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Lalo’s Chihuahua House is the home of Lalo Salamanca and his workers. It is a luxurious estate walled in a large compound.


Season 5[]

When Lalo and Nacho arrive, they’re welcomed by Lalo's staff, whom he has a family-like connection with. Nacho gets a call from an unknown number telling him to open the back gate at 3 a.m. Five minutes before the arranged time, Nacho makes a padlock shim and goes to the gate but finds that Lalo is sitting next to the fire pit. Under the pretense of getting drinks, Nacho goes into the kitchen to pour oil into a pan and places it over a lit stove. Lalo runs into the kitchen to investigate smoke while Nacho opens the gate for the hitmen sent by Gus before fleeing. Lalo burns one of the hitmen with the hot oil as he manages to dodge the initial fire. He runs to a bathtub, where he has a secret underground tunnel passage, which leads to the outside of the compound through a trapdoor. The assassins find the tunnel; two enter and one guards outside. Lalo kills the guard and takes the assault rifle and kills the two men in the tunnel. Lalo finds the remaining hitman and tells him to call his boss to tell him that the mission was successful. He notices some untouched liquour glasses, which leads him to realize that Nacho betrayed him. Eventually he finds the corpse of his cook, Yolanda, causing a furious Lalo to leave the property. ("Something Unforgivable")

Season 6[]

Following the assassination attempt, Eladio Vuente places a price on Nacho's head. Meanwhile, Lalo fakes his death by placing the burned corpse of Mateo Ramos (who had dental records identical to Lalo's) in the house, which The Cousins see upon arriving at the scene, and believe it to be Lalo's corpse. Lalo then begins a crusade against Gus in revenge for the attack on his Chihuahua home, which ends with his eventual death at Gus' hands. ("Wine and Roses",  "Point and Shoot")


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