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"I know we're never supposed to say our clients are guilty, but hey, not my client anymore. He's guilty as sin."
―Kim to Jimmy McGill about Craig Kettleman[src]

"I dig myself out of this hole. You do your job, Jimmy. Prove you can go one week— hell, one day without breaking the rules of the New Mexico Bar Association or pissing off your boss, and don't insult my intelligence by saying you are doing any of this for me. You don't save me. I save me."
―Kim to Jimmy[src]

"I know he's not perfect. And I know he cuts corners. But you're the one who made him this way. He idolizes you, he accepts you, he takes care of you. And all he ever wanted was your love and support. But all you've ever done is judge him. You never believed in him, you never wanted him to succeed. And you know what? I feel sorry for him. And I feel sorry for you."
―Kim to Chuck about his feuding relationship with Jimmy[src]

Howard: "What the hell is this?"
Kim: "I think it's pretty self-explanatory. Look, Howard, you were very generous when I left HHM, but it never sat right with me that you covered my law school loans."
Howard: "Seemed to sit right at the time!"
Kim: "I appreciate the gift, but now that I'm able to afford it, I wanna pay you back."
Howard: "Well, you "appreciate the gift.""
Kim: "Yes, I do."
Howard: "You know what I'm doing in there? Take a guess. I'm doing damage control, and I'm doing it three meals a day for the past two weeks with every one of our clients! I am busting my ass, trying to repair the reputation of the firm after you and Jimmy dragged it through the mud!"
Kim: "I did everything in my power to defend my client."
Howard: "Oh, is that what you're calling it?"
Kim: "That's the job, Howard. And by the way–it was all very convenient for you to ignore Chuck's illness when it suited you."
Howard: "So I take you out of the mailroom, put you through law school, mentor you, and then when you leave and stab me in the back, that's my fault? I'm not cashing this. Kim! Your debt is forgiven, but anything else? That's on you."
Kim: "All Jimmy and I did was show the situation for what it is, and if you are hiding that from your clients? Well, Howard, that's on you."
―Kim being confronted by Howard after she gives him a check during his luncheon

Kim: "What were you thinking when you came to Jimmy on the day of his brother's funeral and laid that shit on him? That Chuck killed himself? What's wrong with you?"
Howard: "I thought... I thought I owed it to Jimmy, to tell him."
Kim: "Owed it to him? Did you owe it to Rebecca? You tell her your theory? That Chuck intentionally set himself on fire? I guess not. I guess you just saved that one for Jimmy."
Howard: "Kim, I didn't do it to hurt Jimmy--"
Kim: "No you did it to make yourself feel better. To make yourself feel better by unloading your guilt. Who cares what it does to Jimmy, right? As long as Howard Hamlin is okay."
Howard: "Kim, I don't think that's fair--"
Kim: "Fair? Let's talk about fair. "Hey let's let Jimmy dig around the fire-damaged wreck where his brother died screaming. And then let's let him pick up a keepsake or two." That is so, so fair. And did I hear you right? You want him to serve on the board of a scholarship committee? A scholarship that Chuck never in a million years would've given to Jimmy. Never! It is just, I mean... Oh what's this too, Howard? What's in this? One last "screw you, little brother" from beyond the grave? Am I really supposed to do this to him?"
Howard: "All right, Kim. What can I do to make it better?"
Kim: "Nothing. There is nothing you can do. Just stay away."
―Kim and Howard arguing about Howard's revelation to Jimmy about Chuck's death.

Jimmy: "Unexpected bonus of the drop-phone business. It turns out it's great for client development."
Kim: "Yes, I guess that's true."
Jimmy: "Sooner or later, every last one those idiots is gonna need an attorney. Of course, they all know me as Saul Goodman."
Kim: "That's just details."
Jimmy: "Gotta say, a lot of people are gonna be begging for the old "Huell Babineaux" treatment."
Kim: "What's that?"
Jimmy: "Our powers combined. People would pay top dollar for us to undo a potentially life-ruining sentence."
Kim: "I think we should only use our power for good."
―Kim and Jimmy on Jimmy's road to Saul Goodman.

