

Unbeknownst to Lalo, Gus has hired a group of assassins to infiltrate his estate at night and kill him. Nacho has been aware of this plan, as he was instructed to open the south gate for them at 3 a.m. before leaving. At night, Nacho sneaks through the house and to the back but encounters Lalo resting and having a drink next to a bonfire right beside the gate. Lalo invites Nacho to have a drink and compliments him on getting Don Eladio's favor, claiming that he's halfway from becoming a Salamanca himself. Knowing he needs to cause a distraction, Nacho asks Lalo for a stronger drink and Lalo tells him to go inside and get one, Nacho uses the opportunity to cause a smoke distraction with hot oil in a frying pan in the kitchen, which ends up working as Lalo quickly runs inside, allowing Nacho to let the assassins in and escape. Lalo is berating one of his men for the incident at the kitchen when he spots an assassin through the window and ducks behind his guard just in time, using him as a human shield. More assassins walk in after the guard is dead, but Lalo throws the hot oil from the frying pan on the face of one of them. The second assassin manages to shoot Lalo in the leg, so he quickly ducks behind the counter and makes a run to the bathroom. Lalo locks the door behind him and opens a secret escape tunnel from under the bathtub, but leaves the escape hatch open to lure the assassins into a trap. Lalo quickly crawls down the tunnel that leads him outside the estate, pulling out his pistol and walking back into the Estate. As the assassins investigate the secret passage, Lalo ambushes one of them and shoots him in the head. He then proceeds to use the dead assassin's assault rifle to take out the remaining assassins that entered the tunnel. Outside, Lalo comes across the assassin whose face was burned trying to crawl away from the carnage. As Lalo turns him over, the assassin quickly admits that he's not sure who hired him as there was a middle man. However, Lalo claims that he has already figured it out, and forces the assassin to send a message through the radio stating that the job was done and that Lalo is dead. Lalo spots Nacho's drink from earlier still untouched, confirming his suspicion that Nacho was involved. As he spots Yolanda dead at the entrance driveway, a furious Lalo proceeds to leave the area. ("Something Unforgivable")

Season 6

A wounded and disheveled Lalo turns up at the home of a woman named Sylvia. After tending to a leg wound, Sylvia fixes breakfast for Lalo and explains through exposition that he funded oral surgery for her husband, Mateo. Mateo turns up at the house and is told by Sylvia to shave his large beard, but Lalo tells him to keep his mustache and soul patch. After Mateo heads to the bathroom, Lalo takes apart a pair of scissors and fashions one of the pieces into a knife. It's implied that Lalo kills Sylvia, after which he visits the bathroom and exchanges smiles with Mateo—who now resembles Lalo after having shaved himself—through the mirror; Lalo's smile changes into a cold grimace when Mateo isn't looking. Offscreen, he proceeds to kill Mateo, later burning his body beyond recognition, making it look as though Mateo's body was his own to make Gus and his men continue to believe he was killed.

Lalo near the U.S.-Mexico border.

A while later, Lalo is riding in the back of a pickup truck near the U.S.-Mexico border. He is dropped off at a location where a group of undocumented immigrants are being loaded into the hidden compartment of a hay truck. Before he climbs in, Lalo takes his cell phone and makes a call to the Casa Tranquila Nursing Home, asking to speak to Hector. Lalo informs Hector that he survived the attack on the compound, that Gus was behind it, and that Lalo plans on returning to Albuquerque to exact revenge. Using his bell to communicate, Hector asks whether Lalo can provide proof of his accusations; Lalo realizes that he knows exactly where to find it. Deciding not to cross the border in the hay truck, Lalo demands his money back from the two human traffickers handling the immigrants. When they refuse, a shootout ensues that leaves the drivers dead. Lalo leaves the immigrants unharmed, steals a pickup truck belonging to one of the traffickers, and drives in the opposite direction of the border. ("Wine and Roses")

