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Krazy-8's crew was a drug manufacturing and distribution operation started by Domingo "Krazy-8" Molina in the early 2000's during his days as a dealer for the Salamanca Drug Organization. They primarily served as drug distributors in Albuquerque, New Mexico. After Krazy-8's death, as well as the death of his cousin Emilio Koyama, the crew dissolved, with Tuco Salamanca and his crew taking back control of Krazy-8’s customers.


Better Call Saul[]

In 2002, Domingo was working under Nacho Varga as part of Tuco Salamanca’s drug operation, and later became a lieutenant after Hector Salamanca went into cardiac arrest and was put in the hospital. While playing poker against Lalo Salamanca, Domingo folded with a pair of 8's which caused Lalo to call him "Ocho Loco". Domingo then gets a phone call from Mouse and Arlo, saying that some cocaine was stuck in a drainage pipe, and their customers Ron and Sticky were complaining. Domingo goes to the Fifth Street Apartment to try to get the drugs out, but police officers stumble upon the scene and arrest him for drug possession. ("50% Off")

When Lalo asks Nacho about Domingo's loyalty and gives vague answers, Nacho takes it to mean that Domingo has to be dealt with but Lalo simply says he has something planned. Lalo has Saul Goodman represent Domingo and he becomes a DEA informant that The Salamancas used to take territory, money, and power from Gus Fring. ("The Guy For This")

Between Better Call Saul and Breaking Bad[]

Domingo’s cousin Emilio Koyama had went to Saul Goodman for legal representation at some point in 2004. ("Waterworks")

At some point between 2004 and 2008, Domingo and his crew broke off from the Salamancas, and started their own independent drug operation. He began embracing the "Krazy-8" nickname given by Lalo. Using his position as a DEA informant, Krazy-8 rats out other rival dealers so he could take their customers, and thus maintains a firm hold on the local drug trade.

Breaking Bad[]

Krazy-8 informs the DEA on Emilio and his partner Jesse Pinkman's meth house. This results in Emilio's arrest while Jesse manages to escape as he was at a neighbor's house having sex with her when the raid took place. Due to the sheer luck of Jesse's escape, Emilio mistakenly believes that Jesse ratted him out but he and Krazy-8 decide to go along with Jesse to buy meth from Walter White's first batch. Emilio recognizes Walter from the drug bust and believes he was involved in the raid so he pulls a gun out and threatens to kill Walt and Jesse. Walt offers to teach Krazy-8 and Emilio his formula in exchange for letting them live. Walt instead makes phosphine gas that kills Emilio and incapacitates Krazy-8. ("Pilot")

Krazy-8 wakes up in the Crystal Ship and escapes into the street. Walt finds him walking in the street and causes Krazy-8 to run into a tree, knocking him out again. Walt puts him in the trunk of his car and drives him back to Jesse's House and locks him in the basement. Walt and Jesse decide who kills Krazy-8 and who deals with Emilio's body by flipping a coin. Jesse dissolves Emilio's body in his bathtub while Walt is conflicted over killing Krazy-8. Walt was convinced to let him go until he realizes that Krazy-8 plans on killing him as soon as he is let free. Walt continues with the plan of letting him go until the last minute and kills Krazy-8 by strangling him with the bike lock that was around his neck. ("...and the Bag's in the River")

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