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Jo is one of Nacho's junkie girlfriends.


Season 5[]

While she sleeps in bed with Nacho, Gus's men sneak into the room and overpower Nacho. Panicked, Jo jumps out of bed and hides in a corner of the room, hiding her nakedness with the bed sheet. ("50% Off")

While Nacho and Amber watch TV, Jo seems to be having a bad trip and takes apart everything she finds with scissors. While she attacks the remote control and inadvertently changes channels, Nacho tries to calm her down by offering to let off steam on a puzzle and takes the remote control away. When Nacho's father rings the doorbell, she leaves to hide in another room. ("The Guy For This")

Season 6[]

Jo is seen setting up dominoes when Mike enters the house with Tyrus and Nick. Jo and Amber panic and beg the men to let them live. Mike tells them that Nacho isn't coming back and gives them a bundle of money, instructing them to leave town and never return. ("Carrot and Stick")


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