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Kim's Apartment is the apartment of Kim Wexler.


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Season 2

While sitting in bed eating pie, Jimmy tells Kim about his story to detectives about Squash Cobbler. Kim realizes that Jimmy is fabricating evidence and questions his motives to do so. ("Cobbler")

Season 3


Season 4

Sometime while they practice law as Wexler McGill, Jimmy moves in to the apartment with Kim. ("Smoke")

Season 5



  • Several of the paintings seen in Kim's apartment were painted by actress Rhea Seehorn herself, who has a degree in studio art [1].
  • The octogonal-shaped desk in the apartment would later be seen in the Saul Goodman & Associates office.
  • There is a poster of The Thrill Hunter (1933) on the wall in Kim's bedroom.
  • Interior shots were on a soundstage, although exteriors are a real apartment complex
  • The in-universe address was revealed in Kim's resignation letter to HHM in "Inflatable", and would be around 8 miles away from the place exteriors were actually shot