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All dead. As is your grandson, Joaquin. Do you know who killed Joaquin? Would you like to see? This young man. Do you remember him? That young man shot Joaquin to death...while I made my escape. I believe you have met him before. It was just you and Joaquin. He was the only family you had left. Now the Salamanca name dies with you.
Gus tormenting Hector Salamanca on the death of his grandson, who was the remaining relative of his family.[src]

Joaquin Salamanca is an enforcer for the Cartel and bodyguard for Don Eladio Vuente. A member of the Salamanca family, he is the great-grandson of Abuelita, the grandson of Hector Salamanca, and a relative of Lalo, Tuco and his sister, as well as Marco, and Leonel.


Breaking Bad[]

Season 4[]

After his grandfather Hector's retirement from his stroke, as well as the violent deaths of his cousins, only Joaquin remained to carry the Salamanca legacy in the Cartel. Joaquin worked directly for the cartel boss Don Eladio as an enforcer alongside Gaff in Mexico. He was present at Don Eladio's hacienda when Gus (with Mike and Jesse) was invited to celebrate their partnership. Joaquin and Gaff escorted a blindfolded Gus, Mike, and Jesse to meet with Benicio Fuentes in the cartel's superlab. He stood by while Jesse cooked a batch of Blue Sky meth and observed the process.


Joaquin attempts to prevent the escape of Gus Fring.

Later, while Joaquin was posted elsewhere on the property, Gus succeeded in lethally poisoning Don Eladio, his nine capos, Fuentes, and his bodyguard Miguel; Gaff was garroted nearby by Mike. As the servants and concubines stuffed their pockets and fled the hacienda, Joaquin surprised the fleeing Mike and Jesse (who were carrying an unconscious Gus to a car with keys in it) and shot Mike in the gut. Jesse returned fire, shooting rapidly, and hit Joaquin in the leg before shooting him several more times in the chest. ("Salud")

Gus, safely back in Albuquerque a short time later, continued his habitual torment of Joaquin's grandfather Hector (in vengeance for Hector's murder of Gus's partner, Max Arciniega). In Casa Tranquila, Gus now described the collapse of the cartel: as Hector sat, mute, Gus triumphantly dangled Don Eladio's extravagant bad eye necklace in front of his eyes and named seven of the nine dead capos (Dons Paco, Cesar, Renaldo, Artuno, Cisco, Luis and Escalada). He then described Joaquin's death and introduced him to his grandson's killer, Jesse. As Hector started crying in anger, Gus concluded by stating that the Salamanca name will now die with Hector. ("Crawl Space")

Joaquin's death would ultimately be avenged by his grandfather who, with the aid of Walter White, suicide bombed Gus, killing both himself, and Gus. ("Face Off")


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