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Kim's Apartment is the former apartment of Kim Wexler while she lived in Albuquerque, New Mexico.


Season 1[]

Anxious about Nacho's plot to extort Betsy and Craig, Jimmy calls Kim and indirectly warns her about the danger to the Kettlemans. When she presses him on how thinks that, he brushes off the claim and claims it is just drunk speculation. ("Nacho")

Season 2[]

BCS 2x2 6

After conning Ken into paying for a bottle of Zafiro Añejo, Jimmy spends the night at Kim's apartment and both leave for work the next day. ("Switch")

While sitting in bed eating pie, Jimmy tells Kim about his story to detectives about the Squat Cobbler. Kim realizes that Jimmy fabricated evidence to exonerate a client and warns him not to tell her about such things as she would become an accessory to the crime. ("Cobbler")

As Kim is about to leave for work, she gets a phone call from Jimmy but she lets it go to voicemail where he sings "Bali Ha'i" from South Pacific, which amuses her. After conning a bar patron into writing a cheque to a company that Kim and Jimmy made up for a scam the day before, Kim decides not to cash it and instead keep it in the frame of her bedroom mirror. ("Bali Ha'i")

After recording a shoot for a commercial in a school, Jimmy spends the night at Kim's apartment. As he is lying in bed, Kim insinuates that Jimmy needs to have his tracks of the Mesa Verde forgery properly covered up. Jimmy realizes this and leaves for Valliant Printing to see Lance. ("Nailed")

Season 3[]

The apartment is briefly seen when Jimmy and Kim prepare on the day of Jimmy's disciplinary hearing. ("Chicanery")

Kim returns to the apartment after work and walks in on Jimmy talking to a client over the phone about a commercial they will be shooting tomorrow. Jimmy explains that his contract with the TV station airing his commercials has a loophole over him giving the ad slots to his clients. As such, he made a commercial about making commercials and when she sees the commercial, she notes the fast pacing and its name of "Saul Goodman Productions". ("Off Brand")

After being discharged from the hospital for her car accident, Jimmy and Kim spend the night at her apartment. The followning morning, Jimmy makes breakfast for her and both discuss the accident and how to proceed with their office space. Later that day, Francesca Liddy comes by with get-well gifts from Mesa Verde and Billy Gatwood. While Francesa says they can still squeeze in Billy's deadline, Kim decides to cancel her plans with him, postpone everything else, and asks Francesca to drive her to a Blockbuster video store. ("Lantern")

That night, Jimmy returns to the apartment while Kim is in the middle of a movie marathon. They discuss Jimmy's failed plan of mending Irene Landry's friendship and after Kim mentions that he should play to his strengths, he comes up with an idea but "I really, really don't want to do it." ("Lantern")

Season 4[]

Jimmy wakes up in bed next to Kim and begins his morning routine. While he is circling job ads in the newspaper, he receives a call on his cell phone from Howard that he doesn't answer. As Jimmy helps Kim with her arm cast, Howard leaves a message on her voicemail informing them of Chuck's death in the house fire. ("Smoke")

In the wake of Chuck's death, Jimmy is in a depressed mood and Kim finds him staring blankly at the sink and hands him a phone; Howard is asking for feedback on Chuck's planned obituary. As Howard recites a summary of Chuck's career and accomplishments, Jimmy puts the phone down and sits quietly in the living room. Kim approves the obituary on Jimmy's behalf and sits next to him, offering shots from their Zafiro Añejo tequila bottle. Jimmy drinks his shot and continues sitting silently, both finish the bottle and Kim falls asleep while Jimmy stays up until morning. ("Smoke")

As Jimmy and Kim drive back to the apartment after Chuck's funeral, they see Howard sitting on the curb outside. Inside, he tells them that he thinks Chuck committed suicide, explaining how he was forced out of HHM when he threatened to sue the firm's insurer for raising their rates over his mental illness. Howard, unaware of Jimmy's role in the insurance incident, blames himself for Chuck's death. Jimmy coldly replies that that's "your cross to bear." Howard and Kim are stunned as Jimmy feeds his fish and makes coffee. ("Smoke")

Kim is woken up early by the sound of Jimmy making orange juice in a juicer. He has scheduled a series of job interviews around Albuquerque all day and is eager to get started, despite having a meeting scheduled with Howard to discuss Chuck's will. Although Kim remarks that Jimmy doesn't have to start his job hunt so soon, he hurriedly leaves after fixing her breakfast. ("Breathe")