Jimmy: "Insincere! INSINCERE! (...) A goddamn year?! What am I supposed to do for a whole year?! (...) I guarantee I'm not selling cell phones for a fucking year, I'll tell you that! (...) A hard pass! And don't tell me I can appeal because once the board hears the word, "insincere", I'm screwed! (...) How do you just prove insincere?!"
Kim: "Jimmy, please! Jimmy, just take a breath, and start from the beginning. Please."
Jimmy: "I was good, Kim. I–I mean, I wasn't stuck up, but I knew my shit! Right?! "What have you been doing during your suspension?", and, "Have you been keeping up with the law?", yadda-yadda. All fine! And then one of them, out of nowhere, comes up with this weird-ass question: "What does the law mean to you?""
Kim: "That's a big one."
Jimmy: "Huge! And I nailed it! I talked about the meaning of the law, and I was down to earth, and I was humble, and I was sincere. And they loved it!"
Kim: "S–So..."
Jimmy: "So, they turned me down!"
Kim: "Well, there has to be more to it than that."
Jimmy: "There's not!"
Kim: "I don't...What did they say when you talked about Chuck?"
Jimmy: "What does Chuck have to do with this? What..."
Kim: "So, you didn't even..."
Jimmy: "Why would I?"
Kim: "Okay. Okay, um...Okay, listen, we will figure this out. And yes, you will appeal..."
Jimmy: "They're just gonna rubber stamp..."
Kim: "...we'll appeal this, we won't let them! We'll find a way to make you look sincere!"
Jimmy: "Kim, I was sincere!"
Kim: "I know that. I meant we will fix it."
Jimmy: "I might have been a little corny, but I meant every word!"
Kim: "I know that."
―Kim and Jimmy talking on the rooftop after Jimmy was called insincere.

Jimmy: "You don't believe me."
Kim: "Of course I do."
Jimmy: "Jesus, it's right there on your face! You think I'm some kind of low-life..."
Kim: "What?!"
Jimmy: "...some kind of asshole kind of lawyer guilty people hire, right?"
Kim: "No, Jimmy, that—that's not what I..."
Jimmy: "You look at me, and you see Slippin' Jimmy!"
Kim: "I never said that!"
Jimmy: "Yeah, but you thought it!"
―Kim and Jimmy's argument.

Kim: "You wanna know why the committee called you insincere? Because you didn't mention Chuck!"
Jimmy: "What does that have to..."
Kim: "They read the transcripts! They know what happened, Jimmy! They were waiting for you to say something about him!"
Jimmy: "So I'm supposed to make a big, hairy deal about my dead brother at my reinstatement hearing? How is that sincere?! I don't think about Chuck, okay?! I don't miss Chuck! Chuck was alive, and now he's dead, and that's that! Finito! Life goes on, so sue me! Th–there it is again! That's why we don't have an office!"
Kim: "What?! No, do not start in on that office! I don't wanna hear another word about that stupid office!"
Jimmy: ""Stupid office?" Okay, here we go! Here we go!"
Kim: "Jimmy! I have been on your side since the day we met! Who comes...running when you call?! Who cleans up your messes?! I have a job, but I drop everything for you! Every single time—you confessed to a felony on tape—I'm there! You have a bar hearing? I represent you over and over again! If you need me, I'm there! But somehow, in your mind, the only measure of my feelings for you is—is some office?!"
Jimmy: "I'm good enough to live with, to sleep with, but God forbid you should have an office with me."
Kim: "What are you—I just told you that..."
Jimmy: "You get a little bored with your life, so you come down, and roll around in the dirt. Have some fun with Slippin' Jimmy then back up!"
Kim: "Oh, is it fun?! Fun, like lying to the ADA to get your friend out of the shitter? Or fun like standing there with a smile plastered on my face while you play infantile mind games on my law partner?"
Jimmy: "Oh, what a mistake it was to take me up to your office in the sky! You'll never do that again!"
Kim: "Yeah, maybe I won't. And maybe next time you call, I won't come."
Jimmy: "There you go! Kick a man when he's down!"
Kim: "Jimmy, you are always down."
―The unspoken come to light between Kim and Jimmy.

