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Just kill me now and get it over with, because there's no way I'm doing one more cook for you psycho fucks!
Jesse Pinkman to the gang after his unsuccessful escape attempt.[src]

Jack Welker’s Gang, also known as The Aryan Brotherhood, or the White Power Prison Gang, was a Neo-Nazi criminal gang based in New Mexico. While not directly linked to any real-world organizations, they appear to espouse white supremacist ideologies, as seen by their swastika tattoos and a few lines of dialogue.

The gang was led by Jack Welker, who was supported by his second-in-command Kenny, as well as Jack's nephew Todd Alquist who also served as the gang's primary meth cook. The group was allied with Lydia Rodarte-Quayle who sold the group's meth to buyers in the Czech Republic. The gang has members both in prison and on the outside and has a fenced-in compound that serves as a base of operations.

A number of events creating a vacuum in the space of meth manufacturing and distribution led to ascension of Jack's gang to become the most powerful methamphetamine operation in the Southwest at its height. Such events included the destruction of the Cartel at the hands of Gustavo Fring, the destruction of Gus' Drug Empire at the hands of Walter White, White's subsequent retirement from the drug game and his disbanding of his own drug empire, and Lydia's orchestrating the destruction of Declan's organization. ("Confessions")

The entire gang would ultimately be destroyed by Walter White in 2010 during a planned massacre. Walter White parked a pickup truck with an M60 machine gun in the boot outside Welker's compound. He then used himself as a human shield to save Jesse Pinkman whilst simultaneously activating the M60. It tore through the compound, killing almost everybody inside, minus Todd, Jack, Jesse and Walt. Walt was gravely injured by the gun, being shot in the abdomen. Jesse kills Todd via strangulation and Walt kills Jack via a gunshot to the head. Walt allows Jesse to leave, and he dies just near the compound from his injuries.



Walt and Jack in "Gliding Over All".

Season 5[]

The gang initially met Walter when he contracted them to arrange the murder of ten of Gus Fring's former employees and associates in three separate jails within a two-minute window. While difficult, the killings go according to plan and all 10 targets are brutally slaughtered. Jack and his men then went on to become enforcers for The Heisenberg Empire ("Gliding Over All")  

Following Walter's abrupt retirement from the business, Todd becomes the primary cook, working with Lydia and Declan. Eventually, Declan fires Todd and the purity of the meth falls drastically, much to Lydia's dismay. After she was unable to convince Declan to rehire Todd, Lydia and the gang orchestrated a hit on Declan and his men. The gang steals the remainder of Declan's methylamine, as well as all of his operation's meth-making equipment, and reinstate Todd as the primary cook ("Buried")

Following the gang's expansion into meth production, they were hired by Walter to murder Jesse Pinkman. In exchange for the hit, Walt reluctantly agrees to do one more cook to teach Todd how to produce Blue Sky meth himself. ("To'hajiilee") After saving Walt from arrest by murdering Hank Schrader and Steven Gomez, Jack and his men take $70 million of Walt's money buried in the desert and take Jesse prisoner to serve as their slave cook. ("Ozymandias")

Jack welkers gang gunned down

The gang's death at the hands of Walter White in "Felina"

Jesse is taken prisoner as a captive in the compound. He is forced to cook meth alongside Todd. During this time, he is tortured and beaten, as seen from his numerous scars. After Jesse nearly escapes the compound, Jack has Todd kill Andrea. Several members of the gang break into the White Residence and intimidate Skyler, warning her to not disclose the fact that she saw Lydia at the car wash to any law enforcement authorities ("Granite State").

After Walt returns from hiding in his New Hampshire cabin, the signs that he is back in Albuquerque prompts Lydia to hire the gang to kill Walt. Walt visits the compound, claiming to want to show them a new formula, but the gang intends to kill him. Before they are able to take him out, most of the gang is wiped out when Walt activates an M60 machine gun he placed in the trunk of his car. Only Jack and Todd survive, but Todd is strangled and has his neck broken by Jesse with his handcuffs, and Jack is executed by Walt in the same manner he murdered Hank. Immediately afterwards, Todd's phone receives a call from Lydia, and Walt picks up, revealing to her that he had poisoned her with ricin when they met earlier at The Grove("Felina")

The deaths of members of the gang are later reported in the news, which Jesse hears on the radio after escaping. ("El Camino")



  • Walter White, former boss and contractor.
  • Lydia Rodarte-Quayle, former boss, and manager of the distribution of the meth overseas to the Czech Republic.
  • Jesse Pinkman, slave cook, taken prisoner to help Todd improve the purity of the gang's meth cooking.
  • Neil Kandy, owner of Kandy Welding Co., a welding company with connections to the gang.
    • Casey, employee of Kandy Welding Co.
    • Sean, employee of Kandy Welding Co.
    • Kyle, employee of Kandy Welding Co.
    • Colin, employee of Kandy Welding Co.

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  • During the production of Breaking Bad, the producers decided to avoid displaying symbols, with the notable exception of the Swastika associated with real life gangs to avoid any issues with them.
  • Talking Bad host Chris Hardwick referred to the group as the Aryan Brotherhood, a real prison gang with neo-Nazi ideologies. Various other news outlets have also used this name, including USA Today, Esquire and Variety.
  • Hank Schrader refers to this group as a “White Power Prison Gang.” ("To'hajiilee")