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You know what I always say: Never trust a guy named Jimmy.
Jimmy "Saul Goodman" McGill on his fall guy[src]

James "Jimmy" Edward Kilkelly, better known as Jimmy In-'N-Out is a lifelong criminal and professional fall guy. Institutionalized to prison life, he prefers incarceration to freedom, and thus offers to be a scapegoat through Saul Goodman.


Background information[]

According to Saul, the outside world "hasn't been kind" to James. He has spent 44 of his 58 years in prison ever since he was a teenager, at the city, state, and federal levels. During the Clinton presidency, he figured out how to make a profit off his recidivism, subsequently offering criminals to take the fall for their crimes by impersonating them, being more comfortable in prison with a payout than in the free world.

Criminal record[]

  • 1963 - Stealing a vending machine.
  • 1975 - Breaking and entering.
  • 1982 - Grand theft auto.
  • 1984 - Armed robbery.
  • 1987 - Unknown charge.
  • 1992 - Unknown charge.

Breaking Bad[]

Season 2[]

BB Badger and Kilkelly under surveillance

Badger and Kilkelly while under DEA surveillance.


James' Mugshot

After being arrested for selling blue meth, Badger is asked to identify his boss, known only as "Heisenberg," or else face harsh prison time. Explaining someone must go to prison for Badger to walk free, Saul Goodman offers Walter White and Jesse Pinkman the services of Jimmy In-'N-Out, who matches Heisenberg's description of a middle-aged bald man, to pose as him during a DEA sting operation for the price of $80,000. The duo reluctantly give the cash (with a 3:5 split between Jimmy and Saul) and a pound of meth.

The day of the sting, Hank Schrader, Steven Gomez, and Getz record Badger acting as informant, but Jimmy is late to the meeting. In the meantime, Badger mistakes a bald businessman for Jimmy, jeopardizing the operation. Walter obstructs the DEA's view with some quick thinking, while Jesse instructs Badger to switch benches. Finally in position, the two are recorded dealing meth as planned. After the exchange, Jimmy immediately surrenders even before the police make their presence known. They quickly arrest Jimmy, APD believing him to be Heisenberg, but Hank appears doubtful.

After his arrest, he isn't seen again, but Saul assures Jesse Pinkman and Walter White that he will find a flaw in the prosecution's case and Jimmy will have a prison sentence lighter than the regular eight years. ("Better Call Saul")

Hank expresses doubts that Jimmy is Heisenberg, correctly suspecting he admitted to it merely for a reward, and that the real Heisenberg is still at large. ("ABQ")

Season 4[]

Jimmy later is mentioned by Hank as "Jimmy In-'N-Out," knowing his reputation as a lowly repeat offender, making him doubt he is truly the intelligent "Heisenberg," in favor of the recently deceased Gale Boetticher. ("Shotgun")


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