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Jeff and Marion's House is the residence of Jeff and his mother, Marion.


Season 6[]

Jeff, the cab driver who accosted Gene at the mall, arrives home to find Marion, his mother, conversing with Gene in their kitchen. He is forced to sit awkwardly at the table as Gene effortlessly charms Marion, who tells her son that he will be staying over for dinner. Later that night, as they are taking out the trash, Jeff confronts Gene about appearing at his house. Gene explains why Jeff hasn't attempted to blackmail or rat on him: because Jeff wants in on "the game", i.e. the criminal lifestyle. Gene offers an opportunity to play the game for real; Jeff eagerly agrees.

After Gene's shopping center heist, while in Jeff's garage, he and his friend open the crate of loot they gathered, exhilarated by the successful caper. Gene cuts the celebration short by blackmailing them, warning them of the legal penalties for each state and federal offense they've just committed and threatening to turn them in if they betray him. He insists to Jeff that they are not friends, and warns both men against coming near him or the mall again. When Marion comes by the garage on her scooter, the trio pretend to be looking at the engine of an old car to avoid drawing suspicion. Inviting Gene inside, she tells him that Jeff fell in with a bad crowd when they lived in Albuquerque and that Gene is a good influence on her son. Prompted by her questioning, Gene tells her that the fictitious Nippy was found by relatives living nearby. ("Nippy")


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