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I'm the favorite? Yeah, right. You're practically all they ever talk about.
― Jake to his older brother, Jesse.[src]

Jacob "Jake" Pinkman is the younger brother of Jesse Pinkman and the son of Adam & Diane Pinkman.


Background information[]

Mathlete trophy

Jake's mathlete trophy reveals his full name: Jacob Pinkman.

Jake has received many rewards for his achievements in school; he often discusses his academic and musical success with his parents and Jesse. He plays the piccolo and also plays soccer. Diane is uncomfortable with Jake being alone with Jesse, fearing that Jesse is a bad influence on his younger brother. Although Jesse thinks that Jake is the favorite son, Jake disagrees: he argues that all their parents ever talk about is Jesse.

Breaking Bad[]

Season 1[]

When Jesse was staying at his parents' home, the housemaid found a joint of marijuana in a small plant beside the bed Jesse was sleeping on. Mr. and Mrs. Pinkman assume it was Jesse's, however it was actually Jake's. Jesse takes the blame for Jake, but when Jake asks for the joint back, Jesse stomps on it to prevent his brother from smoking it and claims it was skunk weed. ("Cancer Man")

Season 3[]

When the Pinkmans are selling Ginny's house, they talk about their disappointment in the price they sold the house for because they could no longer pay for Jake to go to space camp. ("Caballo Sin Nombre")

El Camino[]

After calling his parents, Jesse asks after his brother and if he can talk to Jake. It's revealed that Jake is at band camp in London which is a relief to the Pinkmans as he doesn't have to witness the chaos going on. Upon breaking into the house to steal his father's guns, Jesse realizes that the code to the safe is Jake's birthday. In addition, a picture of Jake is on a table near where Jesse looks through the phone book to find Kandy Welding Co.'s address. ("El Camino")


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