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"I.F.T." is the third episode of the third season of Breaking Bad and the twenty-third episode altogether.



BB 303 01

In a flashback sequence, DEA informant Tortuga, holds court at a seedy Mexican cantina. "El Jefe," his boss comes in and has a drink with him at the bar. He then announces that he has a birthday present for Tortuga. In a back room, a large tortoise lazily walks across the floor. Tortuga is delighted with the gift until the boss writes "HOLA DEA" on the reptile's shell. The Cousins step in from behind, pin Tortuga to a table, and decapitate him with a machete.

Act I[]

From the street outside Walt's house, Mike watches Walt put up a ladder to remove the pizza from the roof after the Cousins' clandestine visit. He phones Gus to report that Walt is still alive. Meanwhile, Skyler arrives home to find Walt inside the house. She threatens to call the police, but Walt insists that he is staying. Skyler dials the police and asks the dispatcher to send officers immediately. Recalling Saul's advice, Walt stays calm and grades school papers as he waits for the police to arrive.

BB 303 02

Returning home, Walt Jr. is elated to see his father and is outraged when he learns that his mother called the cops on him. Skyler tells one of the officers that Walt is trespassing but he responds that because she has not legally separated or divorced from Walt, because Walt has not behaved violently, and since his name is also on the deed to the house, he is within his rights to stay. When the officer asks Skyler if Walt has broken any laws, she can't bring herself to respond. When the police leave without arresting Walt, she coldly welcomes him home.

Act II[]


Jesse listening to Jane's voice

Jesse sits alone on the floor in his empty house, calling Jane's cell phone number to hear her voice on the voicemail greeting. Saul pays Jesse a visit, asking him to convince Walt to begin cooking again. Jesse agrees to try, then shows him the door. After Saul departs, Jesse resumes dialing Jane's number.

BB 303 03

While waiting for Gomez to return with coffee, Hank gets a phone call from ASAC George Merkert saying that he is being transferred to El Paso again. While appearing elated, Hank is secretly unenthused.

Meanwhile, the Cousins steal a wheelchair ramp-equipped minivan in order to escort Hector Salamanca to a meeting with Gus and Juan Bolsa, Tortuga's former boss, at the chicken ranch. Bolsa explains how Hector's nephew, Tuco, who Hector raised as his own son and who took over Hector's business, died because of Walt's betrayal. The Cousins demand the right to exact vengeance against Walt on Tuco's behalf. However, Gus requests that they postpone vengeance until his business with Walt is concluded. Privately, Bolsa warns Gus to finish the business with Walt quickly or risk losing the cartel's favor. As for the Cousins, Bolsa can't guarantee they'll listen to him and delay their revenge.

Act III[]

Walt, sleeping on the floor of Holly's bedroom, wakes up when he hears his daughter crying in Skyler's room. Skyler is awake, smoking cigarettes near the open window with the baby nearby. Walt asks if he can come in and help, but Skyler doesn't respond. When he asks to use her bathroom, she remains silent. Frustrated and smelling the cigarette smoke, Walt urinates in the kitchen sink.

Later, Skyler updates her divorce lawyer about Walt's return home. The lawyer encourages Skyler to give her all of the facts, reminding Skyler that attorney-client privilege ensures the confidentiality of anything she discloses. After contemplating, Skyler admits that Walt is a meth cook. Skyler's lawyer encourages her to immediately sue for divorce, but Skyler expresses reluctance, reasoning that she doesn't want her son to find out that his father is a criminal when Walt may eventually die from his cancer anyway.

BB 303 04

At a dive bar, Hank tells Gomez that errands and packing are delaying his return to El Paso. Hank quietly side-eyes two patrons and excuses himself to the bathroom to fight back an anxiety attack. While waiting for Gomez to pay for the tab and get in his SUV, Hank stashes his gun and ostensibly tells Gomez that he has to use the bathroom again. Hank picks a fight with the two patrons, which ends with him repeatedly bashing one man's head against the floor before finally identifying himself as DEA.

Act IV[]

BB 303 05

A forlorn Jesse repeatedly calls Jane's voicemail throughout the night and at dawn until he hears a new message that her number is no longer in service. He is crushed at the loss of the very last remnants he has of Jane. In the morning, Jesse drives the RV into the desert, determined to start cooking again. Meanwhile, at home, Walt leaves a duffel bag stuffed with cash in full view. He asks Skyler if they can talk.