Kim: "I know who you are... who you actually are. We have something in common. You want to know where your money is. I want to find Saul Goodman. If you tell me where you sent him, I won't alert the authorities. I won't tell anyone. I will find him, and you'll get your money. Mr. Salamanca..."
Lalo: "Who the hell are you that he tells you my business?"
Kim: "He didn't betray your confidence. We're married, which means I have spousal privilege... anything he says to me stays with me. No one can make me discuss it. It's as bulletproof as lawyer-client privilege."
Lalo: "So you're his wife?"
Kim: "Yes."
Lalo: "Una guera. Bien por él. So, you're his wife, and you... love him. And he didn't come home last night, and you got scared enough to come down here and talk to me. What makes you think he didn't run off with my money, huh?"
Kim: "He did not run off with your money."
Lalo: "Yeah, maybe not. Not without you."
Kim: "Just tell me where you sent him. That's all I need."
Lalo: "I don't think so. Your man... he's, um, he's like the cucaracha... you know, a born survivor. If trouble found him, give it a day. If he's alive, he'll show."
Kim: "Mm. And if he's...?"
Lalo: "Well, then, day's not gonna make a difference, is it? Alright, well... nice to meet you, Mrs. Goodman."
Kim: "Wait, um... Mr. Salamanca..."
Lalo: "Done!"
―Kim talking with Lalo Salamanca about Jimmy.[src]

Lalo: "I just wanna know what happened."
Jimmy: "I–I told you what happened."
Lalo: "Did you?"
Jimmy: "Look... Okay, I–"
Kim: "Are you... Are you kidding me with this?!"
Jimmy: "Kim, rea-"
Kim: "Do you know what he did for you?! Seven million dollars of your money! He hauled it across a goddamn desert without one penny missing! And he got you out of jail for a murder that... let's face it, you're definitely guilty of. He did everything you asked, and way beyond what any other lawyer would ever do. So... what exactly is it that you're getting at? What do you want?"
Lalo: "I found his car in a ravine. Bullet holes on the side. So, I'm just waiting to hear how that happened."
Kim: "Bullet holes? That's it? Look, I don't know what it's like where you're from... But here in New Mexico, you leave a soda can out, someone's taking a shot at it. That–that... That's what you're on about? You don't think it's possible a couple of yahoos with guns shot up a piece of junk car, and then rolled it down in a ditch, end of story? What kind of operation are you running anyway? Tell me. 'Cause I think I know why you sent him to do this job. It's obvious. You have no one else you can trust. Right? So you sent some lawyer through the desert with your–with your seven million bucks?! That–No offense, but... you need to get your house in order."
Lalo: "Huh. Really?"
Kim: "Yeah, really! If you don't trust your men with your money, you have bigger problems than if you trust Saul Goodman. And for the record, he doesn't lie. Not to me, not to his clients. He's telling you the truth. But next time you have a bunch of money and no one you can trust, leave him out of it, okay?! Try a–a wire transfer, or try a... a shell company, or... You've heard of the Cayman Islands, right?! Jesus! Get your shit together, and stop torturing the one man who went through Hell to save your ass!"
―Kim berating Lalo for mistreating Jimmy as his lawyer.[src]

Howard: "No person in their right mind would behave the way Jimmy has. We are talking about someone who’s not in control of himself. You and I both know it makes no sense to drop a client like Mesa Verde, and I gotta think Jimmy had something to do with that."
Kim: "Do you have any idea how insulting that is? I make my own decisions for my own reasons."
Howard: "You gotta listen to me, the man needs help."
Kim: "Howard, I know Jimmy and you’re wrong."
Howard: "You know who really knew Jimmy? Chuck."
―Kim being warned by Howard about Jimmy.[src]

Jimmy: "Come on, Kim. We're not talking about a bar trick here. We're talking about scorched earth. We would have to hurt him. Hurt him bad. To get a bunch of lawyers to run for the exits, Howard would have to have done something... unforgivable. At the end of it, he might never be able to practice law again. He doesn't deserve that. And who knows if we can pull it off? (...) Okay, maybe we could pull it off, but we won't."
Kim: "We're talking about a career setback. A career setback for one lawyer."
Jimmy: "Yeah, and you can up a lot of people. I get it, but... Kim, doing this... it's not you. You would not be okay with it. Not in the cold light of day."
Kim: "Wouldn't I? (...) I'm gonna go take a shower so I don't have to in the morning."
Jimmy: "Kim. You're shitting me, right?"
―Kim and Jimmy on the scheme against Howard.[src]

"You think you lost everything? You have no idea."
―Kim to Craig and Betsy Kettleman[src]

"Do you want to be a friend of the cartel or do you want to be a rat?"
―Kim to Jimmy[src]

"He-He'll kill him! You have to... you-y-y-y-you... You have to let me go. I have to get back. I have to get back!"
―Kim telling Mike Ehrmantraut that she is worried Lalo might kill Jimmy[src]