That night, Jimmy returns with dinner and tells Kim that he has found a couple of promising job leads over the course of the day. Kim opts not to hand Jimmy the unopened letter from Chuck's will, while Jimmy doesn't go into detail about the job he rejected at Neff Copiers. After the two sit down to watch the film White Heat, they spontaneously make love on the couch. Later, Jimmy wakes up and browses through an online store, finding a Hummel figurine similar to Mr. Neff's that fetches for almost $9,000. Jimmy goes to the patio and phones Mike, leaving a voicemail telling him about a potential score. ("Breathe")

While Kim sleeps, Jimmy remains awake to wait for a call from Ira over the Hummel figurine swap he is attempting at Neff Copiers. When Ira does call, he relays his situation to Jimmy and asks that he come help him. ("Something Beautiful")

The next morning, Jimmy wakes up to Kim going over Viola's work for Mesa Verde. As he is having breakfast, Kim decides to give the documents from her meeting with Howard. When he reads Chuck's letter, Kim breaks down crying and excuses herself to the bedroom. ("Something Beautiful")

While Kim takes a shower, Jimmy is woken up by a phone call from CC Mobile. When he is offered a position as a shift supervisor, he declines it, saying that he had a "change of plans". Later while he is shaving, they discuss dinner and Kim recommends a therapist for Jimmy to see. Jimmy then lies to Kim about the job at CC Mobile and after Kim leaves, he calls them back about the position. ("Talk")

After having dinner, Jimmy suggets he and Kim watch Doctor Zhivago on television, but Kim tells him she needs to review Viola's paperwork for Mesa Verde. Jimmy tries to watch the film while Kim does her work, but grows restless and turns the TV off. He falsely tells her he has things to do at work despite the late hour. ("Quite a Ride")

Kim wakes up in the early hours of the morning to find Jimmy in the bathroom, tending to his injuries from the mugging. After she treats him with ice and iodine, Jimmy criticizes himself for misreading the situation and not recognizing the youths as muggers sooner. Jimmy suddenly agrees to see the therapist Kim recommended. ("Quite a Ride")

Kim tries recording a brief for Mesa Verde, but is distracted by a bulging dossier of public defender cases. She turns in for bed, where Jimmy is already asleep. Kim finds a legal pad where Jimmy has written proposed names for their revived law partnership and has drawn doodles of signage bearing the Wexler McGill logo. The next morning, Jimmy admits that he's decided not to see the therapist Kim suggested, as he feels he needs to move forward and not resort to "navel gazing." Kim reluctantly accepts Jimmy's decision. ("Piñata")

After learning of Geraldine Strauss' passing, Jimmy goes back to the apartment and watches his Davis & Main commercial for the Sandpiper case in which Mrs. Strauss appeared. As he does so, Jimmy receives a phone call from Kim telling him she is someplace "very good." ("Piñata")

Through a split-screen effect, the apartment is shown through a months-long montage of Jimmy and Kim's diverging paths. In addition to their daily routine, Kim's files on Mesa Verde are moved to her office at Schweikart & Cokely. The montage ends with Kim climbing into bed and waking Jimmy, who stares into space. ("Something Stupid")

After conning Suzanne Ericsen into having Huell Babineaux only serving several months on probation, Jimmy and Kim spend the rest of the day making out. The following morning, Jimmy and Kim are in bed together post-coitus, with Jimmy giving her an impersonation of his pastor character. Kim tells Jimmy that his scheme with the phones was "genius", but Jimmy credits her with devising the whole plan in the first place. Jimmy tells Kim that he plans to spend the day looking at another office space near the courthouse. ("Coushatta")

After Jimmy's failed reinstatement interview and their argument, Kim sits drinking in the living room when Jimmy comes in and, without saying a word, begins packing his clothes. When Kim walks up behind him, Jimmy admits that he "messed it all up." Kim asks Jimmy if he still wants to be a lawyer, and when he says he does, she tells him they will "start with that." ("Wiedersehen")

After attending a meeting with HHM's scholarship comittee on candidates, Jimmy returns and Kim proposes a sequence of topics for Jimmy to mention in his appeal hearing. Jimmy instead proposes he uses the letter from Chuck's will. ("Winner")

Season 5[]

