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"What do you say... your .22... against my .45? Winner takes all."
"Like the Wild West?"
"Yeah. Like the Wild West.
Neil Kandy and Jesse Pinkman[src]

The Kimber Ultra Raptor II is a semi-automatic pistol. It is chambered in .45 ACP and has a capacity of 7, 8 or 10 round magazines. The Kimber Stainless Pro Raptor II .45 pistols take their name from a combination of aggressive slide and frame serrations, feathered logo grips, and special scaled texturing accents. While this patented design is unique, the features, dependability, and accuracy are pure Kimber.


Better Call Saul[]

Season 6[]

Nacho Varga takes a Kimber Ultra Crimson Carry II (a variant of the Raptor) from Juan Bolsa and holds Juan hostage before shooting himself in the head. ("Rock and Hard Place")

Breaking Bad[]

Season 5[]

A Kimber Ultra Raptor II is picked up by Walter White, by Kenny's dead body after the massacre at the White Supremacist Compound, he uses the gun to shoot Jack Welker mid-sentence, he then drops the gun on the floor and slides it over to Jesse, Jesse picks up the gun and points it at Walter, Walt asks him to shoot him, but Jesse declines and throws the gun on the floor. ("Felina")

El Camino[]

The gun is carried by Neil Kandy when he and Casey break into Todd's Apartment in order to rob it. Neil uses it to threaten Jesse.

Later, Neil is armed with the weapon when he challenges Jesse to a duel. After killing Neil with a second gun hidden in his jacket, Jesse grabs the weapon and uses it to kill Casey after failing with the Colt Woodsman. After scaring off the other three men present, Jesse takes the Kimber with him along with the two guns he brought. ("El Camino")


  • Though the weapon only has an 8-round magazine during its use in "El Camino", Jesse appears to fire more than 8 shots at Casey during the gunfight and still has ammo to threaten Neil and Casey's friends with. This could be because a model chambered for 9mm blanks was used during production.
  • While both guns aren't the same, the Kimber Ultra Raptor is the last gun held in Breaking Bad, it is also the last gun fired in "El Camino" and both guns are seen in the hands of Jesse at the end of each story.
  • In a deleted scene for "El Camino" available in the DVD and Blu-Ray release, a wounded Jesse is sleeping with the Kimber on the center console of Badger's car when Ed Galbraith finds him. After confirming that Jesse now has all of the money that he needs, Ed takes the gun, stating that Jesse won't need it anymore and puts it in the duffle bag containing the cash along with the other two guns.