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Jane's Apartment Unit has two units: one which belonged to Jane Margolis (house number 325) and one rented to Jesse Pinkman (house number 323). While Jane was the landlady and manager of the place, the apartment is owned by her father, Donald Margolis.

Each unit is quite small, with a living area, a kitchen, a bedroom, and a bathroom. They each have a front door and a back door that leads to a shared backyard area. The backyard can also be accessed from the sidewalk or driveway.


Jesse's Unit[]

2x10 - Back of Jane's House

Back of Jane's apartment

Even though both she and Jesse smoke, she forbids smoking in the apartments under her father's orders. Before their relationship they once met in the backyard while smoking. As time goes on, however, they both smoke and do drugs inside Jesse's unit, and allow his place to become progressively messier. At one point Walter White busts through Jesse's back door to get at the hidden stash of meth they had cooked, yet neither Jesse nor Jane seem to care about the big hole left in the door and simply patched it with cardboard and tape.

Jesse vacates his apartment after Jane's death and eventually moves back into his former house.

Jane's Unit[]

Jane Room

The painting above Jane's bed in her side of the apartment. Notice how a pink teddy bear is present.

The interior of Jane's apartment was never shown until after her death. Unlike Jesse's apartment, which looked like a stereotypical drug dealer's place (empty beer bottles, plasma TV, sparse furniture, etc.), her apartment had remained decorated and tidy with a colorful mural above her bed.


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  • Some time in 2012, the duplex was actually for rent.
  • In Jane's unit, a black-and-white picture of a woman can be seen hanging on the wall. Viewers might assume it’s a photo of Jane’s mother, but it’s subject is the American poet and painter Elizabeth Bishop. The fact that Jane has a famous artist’s portrait hanging on her wall, but none of her own family, seems to suggest her strained, tempestuous, relationship with them. The choice of Bishop is certainly also helped by the fact that she’s Vince Gilligan’s favorite poet.
  • In a deleted timelapse scene for "El Camino", the outside of the apartment is shown at nighttime as Ed Galbraith drives into work and finds Jesse waiting for him with the needed money.