At DEA field office, Gomez tells Hank that ASAC Merkert wants to see him. Gomez reveals that he covered for Hank, having officially stated that the men at the bar were in the middle of a drug deal and attacked Hank while Gomez was outside calling for backup. Gomez tells Hank that he didn't mention in his report "that you left your gun under the car seat before you went back inside."

BB 303 06

Back at home, Walt reasons with Skyler that this money will put their kids through college and cover the mortgage and other expenses after he's gone, something she could never afford on a part-time bookkeeping salary. Skyler glowers at Walt accusingly and while she listens to him, she does not utter a word.

BB 303 07

At Beneke Fabricators, Skyler approaches Ted in the breakroom and seductively touches his shoulder. They kiss surreptitiously, after which Skyler asks whether his kids are home.

When Skyler returns to the White residence that evening, Junior and Louis Corbett are watching TV while Walt cooks a pot-roast. Walt is eager to hear how she feels after their talk that morning. Skyler coldly tells him "I fucked Ted," her way of getting back at Walt. Skyler calls the boys to the table to dinner, leaving Walt seething silently in the kitchen.

Official Photos[]


  • The title of the episode ("I.F.T.") are the initials for "I fucked Ted", which Skyler says to Walt at the end of the episode.
    • The initial airing of the episode censored the word "fucked," although it can be heard on the DVD release.
  • The owner of the transport van, the redhead lady with the black glasses who says "Hello" to the Cousins is casting director Shari Rhodes, who passed away just months before this episode aired. This episode ends with a dedication credit to her.
  • The animated show that Walt Jr. and Louis are watching is an episode of Aqua Teen Hunger Force from season six titled "Chick Magnet." The character on screen is Master Shake.
  • One of the "dirt-balls" Hank gets into a fight with is played by mixed martial artist, Keith Jardine, who formerly fought in the UFC.
  • Tortuga makes a comment in Spanish to the bartender at the beginning of the show. The comment is: "There are two kinds of people in this world: those who drink and those who pour. Shut up and fill my glass." This comment is reminiscent of the phrase used by Tuco and Blondie in The Good, the Bad and the Ugly. In that movie, Tuco starts a few statements with the same first words "There are two kinds of people in this world..." and then he finishes the statement with a comment relevant to the situation. At the end of the movie, Clint Eastwood's character, Blondie, mocks Tuco by telling him: "There are two kinds of people in this world, my friend: those with loaded guns and those who dig. You dig."
  • Giancarlo Esposito makes a slight mistake in Spanish in the scene when Gus meets with Juan Bolsa and the Salamancas. He misplaces the accent on the word "importará," pronouncing it as "imporTAra" when it should be "importaRA".
  • The seconds hand on the clock over the copy machine at Beneke Fabricators does not move.



Featured Music[]

  • "Old MacDonald Had a Farm" Unknown Artist & Anna Gunn (as Skyler) (playing in the car as Skyler drives Holly home)
  • "Unknown Track #1" by Unknown Artist (Music is heard from a passing car as Hank gets a call from Merkert)
  • "The Cousins" by Dave Porter (as The Cousins steal the car and arrive with Hector at the meeting)
  • "Loaded for Bear" by The Amboy Dukes (playing in the dive bar Hank and Gomez talk in)
  • "Tush" by ZZ Top (playing in the bar when Hank picks a fight with two customers)

Memorable Quotes[]

"I’ve done a terrible thing. But I did it for a good reason. I did it for us. That is college tuition for Walter Junior–and Holly eighteen years down the road. That is health insurance for you and the kids. For Junior’s physical therapy, his SAT tutor. It’s money for groceries, for gas, for birthdays and graduation parties. Skyler, that money is for this roof over your head, the mortgage you are not going to be able to afford on a part-time bookkeeper’s salary when I’m gone. This money – I didn’t steal it. It doesn’t belong to anyone else. I earned it. The things I’ve done to earn it, the things that I’ve had to do – I’ve got to live with them. Skyler, all that I’ve done, all the sacrifices that I have made for this family–all of it will be for nothing if you don’t accept what I’ve earned. Please. I’ll be here when you get home from work. You can give me your answer then."
―Walter trying to justify his criminal activities with Skyler.

Walter: "Honesty is good. Don't you think?"
Skyler: "I fucked Ted."
―Skyler playing the game of honesty proposed by Walter.