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Kandy Welding Co. is a welding company with ties to Jack Welker's White Supremacist Gang.


El Camino

In a flashback, Kenny hires Neil Kandy to build Jesse's harness in the White Supremacist Compound's drug lab. Neil, Todd and Kenny torment Jesse by repeatedly forcing him to try to escape by running to the end of his chain.

In the present, Jesse encounters Neil and Casey, disguised as police officers, looking for Todd's drug money stash following the gang massacre. After splitting the money with Neil so they each got a third of it, Jesse sees Neil get into a Kandy Welding Co. truck and realizes who Neil is.

Later, after needing $1,800 more to pay Ed Galbraith to make him disappear, Jesse tracks down the business using the phone book and witnesses Neil, Casey and three of their coworkers enjoying their ill-gotten gains by having a party with three prostitutes and cocaine. After waiting for the women to be gone, Jesse confronts Neil and asks for the remaining money he needs, leading to Neil suggesting an Wild West-style duel to settle the matter. Jesse kills both Neil and Casey and frightens off the other three men. After retrieving Neil's third of the money, Jesse blows up Kandy Welding Co. to cover up the deaths of both Neil and Casey. ("El Camino")