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Kevin Rankin is an Amercian actor. He portrays Kenny in Breaking Bad and El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie.

He has also appeared in the series Friday Night Lights, Trauma, Six Feet Under, Undeclared, Lucifer and Justified.


He had a recurring role as Lucien in the short lived comedy series Undeclared in 2001. His character was an unctuous resident assistant to the series main characters.

He had a recurring role as the artist Johnny in Friday Night Lights in 2005. His character was a classmate of main character Claire Fisher.

He had a recurring role as Herc, a wheelchair using sportsman, in highschool football drama Friday Night Lights on NBC. He appeared with fellow fifth season co-star Jesse Plemons in the series; their breaking bad characters shared screen time.

Rankin had a starring role as Tyler Briggs on the short-lived NBC medical drama Trauma in 2010

He had a recurring role in the FX crime drama Justified from 2010 to 2012 playing the white supremacist criminal Devil. His character in Breaking Bad is also a white supremacist.


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