The Isleta Hotel and Casino is a hotel & casino in Albuquerque.


Season 5

After Jesse Pinkman doused the lounge of the White residence in gasoline, Walter White moved himself, his wife, his son and his infant daughter to the hotel temporarily, under the pretence that the gas-soaked floor posed a health risk. The real reason was that he feared for his family's safety.

Walter met Saul Goodman and Patrick Kuby in the parking lot of the hotel for an update on the situation with Jesse. During the meeting, Saul suggested that Walt have Jesse killed but Walt ruled-out the idea. After returning to his hotel room and confessing to Skyler the danger they were in, Skyler also implied that Walt should arrange for Jesse to be killed.

Late that night, Walt sat by the hotel pool, deep in thought. Walter Jr. joined him and shared his concerns about Walt's mortality. Walt stressed that he would survive this bout of lung cancer and they hugged. Walt Jr. headed back to his hotel room and Walt called Jesse and left another voice message for him ("Rabid Dog").

After Huell Babineaux went missing, Saul Goodman visited the A1A Car Wash while Skyler was training Walter Jr. as a cashier. Walter Jr. wanted to know how soon he could return home, indicating that the family were still living at the hotel at that time ("To'hajiilee").



  • Filming of scenes set at the hotel were filmed at an Isleta resort & casino located at 11000 Broadway Blvd SE, Albuquerque, NM 87105.
  • This is the same location used as the rehab Jesse attends in Season 3. 

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