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Jock is a teenager who lounged at a clothing store in Albuquerque with two of his friends.


Season 1[]

The jock, along with two of his friends, was hanging out in a clothing store where Walter, Skyler, and Walter Jr. were shopping. Noticing Walter Jr.'s cerebral palsy making it difficult for him to try on clothes without the help of his parents, the jock started making fun of him to his laughing friends. Walt, Jr. looked upset by the trio, but Skyler told him not to worry about it. A seething Walt then left the store through the back, much to Skyler's confusion. She moved to confront the trio, but before she could say anything, Walt burst back into the store through the front, quickly walked up to the jock, and kicked him in hard in the back of his knee, forcing him to the ground.

Walt continued to apply pressure to the jock's leg, mocking him at the same time. The jock, in pain, begged Walt to let go, and he finally relented. The jock quickly stood up and threatened to beat Walt, but Walt, unintimidated, simply told him to try. Backing down, the jock's friends urged for them to just leave, to which he finally agreed. Limping out of the store, the jock called Walt a psycho before leaving ("Pilot").


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