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Laion Delape is a clerk who works at the Bernalillo County Courthouse. Part of her job functions include giving out payment checks to attorneys who perform public defence.


Better Call Saul[]

Season 1[]

Jimmy McGill once argues with her that he deserved payment for representing all three defendants in a case, but she says that because he tried them all together he would receive a single $700 payment check. ("Uno")

Later Jimmy figures out he can bring her a Beanie Baby as a sort of bribe in order to get administrative processes expedited, presumably after noticing her large beanie baby and stuffed animal collection. ("Mijo")

Season 2[]

While an associate at Davis & Main, he attempts to sway her to give him an earlier court date but Erin Brill, who has been assigns to accompany him to keep him out of trouble, pulls him aside to warns him that he is attempting to bribe a public official. ("Rebecca")

Season 6[]

Jimmy attempts to have her help him get a pre-trial hearing change, but like everybody else in the courthouse, she is short with him and even puts up a Closed sign rather than continue to listen to Jimmy's antics, even after Jimmy offers her a new Beanie Baby for her collection. Bill Oakley later explains that everyone is disgusted and furious with him after discovering the truth about Jimmy's association with Lalo Salamanca and the scam that he had pulled to help get Lalo out on bail so that he could escape. ("Hit and Run")


Better Call Saul[]

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  • This character is credited as Contract Counsel Administrator in all of her appearances.
    • While her name was never mentioned, it can be seen on Jimmy's paycheck in Uno.