In celebration of his reinstatement, Kim gives Jimmy a new briefcase—erroneously inscribed with his real initials—and a thermos reading "World's 2nd Best Lawyer." Jimmy contemplates throwing a promotional event selling his remaining drop phones and considers offering a 50% discount for non-violent offenders. Kim is concerned that what Jimmy is planning will encourage his clients to continue their criminal behavior and will reflect badly on Jimmy himself. He tells her that he can't go back to being regarded as "Chuck McGill's loser brother" and insists that his new identity as Saul will give him a fresh start. ("Magic Man")

As Jimmy and Kim prepare for work, Kim finds that Jimmy's numerous suits have taken up her half of the closet. Jimmy apologizes for it and says he'll move it to the Day Spa and Nail. When Jimmy asks about Bobby, Kim tells him that Bobby took the five months deal, which surprises him. Before Kim leaves the apartment, Jimmy suggests a movie to watch later that night but Kim says she might have to stay back at work. As Kim is about to drive off, Jimmy unexpectedly gets into her car and asks her to make a quick detour for something he wants her to see. ("50% Off")

Jimmy returns to the apartment and finds Kim waiting for him on their balcony. Kim is in a celebratory mood, as her schedule the following day is packed with pro bono cases instead of work for Mesa Verde. When Kim asks how Jimmy's day went, he evasively answers that he met "some interesting people" and had a few "ups and downs" but insists that he had his best day yet in terms of income. Kim appears to be aware that Jimmy is not telling her the whole truth but doesn't press the issue. ("The Guy For This")

Kim returns to her apartment and joins Jimmy on their balcony. Frustrated by the events of the day, she begins venting by throwing glass beer bottles onto the parking lot below. Without saying a word, Jimmy copies her by doing the same. They head back in after throwing all of their bottles and the neighbours have woken up to the noise. ("The Guy For This")

Kim and Jimmy spend the rest of the same night drinking and eating pizza. The following morning, they engage in their morning routine after struggling to wake up. As they leave for work, they walk past the shattered bottles they threw over the balcony with Jimmy reassuring Kim that the apartment's cleaning staff will take care of it. Jimmy tells Kim that he has decided to finally take up Howard on his offer of lunch; Kim wants to spend the day "fixing" the day before. After Jimmy drives away, Kim sweeps up glass shards and calls in to one of the associates at Schweikart & Cokely, beginning to devise a plan to resolve the land dispute in Tucumcari involving Everett Acker. ("Namaste")

While cooking a variety of dishes and preparing a stall tactic for Everett Acker's eviction, Howard calls Jimmy to ask if he has decided on his offer of joining HHM. Jimmy lies that he's still ruminating on it and abruptly hangs up on Howard. After doing so, Jimmy strikes and breaks a ceramic object in a duffel bag with a hammer. Kim comes home, comments on the smell of the curry Jimmy is cooking, and informs Jimmy that Kevin Wachtell has refused to remove her from the Acker case. Jimmy asks Kim to recount her discussion with Kevin in detail, urging her to make a mocking imitation of his sitting posture and drawling accent. Roleplaying the impromptu skit causes Jimmy and Kim to decide to take a shower together. ("Dedicado a Max")

After Kevin insists on Acker's eviction despite the numerous delays, Kim and Jimmy discuss the Acker case in bed. Despite Jimmy's assurances that she did the best she could do for Acker, Kim has resigned herself to his impending eviction. After telling Kim that the pragmatic thing to do is to take the loss and move on, Jimmy suggests the idea that there is still "another play" to help Acker: going after Kevin but warns that it will become nasty, personal, and dangerous. Kim agrees to it and Jimmy makes a phone call to Mike, who is still convalescing at the compound in Mexico, and offers him a paying job performing "oppo research"; Mike flatly refuses. ("Dedicado a Max")

Jimmy plays his guitar while waiting for Kim to arrive. Jimmy is ecstatic that Kevin will stick to Jimmy's settlement offer and believes that the outcome is a win for everyone and is a cause for celebration. Instead, Kim angrily states that only Jimmy won from the scheme, denounces him for going back on their previous deal of not using the blackmail video, and says that he made her the "sucker" for his con against Mesa Verde. To Jimmy's surprise, Kim insists that they either need to end their relationship — or get married. ("Wexler v. Goodman")

On the day of their marriage, Kim and Jimmy return to their apartment while Kim talks about her meeting. When she asks about his day, Jimmy says, "I got married"; he carries her to the bedroom. They begin to make love but Jimmy stops suddenly, making Kim ask what is wrong. Jimmy tells her about his new client, mentioning the offer of being a "friend to the Cartel." Kim says that she is glad that Jimmy shared this news with her and continue making out. ("JMM")