Jimmy: "You did what?! Why? WHY?! All right, all right, I know why. But Kim, you can't just—"
Kim: "Jimmy, I—"
Jimmy: "Shhh! Just let me say my piece, okay? Just— Let's take a breath here! Kim, after everything that happened... I mean, Jesus! I get it! You want to climb out of your own skin! That natural! But Kim, you don't just throw everything away! Th-th-this is your life! You're a lawyer! What about your clients, huh? What about, uh... that poor guy, Mr. Yarborough? What about the kid in foster care? Huh? You give them everything you got! Who are they going to find who is half as good as you? No one! They need you!"
Kim: "It's already done."
Jimmy: "Ugh! Okay, what's done can be undone. All I'm saying is just—just let's take a week or two to think it over. For now, we're gonna take some time off. God knows we need it. We're gonna to find a new place, we're—we're gonna leave here. We're never, ever gonna come back here again. Okay? We're gonna—we're gonna put it behind us! Things will look brighter! I guarantee it! But first we have to fix this. So we're gonna go back to the hotel room, and you're gonna write letters. You're gonna write a letter to the bar, you're gonna write letters to your clients. You—you—you dictate, I will type. We're gonna roll this thing back. I'll order a pizza, we'll pull an all-nighter. Because we're in this together. Okay? So I'm gonna go get your—your printer, and then we're gonna get the hell out of here."
Kim: "Wait— Jimmy. Jimmy! [Jimmy enters the bedroom to discover half-full boxes and luggage everywhere] You asked if you were bad for me. That's not it. We are bad for each other."
Jimmy: "Kim. Don't do this. Kim, please."
Kim: "Jimmy... I have had the time of my life with you. But we are bad for everyone around us. Other people suffer because of us. Apart we're okay, but together we're poison."
Jimmy: "No, no. Just tell me what I need to do to change, okay? Just tell me what it is, and I'll do it."
Kim: "Jimmy..."
―The first part of Kim and Jimmy's final conversation before breaking up.

Jimmy: "No, Kim. You make me happy. We make each other happy. How can that be bad? Hey... I love you."
Kim: "I love you, too. But so what?"
Jimmy: "No. No. No, Kim, you're wrong! This is about Howard! Okay? What happened to him wasn't on us! It wasn't your fault! It wasn't my fault! It was that FUCKING LALO SALAMANCA! That psychopath came back from the dead and he walked through that door! He did this! Not us, him!"
Kim: "I knew."
Jimmy: "You knew wh-what?"
Kim: "I knew he was alive."
Jimmy: "No you didn't."
Kim: "It was about a month ago. I saw that car following me again. And it turned out that Mike Ehrmantraut had guys watching both of us, watching for Lalo."
Jimmy: "Mike... Mike told you that Lalo was alive? (...) And you didn't tell me?"
Kim: "Jimmy... I thought... I thought it was a one-in-a-million chance that he'd come for us. I thought he would be caught if he did. And I told myself I was protecting you. But that's not the truth. The reason I didn't tell you was because I knew what you'd do."
Jimmy: "Wh-what would I do?"
Kim: "You'd—you'd blame yourself. You'd fear for me. You'd want us to run and hide until you were sure I was safe. You would pull the plug on the scam, and then...and then, we'd break up. And I didn't want that. Because I was having too much fun."
―The last part of Kim and Jimmy's final conversation before breaking up.

Gene: "Hey, Kim. You know who this is? (Kim remains silent) I'm gonna take that as a yes. Uh, that receptionist of yours, is she the type to listen in?"
Kim: "No."
Gene: "Good. Okay. So, how's Florida been treating you? I'm catching you between hurricanes I hope. Kim, are you there?"
Kim: "What do you want?"
Gene: "I don't... I don't want anything. I just... it's been awhile. You know, just thinking it's been awhile, and uh, might be nice to catch up."
Kim: "Catch up?"
Gene: "Yeah, my mind was wandering this morning, I was just not thinking of anything in particular, just random thoughts and bam, it suddenly occurred to me it's been six years. I mean, Jesus. I -- I couldn't believe it. I thought you might wanna know I'm still alive. Yep. Yeah, I'm still out here. Still getting away with it. Feds couldn't find their own ass with both hands and a proctologist."
Kim: "You shouldn't be calling me."
Gene: "Oh, hey, you're awake."
Kim: "You shouldn't be calling."
Gene: "Why not? What am I, tying up the line for important irrigation business? Come on, Kim, say something. Call me an asshole. Yell at me. Just let me know you still got a pulse. Say something!"
Kim: "You want me to say something?"
Gene: "Yeah."
Kim: "You should turn yourself in."
Gene: "Do what?"
Kim: "You heard me. I don't know what kind of life you've been living, but it can't be much."
Gene: "Says the pot to the kettle! What? That is... that is really rich. You... you preaching to me? See, you have no idea what I did or didn't do, okay? And, and why don't you turn yourself in? Seeing as how you're the one with the guilty conscience, huh? What, what is stopping you? Fring's in the ground. Mike's in the ground. Lalo's in the ground, apparently. You, you don't have to hold back on my account! They can only hang me once, so, so go ahead, spill your guts, put on your hair shirt, see what it gets you! Why... Kim, why are we even talking about this? We're both too smart to throw our lives away for no reason. Just... I just... I only wanted to... Kim? Kim? Kim?"
Kim: "I'm glad you're alive."
―Gene and Kim's argument.[src]

