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Kim working at HHM

Kim during her early law career, working at Hamlin, Hamlin & McGill (HHM).

"A smart and hardworking lawyer with an ambitions two-year plan, Kim Wexler has worked her way up from humble beginnings to become one of the go-to litigators at Hamlin, Hamlin & McGill. Kim's history with Jimmy complicates their working relationship, and may ultimately compromise her own career goals."
―Information about Kim[src]

Kim is shown to be a highly intelligent, dedicated, caring, formidable and loyal woman who is a highly skilled lawyer. Despite a poor upbringing in Nebraska with a neglectful and shoplifting mother and few opportunities to thrive, Kim was able to get out and make something of herself, becoming one of the best lawyers at Hamlin, Hamlin & McGill (HHM) as a result. Kim is shown to greatly cherish her work and her ability to help her clients and further the interests of her law firm. She is highly skilled at negotiation and devising legal strategies in order to get her clients the best deals possible, which earns her the praise of many lawyers. Despite poor treatment from her boss Howard Hamlin, Kim initially does not let grudges consume her and keeps her head down and works strongly to dig herself out of problems, showing her fearlessness and independence.

Jimmy and Kim

Kim with Jimmy McGill, her boyfriend and later husband.

During her relationship with him, Kim was shown to love Jimmy McGill unconditionally for his initial kindness and humorous nature, and was a dedicated friend, girlfriend, and wife towards him. She showed compassion for Jimmy on numerous occasions and sympathy for the poor treatment he suffered at the hands of his older brother Chuck and also Howard while operating under Chuck's orders. She personally defended Jimmy on numerous occasions despite being well aware of his own unethical actions, showing her care for him. Despite this Kim herself had shown shock and disgust at Jimmy's shortcut schemes and dirty tactics to achieve his goals, and also anger when his actions caused her to be punished and put her own career in jeopardy.

Saul and Kim

Kim and Jimmy watching a movie.

There was however a dark side to Kim and she appeared to secretly admire Jimmy for his ability to get his way through unethical actions and masterfully crafted cons. She initially found thrill in tricking others alongside Jimmy for personal gain and later enlisted him to use his manipulation skills to further her own work agendas, such as swapping out a series of blueprints that will give Mesa Verde a larger branch. As revealed by flashbacks, Kim had always had a darker side, shoplifting with her mother as part of a con as a child and continuing to wear the stolen earrings and necklace to after she divorced Jimmy in late 2004, only that she unconsciously kept it hidden inside her.

Kim Wexler smile

Kim's smile after Jimmy defends himself to Howard.

While not as skilled as Jimmy, Kim herself was shown to be manipulative and cunning and was capable of devising intricate, illicit schemes herself to help her or Jimmy's clients as seen by her plan to spare Jimmy's bodyguard, Huell Babineaux, years in prison through a series of deliberate scams painting him as a beloved hero in his home town. Despite her awareness of Jimmy's misdeeds on numerous occasions, Kim never shifted her loyalty away from Jimmy and fully supported him and helped him fight back when he was in trouble, notably by aiding him in proving his brother's mental illness in court in order to exonerate Jimmy. Despite having a role in the events that lead to Chuck's death, Kim showed great remorse for helping to tear Chuck down and was strongly impacted and saddened by his tragic suicide. Despite this, Kim was shown to be greatly ignorant, even willfully as she appeared to not even grasp that Jimmy had no true remorse for his brother's suicide despite being partially responsible himself, and instead angrily attacked Howard for suggesting Chuck killed himself and for attempting to hurt Jimmy, even though he didn't care less and that was in no way Howard's intention. She appeared pleased to see him express genuine remorse for Chuck's death during his reinstatement hearing, though was absolutely shocked in the end when he revealed it was an insincere performance to regain his law license.

Howard and Kim

Kim with her former boss, Howard Hamlin, who she and Jimmy later schemed against to force an early resolution of the Sandpiper settlement.

In 2004, Kim's personality changed dramatically, mainly for the worst. She appears to be conflicted over whether to do the right thing or resort to unethical measures to get her way and help her clients, though at Jimmy's urging she appeared to prefer the unethical route. Kim still displayed kindness as seen by her sympathy towards Everett Acker for wanting to keep his home and she willingly conspired against her primary clients, Mesa Verde, with Jimmy's help though even she showed disgust at his actions that were against her wishes. However instead of reprimanding Jimmy for humiliating her, she instead proposed marriage in order for the two to no longer keep secrets from each other. Despite Jimmy's involvement with Lalo Salamanca and the Cartel, Kim remained loyal to him as seen by her defending him against Lalo after he correctly deduced Jimmy was attacked in the desert while retrieving his bail money. It was evident by this point that Kim willingly chose the path of conning and manipulation as she quit her position at Schweikart & Cokely in order to focus on public defender work like Jimmy. She displayed an even darker side as she laughed at Howard after he revealed to her Jimmy's harassment towards him after offering him a job at HHM and took great offense to his words that she was not making her own decisions when he likely correctly assumed that she quit her job because of Jimmy's influence. Her ignorance was further proven when she claimed she knew Jimmy best and that Howard was wrong.