The following morning, Jimmy looks over real estate listings while Kim readies herself for work. After she leaves, he receives a phone call from Mike, calling to offer a job. Jimmy tries to make up an excuse for ending the call as he goes to answer a knock at the door, only to find Mike standing there. Speaking as Gus's emissary, Mike asks for Jimmy to get Lalo bailed out of jail. He refuses to say who he is delivering this request on behalf of, as Gus does not want Lalo to know what he's up to, and hands Jimmy a dossier with the pertinent information from his visit to Lillian Simmons. ("JMM")

Kim returns in the evening and surprised to see Jimmy taking a bath. He initially discusses what he's cooking for dinner before bringing up Lalo's case. When he mentions crossing the border to collect the bail money, Kim expresses her strong disapproval, even offering to go with him to the meet. After some coaxing and cajoling, Jimmy is able to convince her to let him take the trip. ("Bagman")

Through a split-screen effect, Jimmy and Mike are seen continuing their journey back to Albuquerque through the desert, while an anxious Kim waits in the apartment for any news about Jimmy's whereabouts. The moment the two men finally reach an area where Jimmy's cell phone gets reception, Jimmy immediately calls Kim and assures her that he is safe. Kim breaks down after receiving the good news. ("Bad Choice Road")

When Jimmy returns to the apartment, Kim tends to his sunburn and bruises while he tells her his cover story. After she gets him into an oatmeal bath, Jimmy confronts Kim about visiting Lalo and warns her to stay away from him. He admits that he feared for his life when he was stranded in the desert and that knowing Kim was safe was the only thing that kept him moving forward; Kim promises to never see Lalo again. When Kim asks Jimmy why he went through all the trouble to collect the bail money, Jimmy tells her to look in a duffel bag containing the $100,000 payout he just earned. Unbeknownst to Jimmy, Kim discovers his bullet-pierced travel mug and realizes that he is lying. ("Bad Choice Road")

The following morning, Kim fixes Jimmy breakfast and tells him that she has called in sick in order to help him convalesce at home. Still suffering from trauma, Jimmy becomes agitated when Kim puts peeled oranges through a blender and spills his cereal. Later, as Jimmy sits at the couch with his feet in a pan of water, he and Kim begin watching a movie together. Jimmy, however, remains restless. Soon he receives a call on his cell phone from a client; he initially turns him away but is quickly persuaded to end the convalescence early to deal with a matter concerning a plea deal. Trying to reach out to Jimmy, Kim plainly states that she knows he is lying about what happened in the desert and tells him she will be ready and non-judgmental when he decides to tell her the truth. Jimmy deflects Kim's probing by admitting that he was forced to drink his own urine on the journey back home. Jimmy insists that he is okay and that he doesn't want to talk about the matter again. ("Bad Choice Road")

Later that night, while Jimmy and Kim argue about her leaving S&C, Jimmy begins receiving several phone calls which he declines out of frustration. Kim goes to the door to answer someone knocking, allowing Jimmy to pick up the call. The caller turns out to be Mike, who tells Jimmy to leave his phone on but hidden so he can listen. The visitor at the door turns out to be Lalo, who enters the apartment and asks Jimmy to repeat the story he told him about his desert trek. Outside, Mike has sniper rifle trained on the room from a nearby roof. Lalo reveals he found bullet holes in Jimmy's car and asks him to repeat his story, menacingly pressing him for more information. As Jimmy becomes more and more nervous, Kim intervenes, also blocking Mike's clear sight of Lalo. She tells Lalo that the bullet holes probably came from passers-by who shot at the car for fun. She passionately defends Jimmy, telling Lalo that "Saul Goodman" would never lie to his clients or to her, and that if he is so paranoid about whether he can trust his own men in the Cartel, he has bigger things to worry about than if he can trust his lawyer. Seemingly satisfied, Lalo quietly leaves the apartment. ("Bad Choice Road")

After Jimmy and Kim watch Nacho drive off with Lalo, Jimmy resumes his phone call with Mike and asks what happens next. Mike replies, "We'll see" and remarks that Kim saved his life. When he ends the call and Kim asks him who he was talking to, Jimmy tells her the truth about his ordeal in the desert with Mike. Feeling unsafe, Jimmy and Kim go to a hotel to wait out the situation for a few days. ("Something Unforgivable")

Season 6[]