Cheryl: "Howard was murdered? (Kim nods) Why?"
Kim: "He was... in the wrong place at the wrong time."
Cheryl: "Where's his body?"
Kim: "I don't know."
Cheryl: "And the police? Will they search again?"
Kim: "They'll search. I don't think they'll find him. Cheryl, he... it... it all happened in an instant and he didn't... he didn't suffer."
Cheryl: "He didn't suffer? The lies you two made up. The picture you painted. That's all he is now. That's all anybody remembers."
Kim: "I wanna change that."
―Kim reveals the truth to Cheryl about the scam and Howard's murder.[src]

Cheryl: "What happens now? Will you be tried? Will you go to jail?"
Kim: "I don't know."
Cheryl: "You're a lawyer, right? You're a, a great one Howard said! How could you not know?"
Kim: "Bernalio County has my affidavit. It's up to the district attorney whether to prosecute. And she may not."
Cheryl: "Why?"
Kim: "There's no physical evidence. No remaining witnesses other than my ex-husband, assuming he's still alive."
Cheryl: "I could sue you in civil court, I could take everything you've got."
Kim: "Yeah."
Cheryl: "Why are you doing this?"
―Kim and Cheryl discuss the potential consequences for Kim and Jimmy's actions against Howard.[src]

Jesse: "Hey, yo... Can I bum one of those? Thanks. [gestures towards the rain] What's up with this shit?"
Kim: "Raining."
Jesse: "Yeah. I dunno, it's... It's crazy! Like, bananas, all this rain. I mean, I thought we were, like, in a desert, y'know? You're a lawyer, right? [Kim turns to him] Yeah. I recognize you. You defended my buddy, Combo. Christian Ortega? Juvie court, little baby Jesus? I mean, not like a real baby. Just, uh... y'know, one of those things outside of the... church?"
Kim: "Nativity scene."
Jesse: "Yeah."
Kim: "Knights of Columbus."
Jesse: "I mean, what the hell did he even want that thing for? Huh? I mean, I—I still don't know, dumbass. I told him he could go to hell for stealing something like that. I mean—But did he listen to me? No. But you... You got him off, like, scot-free, that... That was pretty slick, yo!"
Kim: "Well... Tell him I hope he's keeping his nose clean."
Jesse: "Yeah, yeah. Right on. Absolutely. Uh... Hey, so, you having all this expertise and all... This guy, Goodman... [pause] He the real deal? Like, lawyer-wise?"
Kim: "Why do you ask?"
Jesse: "I got a buddy in there who's facing some serious time. I mean, not... y'know, not baby Jesus time, but... but serious. You know, he needs top-shelf legal representation. And I tell him that, right? But, you know, he sees this dude's commercials on TV, and this is where he wants to go. I mean, I tell him, "Yo... Emilio, you know, a funny TV commercial's not a sound... basis for, like, you know... [pause] I mean, like, would you go to a doctor to do, like, an operation on you in, like a... On, like your spleen, or whatever... All on the fact that there was a funny TV commercial? No. I mean, c'mon. How is this any different, y'know?" Anyways... This guy. Any good?"
Kim: "When I knew him, he was."
Jesse Pinkman asking Kim if Saul is any good.[src]

Kim: "You had them down to seven years."
Jimmy: "Yeah, I did."
Kim: "Eighty-six years."
Jimmy: "Eighty-six years. But with good behavior... who knows?"
―Kim and Jimmy discuss his prison sentence.[src]