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Johan Renck is a director of Breaking Bad.

Before directing, he released several albums as "Stakka Bo", including the hit single "Here We Go Again".

He told Swedish magazine Cafe in 2017 that he turned down Better Call Saul: "As the director of a TV-episode, you only have around 25 percent of input. There are two kinds of TV projects that I still agree to do, one is television series where each episode is a separate unit, like Black Mirror, and the other is miniseries where you can do all the episodes. But of course I am very happy that Breaking Bad happened, it was very educational and exciting and fresh. Plus, it got such a huge status - people still call me because of it."

In 2019 Renck directed the mini-series Chernobyl, a dramatization of the 1986 disaster, for SKY and HBO.

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