Kim Wexler's mom appears only once in a flashback


Little is known of Kim's mother except that she lived in Nebraska for an extended period of time. She at one point gave birth to Kim though it is unknown who Kim's father is. According to Kim, her family was very poor and never even owned a house. Her mother would often wake Kim in the middle of the night to flee their temporary residence before eviction, with the implication that Kim grew up in a single-parent household. ("The Guy For This")

She appeared to have been a neglectful mother to Kim and possibly an alcoholic though not completely uncaring. ("Wexler v. Goodman")

Season 5

In a flashback, a teenage Kim waits holding her cello outside her Junior High School in Nebraska. Her mother finally arrives to pick her up, but a sensible and frustrated Kim expresses doubts about getting in the car, as it is clear she has been drinking. Her mother attempts to convince her that she is sober, but Kim decides she will walk home, at which point her mother tells her "she never listens" and drives off ("Wexler v. Goodman").


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