Unbeknownst to Lalo, Nacho committed suicide after being confronted by Bolsa, Gus' men, and the Salamancas, though not before gleefully admitting to Hector that he was responsible for his paralysis, which enraged Hector. Lalo was mentioned a few times during Nacho's speech, with Nacho admitting to the role he played in the assault on Lalo's compound. Nacho said that he "opened Lalo's gate" and called him "a soulless pig", words which didn't anger Hector as he was aware Lalo had survived the assassination attempt. Unaware of Lalo's survival, Nacho also expressed regret at not killing Lalo "with his own hands". At the same time, the prosecutor's office has identified "Jorge De Guzman" as Lalo Salamanca and attempt to get Saul's help in taking him down, stating that if Saul didn't know about the alias, then it wouldn't breach the attorney-client privilege. ("Rock and Hard Place")

Two weeks after his escape, Lalo is still on the loose with Mike's men having spotted no sign of him. Gus, insistent that Lalo is still alive, has his men spread out all over town keeping an eye out for him, with Mike warning Kim of the truth as Lalo may go looking for Saul. As a consequence of his role in Lalo's escape from justice, although no one can prove it, Saul is now hated at the courthouse and flooded with clients who have heard of his connections to Lalo and the cartel. ("Hit and Run")

Lalo talking to Werner Ziegler's widow, Margarethe.

It is revealed that Lalo had travelled to Germany. At a pub in Berlin, Lalo poses as an American businessman from New Mexico named Ben. A woman sitting at the bar remarks that she almost visited New Mexico once; she is revealed to be Margarethe Ziegler, Werner's widow. The two engage in conversation, with Margarethe revealing to Lalo that her husband died in a "cave-in" during a mysterious excavation project in New Mexico; that lawyers came to her house to collect "proprietary" material related to the project; and that none of Werner's team, who he purportedly saved in the cave-in, attended his funeral. Eventually the two walk back to Margarethe's home; she considers inviting him inside, but Lalo tells her he is flying home the following day. The two part ways.

The following day, after Margarethe leaves for work, Lalo returns to her house and makes his way inside. After quieting her dog, he goes upstairs and enters Werner's former workroom, searching his binders for any information that will lead him to his work crew. He is taken by surprise when Margarethe unexpectedly returns home to collect her phone. Lalo takes out a gun and fits it with a silencer while the dog barks at the foot of the stairs, drawing Margarethe's attention. As she climbs upstairs to investigate, Lalo notices a lucite block containing a measuring scale on a shelf—a gift from Werner's employees who worked on Gus' superlab. He picks up the block and notices a label for the manufacturer attached to the bottom. Moments later, Margarethe enters the workroom to find it empty, but finds that the window has been left ajar. ("Black and Blue")

Lalo confronting Casper.

In a forest in Germany, Casper—a former member of Werner Ziegler's excavation crew—is chopping wood when Lalo drives to his cabin. Sensing danger, Casper flees and attempts to hide in a nearby barn. Drawing a pistol, Lalo follows him inside. Casper gets the drop on Lalo and strikes him with the blunt end of his axe, causing Lalo to collapse and seemingly struggle for breath. Under questioning, Lalo explains he tracked Casper down through the Lucite block he gave to Werner's widow, Margarethe. However, Lalo regains the upper hand by luring Casper to a close distance and slashing his face with a razor blade, then using the axe to chop off his left foot. Lalo takes off his belt and tells Casper to tie off the bleeding from the stump, saying that they are going to "have a talk." Following this interrogation, it is not specified if Lalo spared Casper. ("Axe and Grind")

Lalo in a sewer in Albuquerque.

Late at night, in an industrial area in Albuquerque, Lalo—now returned from his trip to Germany—emerges from a manhole in the center of a street. He walks to a procured station wagon, changes out of a pair of overalls, and drives to a nearby truck stop. There, he enters a convenience store and is given keys to a restroom where he takes a shower. Returning to his car, Lalo sets a timer for an hour and takes a short nap. He returns to the industrial area and climbs back inside the manhole. Navigating the sewer system, Lalo finds a storm drain where he has set up a lawn chair along with food and water. Using binoculars, Lalo monitors the location across from the storm drain: Lavandería Brillante. Later, he then makes a video for Don Eladio, revealing what he's learned from Casper: Gus had used Werner Ziegler to build the "mother of all meth labs" beneath the laundry. Lalo intends to storm the laundry that and kill all of Gus's guards, then he can present proof for Eladio that any cover story put forth by Gus will not refute.

