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I mean, what do you tell yourselves? What justification makes it okay? "Howard's such an asshоlе that he deserves it?" So... what is it? I sided with Chuck too often? I took away your office, put you in doc review? All of the above? Howard's daddy helped him get to the top, but you both had to struggle. "Howie has so much, and we have so little, let's take him down a peg or two"? What allows you to do this to me? Because this isn't just a prank. No. This goes beyond throwing bowling balls on my car. This took planning. Coordination. I mean, how many weeks? O-Or was it months? It couldn't have been easy. So, tell me... why? Why go through this elaborate plot just to burn me to the ground?
Howard Hamlin confronting Jimmy McGill and Kim Wexler over their scam.[src]
Kim's sticky notes

Kim Wexler and Jimmy McGill orchestrating the scheme to undermine Howard Hamlin.

The Howard Hamlin character impeachment scam was an elaborate scam orchestrated by Jimmy McGill and Kim Wexler to undermine Howard Hamlin by falsely portraying him as a cocaine addict, aiming to force an early settlement to the Sandpiper Crossing class-action lawsuit, in which Jimmy had a multimillion-dollar share. Although the plan was successful, it would inadvertently lead to Howard's murder by Lalo Salamanca, which subsequently led to Jimmy and Kim's divorce, Kim's decision to leave Albuquerque, and the downfall of Hamlin, Hamlin & McGill (HHM).

The elaborate scheme was initially proposed by Kim to Jimmy. As they carried it out, Howard became aware of their plot and contracted a private investigator named Genidowski to monitor Jimmy's movements, unaware that he was actually Jimmy's accomplice. Jimmy and Kim's plan succeeded, Howard was humiliated in front of his clients and peers during a mediation, and the Sandpiper case was settled at a price lower than originally hoped for. Facing professional ruin as a result of the fiasco, Howard pieced together the plot in full and confronted Jimmy and Kim at their apartment.

Soon afterward, Lalo Salamanca showed up at the apartment intending to question Jimmy, nonchalantly killing a confused Howard with a gunshot to the head. Later, Howard's body was buried alongside Lalo's in the foundation of Gustavo Fring's superlab and his death is framed as a suicide by men working for Mike Ehrmantraut. The tragedy led to Kim's decision to divorce Jimmy to prevent the two of them from hurting anyone else around them. Their scam left Howard's reputation permanently ruined to the point that he would eventually only be remembered for the lies that had been spread about him, while HHM was forced to change its name and massively downsize.

In 2010, after the deaths of everyone involved in Howard's murder aside from her and Jimmy, a remorseful Kim returned to Albuquerque and provided both the district attorney and Howard's widow Cheryl with an affidavit revealing the truth about the killing in an effort to clear his name. Kim doubted that Howard's body would be found or that she would face prosecution due to the lack of surviving witnesses or physical evidence. However, she potentially faced a massive civil suit brought by Cheryl.



Jimmy: "Come on, Kim. We're not talking about a bar trick here. We're talking about scorched earth. We would have to hurt him. Hurt him bad. To get a bunch of lawyers to run for the exits, Howard would have to have done something... unforgivable. At the end of it, he might never be able to practice law again. He doesn't deserve that."
Kim: "We're talking about a career setback. A career setback for one lawyer."
Jimmy McGill and Kim Wexler on the scheme against Howard Hamlin.[src]
Howard confronting Jimmy

Howard, acting at Chuck's direction, revealing to Jimmy that HHM would not be hiring him.

Howard Hamlin, the CEO of Hamlin, Hamlin & McGill (HHM), was the former employer of both Jimmy McGill and Kim Wexler, who began their careers as mail carriers within the firm. While Kim was eventually hired by HHM as an associate, Howard seemingly blocked Jimmy from getting a job as well, without giving any reason as to why. Unbeknownst to Jimmy and Kim, Howard was acting at the behest of Jimmy's older brother Chuck, who was a founding partner of HHM and was ardently opposed to Jimmy, a former con artist, practicing law. Initially unaware of Chuck's duplicity, Jimmy blamed Howard for blocking his potential advancement in the firm. He would eventually leave HHM and began a fledgling solo practice, working primarily as a public defender and with elder law.

