Irene Landry is an elderly client of Jimmy McGill.


Season 1

Jimmy calls numbers at the bingo hall. Eventually, Irene calls out bingo and ends up winning a notebook with kittens on it. ("Bingo")

Jimmy meets with Irene about getting a will. Jimmy tells her the amount and she tells him that all she has is $43. She says that she will give him the rest of the money when she gets her allowance from Sandpiper Crossing. Jimmy takes a look at her bills and finds multiple cases of gross overcharging. ("RICO")

Season 3

In order to know where the Sandpiper Crossing case is, Jimmy goes to Irene's house under cover of friendly intent. She offers him to take a look at the settlement offer proposed by Erin Brill. ("Fall")

Realizing that he could hit the jackpot, Jimmy mounts a ploy to ensure that Irene accepts the offer without waiting. Unfortunately, the reverse of this Machiavellian plan is that Irene finds herself rejected by her friends. Faced with the isolation of the old woman, Jimmy finally understand that he went too far. Jimmy engineers an incident with Erin to help Irene and forego the settlement, which makes Irene and her friends rebuke Jimmy. ("Lantern")


Better Call Saul

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