Lalo confronting Saul and Kim, moments before murdering Howard Hamlin.

Lalo then calls Casa Tranquila in order to talk in Hector but while the receptionist goes to get Hector, Lalo hears noises on the line. He hangs up and smashes his lawn chair in a rage, realizing Gus had Hector's line bugged. He then calls back and talks to Hector, falsely stating that he couldn't find proof against Gus and will resort to "Plan A", which entails striking at Gus tonight, despite Hector's angry protests before Lalo ends the call. Lalo sees Mike and a group of men exit the laundry and drive away in an SUV. Glancing at a cockroach in the sewer, a thought seems to occur to Lalo. He walks away from his perch in the storm drain.

Lalo calmly saying "Let's talk" to Saul and Kim, shortly after Howard's murder.

Later that night, Lalo arrives to Saul and Kim's apartment, where he finds Howard Hamlin ranting at the couple. Saul and Kim are absolutely horrified by Lalo<nowiki>'s appearance while Kim tries to get Howard, who is completely oblivious to Lalo being in the Cartel and their connections to him, to leave. When Howard asks Lalo who he is, Lalo states nonchalantly he is nobody and that he merely wishes to “speak to my lawyers” (much to Saul and Kim's alarm). They both nervously implore Howard to leave immediately, but Howard remains oblivious to his danger, sarcastically telling Lalo to find himself better lawyers. Lalo affixes a silencer to a pistol and, once Howard finally realizes his peril, suddenly shoots Howard in the head, instantly killing him. Saul and Kim both scream in horror at what has just occurred before them, as Lalo shushes them to calm down, saying, "Okay... Let's talk." ("Plan and Execution")

Breaking Bad

Season 2

Saul asking Walter White and Jesse Pinkman if Lalo sent them.

When Saul is kidnapped by Walter White and Jesse Pinkman and taken to the desert, Saul assumes that it is Lalo who has abducted him and starts begging for his life, blaming Ignacio for what happened, swearing he's always been friends with the cartel. After realizing Walter and Jesse's confusion, he understands he had mistaken them for Lalo's men and sighs in relief. ("Better Call Saul")

Season 4

After destroying the cartel, Gus visits Hector at Casa Tranquila and sadistically informs him that every other Salamanca is dead, which suggests that Lalo died or was killed at some point in time. ("Salud",  "Crawl Space")

Hector eventually used the bell Lalo gave him as a gift to assassinate Gus after the bell was connected to a bomb attached to his wheelchair by Walter, killing himself and Tyrus alongside Gus. ("Face Off")

After Breaking Bad

After his former lawyer, Saul Goodman, disappeared and was outed as a major player on Walter White's Drug Empire, Lalo's relationship with him became public knowledge and was covered in a documentary that was released about Saul. ("American Greed: James McGill")


"Yeah, I never sleep much. An hour, maybe two. It's enough. When it's like this... that's when I can think. I get my best ideas when everybody else is asleep. Some people, they call it a curse. I like it."
―Lalo telling Nacho about his sleep pattern[src]

Lalo in a sewer.