Having checked out of the hotel, Jimmy and Kim return to the apartment and prepare for work. Jimmy asks Kim for advice on what suit to wear while she talks with a client. When the client is unable to come in with professional clothing, Jimmy picks out one of his brown suits for the client. They both find they are short on cash for their taxi but Jimmy retrieves a duffel bag from the closet and hands her a large bundle of leftover cash from his trek in the desert. Kim also finds Jimmy's bullet-pierced thermos in the duffel bag. As she and Jimmy are about to leave in the taxi, Kim throws the thermos in a trash can. ("Wine and Roses")

Jimmy practices a monologue as part of his and Kim's scam against Howard. Their plan is to persuade Cliff Main to take a meeting concerning a fake personal injury case, then have Cliff hear an anecdote about Howard abusing cocaine, building on their caper at the country club. The couple trade suggestions on how to make their story believable. Kim comes up with an idea but tells Jimmy that "you are going to hate this." ("Carrot and Stick")

That night, Jimmy receives a hectic phone call from the Kettlemans. Jimmy schedules a meeting with them the following morning. As he retrieves a large wad of money from the duffel bag in the closet, Kim asks whether Jimmy will use "the stick" on the Kettlemans; he replies that they are more of the "carrot types". To Jimmy's surprise, Kim suggests that she accompany him to the meeting and he agrees to it. ("Carrot and Stick")

While preparing for work, Jimmy overlooks an arrangement of post-it notes attached to the back of a picture frame, each detailing a different detail of his and Kim's ongoing scam against Howard. Their next phase involves finding a car of the same make and model as Howard's Jaguar. Kim suggests somehow commandeering the real Jaguar, but Jimmy is initially skeptical as the idea carries too many risks. However, he comes up with a way that the car could be procured: through a "valet scam" using Huell as a covert operative. Exhilarated by the scheming, Kim pulls Jimmy in for a passionate kiss. ("Rock and Hard Place")

That night, Jimmy returns home to find Kim, who is uneasy from her conversation with Ericsen. Kim tells Jimmy that Lalo is dead; Jimmy is relieved. She also tells him that with Lalo dead, the attorney-client privilege is nullified, and that Ericsen wants to talk about what Jimmy knows about Lalo. Conflicted, Jimmy asks what he should do. Kim replies that he can do whatever he wants since Ericsen is simply engaging in a fishing expedition, but says that his next move boils down to one question: "Do you want to be a friend of the Cartel, or do you want to be a rat?" ("Rock and Hard Place")

Jimmy recounts his ordeal with Howard's parking space to an amused Kim. She, in turn, tells Jimmy that Cliff bought in to her proposal. Kim then recounts her sighting of the sedan after dropping off Wendy, concerned that she and Jimmy are being followed. Jimmy, speaking from his experience as a con man, tells her that she is feeling anxious because she got away with the setup on Howard and assures her that no one has caught on to what they're doing. ("Hit and Run")

In the early hours of the morning, Kim finds herself unable to sleep. Leaving Jimmy in bed, she checks the front door and looks out the window of the apartment. She then takes a chair from the kitchen and props it against the front door. Shortly afterward, Jimmy wakes. Kim tries to make it look as if she is simply looking at a case file, but he notices the chair and deduces that she is as anxious as he has been. Jimmy expresses relief that Lalo is dead, but Kim—having recently been told by Mike of the opposite being true—doesn't correct him. She removes the chair as Jimmy fixes some coffee. ("Black and Blue")

Kim is smoking on her balcony when Jimmy returns home after his boxing match with Howard, still tending to himself with the ice pack. While Jimmy is applying makeup to cover his black eye, Kim shows him a profile about Rand Casimiro from a law magazine. Jimmy admonishes himself for not turning down Howard's challenge to fight, saying that he "let him suck me into his game." Kim replies that Jimmy had his reasons for doing so: "You know what's coming next." ("Black and Blue")

Jimmy and Kim are watching the film Born Yesterday when a disheveled Howard pays an unannounced visit. He presents the couple with a bottle of Macallan scotch whiskey to mockingly celebrate their “victory”, calling them out for ruining his reputation "for fun." Neither Jimmy nor Kim admit their guilt. Howard continues his rant as Lalo quietly enters the room from behind, to the horror of Jimmy and Kim. They both fearfully implore Howard to leave immediately, but he is initially oblivious to his danger until Lalo affixes a silencer to a pistol. Once Howard finally realizes his peril, Lalo shoots him in the head. Jimmy and Kim both scream in horror as Howard's body falls to the floor. Lalo makes them calm down, saying, "Let's talk." ("Plan and Execution")

