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Jesse's Kawasaki was Jesse's motorcycle.


Breaking Bad[]

Jesse's Kawasaki is seen in Jesse's garage when Walter goes home to offer him to cook methamphetamine together. ("Pilot")

After Krazy-8 tries to escape, Jesse secure him to a pole in the basement of his house, with the Kawasaki's lock around his neck. ("Cat's in the Bag...")

At the beginning of the episode, Jesse is seen pulling the Kawasaki into the Gas ‘N Go parking lot to meet with Walt who is already inside. He fastens the bike lock on the front wheel of the motorcycle and proceeds inside, not before acknowledging a local bum as he nurses a bottle of alcohol. The man is most likely a long-time buyer or user for he greets Jesse with a slurry “Captain America” and Jesse refers to him as “brother”. After being kicked out of his aunt's house, outside the Gas 'N Go, Jesse is on a pay phone begging for a place to stay. He explains that he's already tried Badger, that he's tried everyone but is refused. Jesse turns to find that his Kawasaki — along with his few remaining possessions — has been stolen. The same man from the beginning of the episode is seen in the same spot he was before. He dim-wittingly informs Jesse that someone stole his bike. “Not cool”. ("Down")


  • The motorcycle seen in Jesse's garage during season 1 is not a Kawasaki ZG 1000 Contest, but another motorcycle of the same brand.
    • It seems that the bike used during the first season was not available for production in the second season and was replaced.
    • There is no clue in the series that suggests that Jesse owns several motorcycles or bought a new motorcycle during the few days that pass in the first episodes of the series.

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