Lalo Salamanca is shown to be a ruthless, highly intelligent, sadistic, somewhat humorous and exuberant man who is blindly loyal to the cartel and his family members. He is cheerful and charismatic, but vicious when the situation calls for it. Lalo is notable for being the only member of his family that Gustavo Fring truly fears due to Lalo' persistence, cunning and discovering of Gus' secret intent to undercut and ultimately sabotage the Cartel and his family. Lalo is shown to be very capable of cold-blooded murder as seen when he brutally murdered Fred and Howard (for finding out what Mike was up to and simply wanting to talk to Saul and Kim, respectively) and as revealed by a story he enthusiastically recounted of torturing and burning a hotel proprietor to death alongside his uncle and keeping his uncle's famed desk bell as a souvenir, almost as a trophy. During his bail hearing, Lalo shows a complete lack of remorse for killing Fred, as well as total indifference to the victim's family being there. He was also more than willing to murder two close acquaintances, Sylvia and Mateo, simply to fake his own death for the purpose of punishing those responsible. In addition, he senselessly murdered Howard, a complete stranger to him, simply for getting in his way. While Kim and Saul were extremely shocked, Lalo maintained his calm demeanour, acting as though it was nothing.

Lalo tells Saul Goodman that he's "the guy for this".

Lalo is shown to be an extremely skilled investigator as well as seen during his tailing of Mike, his search for Werner Ziegler and eventually Gus' secret construction project, showing his dedication to accomplishing whatever goal he is focused on. He is also shown to be a seasoned brawler, tactician, and marksman as he was able to single-handedly able take out at least 5 assassins sent by Gus to kill him and also disable Casper with a concealed razor blade and chopping off his foot with an axe even after being knocked down. His strong cunning was seen by him faking his own death in order to exact revenge on Gus and Nacho and also tracking down Werner's widow, Margarethe, and interrogate her for information while posing as a harmless business man.

Lalo jumping down to Saul's car.

Despite his villainous nature, Lalo is shown to genuinely care for his family members, notably his disabled uncle and also his servants and close friends who reside at his estate with him, as seen by his barely contained rage following their deaths as a result of the assassination attempt; although he did treat one of his servants very badly and even used him as a shield when assassins sent by Gus tried to kill him. In addition, Lalo is far from being completely heartless or merciless as, despite murdering two disrespectful coyotes prior, he ensured that the undocumented immigrants being transported by the two gained their money back, nor did he choose to murder witnesses to his crime to cover his tracks, an almost complete contrast to his cousins Leonel and Marco.


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Deaths connected to Lalo

  • Nacho Varga: Following the failed assassination attempt on Lalo, the Cartel correctly suspected Nacho's involvement and Eladio puts a price on his head, causing him to go on the run. This ultimately leads to Nacho committing suicide to conceal Gus' role in the attempted assassination and to go out on his own terms. ("Rock and Hard Place")


"You're gonna die."
―Lalo's first line, telling Nacho how much he will like his cooking.[src]

"Ah, I'm just here to lend a helping hand, you know, make sure the business is running in order. I got a good head for numbers. But listen, don't even worry. It's gonna be like I'm not even here."
―Lalo to Nacho after introducing himself.[src]

"Is there any chance, and I know the answer is probably no, but is it possible for me to meet the owner?"
―Lalo requests to meet the owner of Los Pollos Hermanos, while talking directly to Gus himself[src]

Lalo: "Varga tells me that while everyone else was picking their asses, you rushed him, stuck him on the chest and brought him back."
Gus: "It was simple instinct."
Lalo: "But still, with all the history between you two... What you did was gesture of peace. At least, that's how we see it."
Gus: "I'm very pleased to hear that."
―Lalo makes it clear to Gus that he is not fooled by his real intentions.[src]

"La familia es todo (Family is all)"
―Lalo rephrasing Hector's teachings about family being everything.[src]

"You're the guy for this!"
―Lalo to Saul Goodman[src]

"You wanna be a friend of the cartel? Time to get yourself a new motto: "Just Make Money.""
―Lalo to Saul[src]

