Kevin Wachtell is the CEO of Mesa Verde Bank and Trust.


Season 2

After Kim Wexler successfully persuades Mesa Verde to take the legal services of Hamlin, Hamlin & McGill, both Kevin and Mesa Verde's senior counsel, Paige Novick, meet Kim and Howard Hamlin in HHM's lobby. After a successful meeting, Kim offers to draw up a list of associates to help Mesa Verde as they plan to open a branch in Scottsdale, Arizona. ("Rebecca")

After Kim leaves HHM to start her own firm with Jimmy McGill, she offers to take on Mesa Verde as her exclusive clients. Kevin and Paige initially agree, but are dissuaded by Howard and Jimmy's estranged brother Chuck to stay with HHM. ("Fifi")

Mesa Verde's hearing before the New Mexico Banking Board is derailed when Chuck's legal documents—previously doctored by Jimmy—show an incorrect address for the Scottsdale branch. Kevin is frustrated at Chuck's refusal to believe that he has seemingly made a mistake, as well as the six-week delay caused by the incorrect paperwork. Mesa Verde subsequently returns to Kim. ("Nailed")

Season 3

When Kim manages to correct Mesa Verde's paperwork and have their next hearing moved to a closer date, Paige tells her that Kevin will be relieved. After a more successful meeting with the Banking Board, Kim informs Kevin and Paige of Chuck's allegations that Jimmy forged the documents before the previous hearing. Kevin expresses disbelief in Chuck's claims and thinks he is out to "screw me out of the best damned outside counsel I've ever had." ("Mabel") ("Chicanery")

Kevin and Paige later have a lunch meeting with Kim to discuss a new branch in Utah and Kevin and Kim banter back and forth about golf. Kevin reveals he has a friend in Texas who needs legal help and wants Kim to take him on as a client. Kim is reluctant as she promised them that Mesa Verde would be her only client before they are interrupted by Howard Hamlin. Afterwards, Kim agrees to have Kevin send her his friend's information. ("Slip")


Better Call Saul

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