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It had to be done. He was a good man, but, in truth, he was... soft.
― Kai attempts to commiserate with Mike Ehrmantraut.[src]

Kai is a construction worker from Berlin, Germany and a part of Werner Ziegler's team for the construction of the superlab and is his best demolition man.


Better Call Saul[]

Season 4[]

Kai and the rest of the team arrive at the warehouse which has been converted into a living space for the duration of the construction of the superlab. While Mike is calling for everyone's attention, Kai gets noticed by not obeying immediately, forcing Werner to intervene. While Mike asks if there are questions, Kai asks when the women will come here, causing Werner and Mike's annoyance. Mike then asks his men to watch Kai. ("Piñata")

Months into the construction of the superlab, tensions start to fray, particularly with Kai who later insults Mike to Werner. Mike asks about sending Kai back to Germany, but Werner admits that despite Kai's attitude problems, they need him as he is Werner's best demolition man and calls him a good kid. Werner explains that his men need a break as they can tell that they aren't even halfway done into a project that they thought was going to take eight months and are burning out. ("Something Stupid")

Kai later enjoys a night out at a strip club arranged by Mike for Werner's team. However, when Kai gets drunk, he gets too handsy with a stripper and is thrown out. Though the bouncer threatens to call the cops, particularly as the belligerent Kai refuses to leave, Mike is able to diffuse the situation and send Kai home. ("Coushatta")

When the time comes to blast a large rock that is obstructing the excavation, Kai helps Werner place the explosive charges. However, one of the wires connecting the charges to the detonator is faulty, though Werner manages to fix it. The blasting proves successful. Afterward, back at the warehouse, Kai is in a rare jovial mood as he joins the other workmen in a celebration and invites Mike to drink beer with them. ("Wiedersehen")

Season 5[]

After only half the work was finished on Gustavo Fring's superlab, the production was put to a halt courtesy of Ziegler's absence. He and the rest of the construction were paid in full. He and the rest of the crew were all lied to about Ziegler being sent home, however, they knew the truth. Once Kai received his pay from Mike Ehrmantraut, he told Mike it had to be done and bad mouthed Werner, knowing he killed him. Mike did not appreciate his statement and punched Kai to the ground. ("Magic Man")


Better Call Saul[]

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  • In a deleted scene for "Something Stupid", Kai tell Werner he finds the taste of Marzipan to be disgusting when Mike gets a box for the crew to eat.