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Jesse's House, located at 9809 Margo Street, was Jesse Pinkman's primary place of residence.


Early years[]

The house, located at 9809 Margo Street, was originally owned by Jesse's aunt Ginny. Jesse moved in while his aunt was dying of lung cancer. After Jesse's aunt passed away, his parents took ownership of the house and allowed Jesse to stay there. The phone number was [143 - 3369|(505) 148 - 3369].

Krazy-8 and Emilio[]

The basement was used to detain Krazy-8 until he was killed by Walter White, while the ceiling above the hallway was damaged when Jesse used hydrofluoric acid to dissolve Emilio Koyama's corpse in the upstairs bathtub. Jesse decided to sell the house after what happened to Krazy 8 and Emilio, using the basement as a temporary meth lab while the house was still on the market.

Evicted by his parents[]

When Jesse's parents discovered the lab, they kicked Jesse out, then spent a considerable amount of money to renovate the house and fix the damages. After struggling to find a place to stay, Jesse eventually rented an apartment in the same building as Jane's Apartment.



Jesse's house.

Much later, Jesse learned that the house was on sale again after the renovations. Seeking sweet revenge on his parents, he hired Saul Goodman to negotiate buying the house at a reduced price. Saul's biggest negotiating point was the fact that Jesse's parents did not disclose the meth lab in the basement, which purposeful omission is a criminal act in itself.  After spending the next few months alone in the house, which is still much larger than he needed, Jesse began hosting a multiday, nonstop, drug-addled party with strangers in an attempt to cope with his guilt following the murder of Gale Boetticher. This was followed by another wave of renovations to deal with the graffiti leftover from the party.



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  • The realty firm used by Mr. & Mrs. Pinkman to sell the house was Venture Realty Group, the same agency that Stephanie Doswell works for.
  • Jesse, via Saul, buys the house for $400,000, the same amount his parents claimed to have spent renovating the property.
  • The real house was sold during the production of the second season, which necessitated the construction of a set on which to shoot interiors.[1]

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