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James "Jimmy" Edward Kilkelly, better known as Jimmy In-'N-Out is an Irish-American lifelong criminal.


Background information

According to Saul Goodman, the outside world "hasn't been kind" to James. He has spent 44 of his 58 years in prison, at the city, state, and federal levels.

Criminal record

  • 1963 - Stealing a vending machine.
  • 1975 - Breaking and entering.
  • 1982 - Grand theft auto.
  • 1984 - Armed robbery.
  • 1987 - Unknown charge.
  • 1992 - Unknown charge.

Season 2

Badger and Kilkelly while under DEA surveillance.

After being arrested for selling blue meth, Badger is asked to identify his boss, known only as "Heisenberg." Jimmy is hired by Saul Goodman to pose as Heisenberg during a meeting with Badger while the two are being watched by the DEA. Officers Hank Schrader, Steven Gomez, and Getz witness a deal being done between Badger and Jimmy. Police quickly descend on the pair and arrest Jimmy, believing him to be Heisenberg.

After his arrest, Jimmy is not seen. However, Saul assures Jesse Pinkman and Walter White that he will find a flaw in the prosecution's case and Jimmy will be set free. ("Better Call Saul")


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  • Actor Jimmy Daniels passed away in 2018, so it remains to be seen if he will appear in Better Call Saul with the actor recast, or simply not appear at all.