Kim and Jimmy begin the Howard scheme

Kim begins the plan of scheming against Howard by suggesting to Jimmy that they do so, showing her dark side for the first time.

She later praised Jimmy for his harassment of Howard and even offered ways of how to further torment him, showing that she had become somewhat sadistic. Her seriousness of going through with the plan of destroying Howard's legal career for her and Jimmy's financial benefit showed that she had been seduced and inspired by Jimmy's unethical behavior and had gone down a path of darkness herself, something that even stunned and shocked Jimmy himself.


Kim and Jimmy horrified as Howard is murdered by Lalo Salamanca.

Kim continues to take a drastic turn for the worst and has displayed even darker traits. She shows even more enthusiasm and intent than Jimmy to bring Howard down and is the main mastermind behind the intricate scheme to utterly humiliate and deceive him to force an early resolution of the Sandpiper settlement by painting him as a cocaine addict. She displayed an even crueler side as seen by her threat to expose and utterly destroy Betsy and Craig Kettlemen if they in any way revealed their plot against Howard or disobeyed them. She was shown to be even more manipulative and cunning; even resorting to taking advantage of the trust of former colleagues, such as Viola, to gain any information necessary to proceed against Howard. She even deceived Jimmy as she chose not to inform him of Lalo's survival and was shown to be utterly terrified of the prospect of him returning. As her and Jimmy's con against Howard continued, Kim was given the chance to get out of the criminal lifestyle and embrace her dream job as a public defender using Clifford Main's connections as an unexpected bonus of their scheme. However, when things went wrong and Jimmy insisted they abort and re-plan their con, Kim chose to turn her back on the chance to go back to legitimacy and race back to help Jimmy fix their con, which sealed her fate as a con-woman and criminal. Her sadism was evident after her and Jimmy's plan against Howard succeeds as they were shown having sex whilst listening to the outcome and even made Jimmy let Howard into their apartment to bask in his misery. Howard declared her to be just as soulless and sadistic as Jimmy and displayed disgust at her willingness to use her talents for selfish desires, though his words completely fell on deaf ears.

Kim breaks up with Jimmy

Kim breaking up with Jimmy.

However, her and Jimmy's actions had severe consequences as Howard was murdered by Lalo shortly after, and both Kim and Jimmy were shown to be utterly horrified at the sight of Howard's brutal, senseless murder. When confronted by Mike Ehrmantraut, Kim showed signs of severe stress and worry for Jimmy, fearing Lalo might kill him. Kim was also shown to be remorseful when, following Lalo's death after a gunfight with Gustavo Fring, Mike mentioned Kim and Jimmy's cocaine addiction con to undermine Howard, a reminder of what led resulted in Howard's death. The murder of Howard and her guilt with her and Jimmy being indirectly responsible for it ultimately lead to Kim's decision to retire from her law career, leave Albuquerque, and break up with Jimmy, explaining to him how she believed that she was at fault (despite Jimmy's pleas for her not to leave him and reminding her that Lalo was solely responsible for Howard's death), and that she was having too much "fun" ruining Howard's life, and how her and Jimmy have to break up to stop hurting those around them. Months later, she is shown to be disturbed and disgusted by Jimmy's callous attitude when she returns months later for a divorce, having fully become Saul Goodman following Kim's departure, and dismisses her as just another client during the signing of the divorce papers. Kim's disgust with Jimmy's attitude is shown during her conversation with Jesse Pinkman, with Kim telling him that Jimmy used to be good when she knew him.

Kim crying

Kim breaking down in tears after having a recent refresh of the traumatic memories related to Howard's death.

Despite having moved away from Jimmy and Albuquerque and living a quaint suburban life in contrast to Jimmy's chaotic undercover life as Gene, Kim remained haunted with her role in Howard's demise. In the years that followed, she renounced virtually every element of the person she was before and reverted to being a law-abiding citizen living a mundane life. This shows as when Jimmy called Kim to check in on her six years after their last contact, her first act was to try and convince Jimmy to turn himself in due to his association with Walter White. Jimmy retorts to Kim by saying she should do likewise for her "guilty conscience", further compounding her guilt towards Howard. This prompts her to return to Albuquerque and reveal the truth to Cheryl Hamlin in an effort to rectify the damage she and Jimmy had caused, stating that she is willing to accept any legal action taken against her. The recent refresh of the traumatic memories related to Howard's death finally reached a breaking point within Kim, as she could not hold back her emotions any more and started sobbing uncontrollably in public view. She later attended Jimmy's trial, where he was sentenced to 86 years in prison.