Lalo orders a terrified Jimmy and Kim to sit on the couch. Handing them a written address and a map, he states that he wants Jimmy to take Lalo's car to the address, use a revolver in the glove compartment to shoot the occupant when he answers the door, and take a photo of the body. Eager to prevent her from becoming Lalo's hostage, Jimmy suggests that Kim be sent to perform the task, over her horrified objections. Lalo agrees. Left with no choice, Kim leaves the apartment and drives away in Lalo's car. ("Point and Shoot")

With Kim gone, Lalo binds Jimmy to a chair and tells him of the assassination attempt at his compound. Because he was introduced to Jimmy through his former client, Nacho, Lalo suspects that Jimmy was in on the plan. Over Jimmy's pleas, Lalo gags him. He leaves the apartment with Jimmy's car keys, telling Jimmy that he expects to be told "the whole story" when he gets back. In his absence, Jimmy struggles to escape his restraints and falls over on the floor next to Howard's body. ("Point and Shoot")

Mike, Tyrus and several of their men set up a perimeter around Kim's apartment complex. After establishing that the area is clear, they make their way inside the apartment and find Jimmy still tied to the chair. After being assured that Kim is safe, Jimmy tells Mike that Lalo left the apartment immediately after she did. Realizing where Lalo is going, Mike attempts to call to Gus. ("Point and Shoot")

At the apartment, Jimmy watches Mike's henchman, Arthur, empty the refrigerator. Kim returns home with Mike; the couple tearfully embrace. Mike isolates them in the bedroom to tell them what is going to happen next: Howard's car will be driven several states away and abandoned next to the ocean, staged as a suicide; since the car was likely seen at the apartment before his disappearance, Jimmy and Kim are to tell the police that Howard showed up in a drug-addled stupor and left uneventfully. He stresses to them that they are to act casually for the rest of the day and pretend the events of the previous night did not happen. Jimmy sees Howard's body being stuffed in the old refrigerator while Mike's men wheel a new one into the apartment. ("Point and Shoot")

The morning following Howard's murder, Jimmy oversees the installation of a sign above his office and meets with several clients while Kim argues a public defender case at the courthouse. As they go about their day, Mike and his men clean up the apartment and remove any trace of the killing. Mike burns items used in the cleanup, including photos of Howard's body, in a barrel in the desert. Jimmy and Kim arrive home to see the apartment back in order but decide to spend the night at a hotel. ("Fun and Games")

Kim smokes on the balcony when Jimmy arrives home, stunned at the news of her quitting the law. He desperately tries to persuade her to reconsider her decision and get her career back. However, upon entering the bedroom, he discovers half-packed boxes and luggage. An emotional Kim tells Jimmy that she has realized that the two of them have to separate, as they are bad for each other and the people around them. She further confesses that she knew Lalo was alive long before he appeared at the apartment. In tears, Kim admits that she didn't tell Jimmy the truth because it would have ended the scam against Howard, would have ended their relationship, and because she was having "too much fun" to stop. Jimmy is left in silence as she continues to pack. ("Fun and Games")


  • Several of the paintings seen in Kim's apartment were painted by actress Rhea Seehorn herself, who has a degree in studio art [1].
  • The octogonal-shaped desk in the apartment would later be seen in the Saul Goodman & Associates office.
  • There is a poster of The Thrill Hunter (1933) on the wall in Kim's bedroom.
  • There is a poster of Outlaw Justice (1932) on the wall in the living room.
  • There is also a poster of Cendrillon in the apartment. Cendrillon is a French opera based on the story of Cinderella.
  • Interior shots were on a soundstage, although exteriors are a real apartment complex
  • The in-universe address was revealed in Kim's resignation letter to HHM in "Inflatable", and would be around 8 miles away from the place exteriors were actually shot
    • The address on her resignation letter ("2334 Harper Drive") does not match the address shown on her driver's license ("2124 Harper Drive").
    • In "Something Stupid" and "JMM", the apartment is shown to have a unit number of "3307". This doesn't match with any of the prior addresses.
    • When Kim returns to the apartment in "Wexler v. Goodman", the apartment opposite hers also has a unit number that starts with "330". The last number is obscured by the front door when Kim opens it.
    • In "Something Unforgivable", the neighboring apartment is shown to have a unit number of "3308".