Lalo: "Huh. So?"
Saul: "So, just like you wanted. Assuming the dead drops are a real thing, the feds are gonna be on him."
Lalo: "Feds?"
Saul: "Yeah. DEA. There's a matched pair of them, and they're into this with a vengeance. I mean, think feeding time in the lion cage. And, um... they're gunning for arrests."
Lalo: "Okay."
Saul: "[pause] Oh, and... your guy is now a confidential informant."
Lalo: "What do you mean? Like a rat?"
Saul: "No! He's not a rat, no! I mean–well, if he's a rat, he's your rat. So... Uh, put it this way. You now have a hotline to the DEA. And not just now–any time, so that's a good thing. Right? But the deal is, at some point, you might hear that Domingo is a snitch. You gotta know... he's not."
Lalo: "And what do you care?"
Saul: "Well, all due respect, you're paying me, but he's my client. I'd like to keep him alive."
Lalo: "[laughs; in Spanish] This dude. Good idea."
Saul: "[as Lalo walks away] Oh, one more thing. You're gonna have to find a different attorney for future endeavors, 'cause my schedule is just very, very tight."
Lalo: "[pause] You'll make time."
―Lalo being debriefed by Saul about Krazy-8's interrogation.[src]

"Who the hell are you that he tells you my business?"
―Lalo to Kim Wexler about Saul[src]

"I'd just like to hear the story. I mean... I paid a lot of money for that story, so... I think I can hear it as much as I want! So... tell me again."
―Lalo telling Saul to tell him the story of being in the desert[src]

"Yeah, I never sleep much. An hour, maybe two. It's enough. When it's like this... that's when I can think. I get my best ideas when everybody else is asleep. Some people, they call it a curse. I like it."
―Lalo telling Nacho about his sleep pattern[src]

"Let them keep believing I'm dead. So much the better. It was the chicken man. That coward sat up there in the north while his paramilitaries came into my home... my home, Uncle! Screw Bolsa, screw Eladio. I'm coming north. I'm going to hurt him. Hurt him like you taught me. And then I will kill him."
―Lalo to Hector about his thirst for revenge.[src]

"Don Eladio. Guess who. It's me! I'm alive! I'm here in beautiful downtown Albuquerque. Been here... Four nights? Now, you might be asking, what am I doing down in this shithole? Well... a little Croatian bird told me a secret. He put up a hell of a fight, but he told me. Look... See that? Right there. Fring's secret. Now, I've been watching, and Fring hides his guards very well. But they're there, dressed like laundry workers. See? That's one there. They're hiding guns under the uniforms, but I see. I have a pretty good idea what I'm up against. I can tell you what's in there. A big hole where a German engineer, Werner Ziegler, designed the perfect place to hide the... "mother of all meth labs." Well, that's my story. And Fring, Fring will have his story. A good one. And Bolsa will back him. Because he's an... "Earner." So, tonight... I go in... I kill all the guards... and show you the proof. Then... you decide. Adios."
―Lalo's video message to Don Eladio[src]

Howard: "Who are you?"
Lalo: "Me? Nobody. I just need to talk to my lawyers."
Howard: "Oh, is that right? You want some advice? Find better lawyers."
―Lalo's conversation with Howard Hamlin[src]

"Okay. Let's talk."
―Lalo to Saul and Kim, after murdering Howard[src]


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  • Lalo Salamanca and Kim Wexler are the only major Better Call Saul characters whose fates at the time of Breaking Bad are currently unknown.
    • At the start of Season 6 of Better Call Saul, Gus understands that Lalo survived the assassination attempt and covered up his death to get revenge. Gus is therefore fully aware that Lalo is alive at this point. Knowing that he will later tell Hector that all the Salamancas are dead, it is more than likely possible that, except for an unlikely turn of events, Lalo will die before the end of season 6.
  • Lalo and Hector are the only Salamancas who were ever referred to as Dons, implying they're the highest ranked in their family.
    • They are also the only Salamancas to kill a main character.
  • Lalo is the only member of the Salamanca family to be a main character.
  • Lalo never meets Chuck McGill and he only meets Howard Hamlin very briefly, ending with Lalo murdering him.
  • In the episode "Something Unforgivable", Lalo mentions to Nacho how little he needs to sleep in order to function and says that he can think clearer at this time of night, only sleeping for 1–2 hours. This is backed up in the cold open to "Plan and Execution", where he sets an egg timer for 1 hour before falling asleep in a station wagon.
  • Lalo drives a 1970 Chevrolet Monte Carlo.