Howard would come into conflict with Kim as well, first after she was fired by Craig and Betsy Kettleman and then after Jimmy aired an unauthorized commercial promoting the Sandpiper Crossing class-action suit; on both occasions, Kim was sent to "document review" in HHM's basement as punishment. Even when Kim managed to land Mesa Verde Bank and Trust as a client for HHM, Howard continued to keep her in doc review to spite her. Eventually, Kim decided to leave HHM and launch a startup law practice with Jimmy, taking Mesa Verde as her exclusive client. However, Howard and Chuck persuaded Mesa Verde to return to HHM. In response, Jimmy forged the paperwork in one of Chuck's Mesa Verde filings to make him to appear incompetent, causing Mesa Verde to return to Kim at HHM's expense.

Determined to see Jimmy disbarred, Chuck engineered a situation in which Jimmy confessed to tampering with the Mesa Verde documents, then provoked him into committing a break-in in order to destroy a tape of the confession. Chuck presented both the tape and Jimmy's subsequent actions to the state bar association, but Jimmy and Kim (serving as Jimmy's lawyer) discredited him by exposing both his resentment of Jimmy and the psychosomatic nature of his electromagnetic hypersensitivity. Jimmy was able to avoid disbarment, but his law license was suspended for a year; due to his inability to practice law for the time being and the prohibitive costs of their shared office, he and Kim were forced to close their practice. Upon learning that his suspension would cause his insurance premiums to go up, Jimmy informed Chuck's insurer of his mental illness, causing the insurer to threaten HHM with their own premium increase; Chuck threatened litigation against both the insurer and, when he refused to support him, against Howard. Fed up with Chuck's personal vendettas, Howard forced Chuck into early retirement by buying his shares of HHM out of his own pocket, removing all of Chuck's leverage. Chuck, unable to practice law anymore and sinking into his delusions due to his illness, subsequently killed himself.

Jimmy's rant to Howard

Jimmy ranting at Howard after he gives him a job offer at HHM.

When Howard admitted that he believed himself responsible for Chuck's death, Jimmy stayed quiet about his role and allowed Howard to shoulder the blame. For much of the next year, Howard struggled emotionally while HHM, its reputation damaged, fell into financial difficulties. However, by the time Jimmy regained his law license, both Howard and HHM were on an upswing. Howard later offered Jimmy a position at HHM, distancing himself from Chuck's actions. Jimmy, now practicing criminal law under the name Saul Goodman, became upset that Howard was able to come to terms with Chuck's death while he couldn't. Jimmy toyed with Howard while claiming to consider his job offer, throwing bowling balls on Howard's car and sending two prostitutes to publicly accost him during a lunch meeting.

Kim and Jimmy begin the Howard scheme

Kim and Jimmy beginning the scheme against Howard.

Howard eventually realized that Jimmy was conducting a harassment campaign against him and rescinded the job offer, apologizing to Jimmy about the latter's pain; Jimmy angrily rejected Howard's "pity". When Howard found out that Kim quit her job at Schweikart & Cokely and left Mesa Verde to them, he suggested that Kim was throwing her career away at Jimmy's instigation. Kim, insulted by Howard's assumption that her decision to quit wasn't her own (wanting to practice criminal defense law as a public defender pro bono), proposed to Jimmy that they scheme against Howard and obtain Jimmy's share of the multimillion-dollar settlement from the Sandpiper case sooner by gaslighting Howard at a mediation hearing to force an early settlement.

Later that night, Kim tells Jimmy about her conversation with Howard and in her anger suggests continuing the harassment campaign Jimmy started. As the night continues, Kim's suggestions get more serious, and she suggests they derail Howard's career to force a resolution of the Sandpiper case, which will enable Jimmy to collect his seven-figure share of the settlement sooner and allow the two of them to reopen their own office (with Jimmy practicing criminal law and Kim working full time on pro bono cases). Jimmy advises against it and asks Kim if she is sure she wants to follow through, so Kim repeats his finger gun gesture as a sign she is confident about proceeding against Howard, much to the dismay on Jimmy's face. ("Something Unforgivable")

The scam[]

"You didn't even try to hide your tracks. The baggie of drug at the country club. The clients you sent to discredit me. Another prostitute. Please. I could go on. All roads lead back to you. It's Psych 101. You want to get caught."
―Howard confronting Jimmy over the scam during its planning stages.[src]

Kim and Jimmy watch Howard and Cliff as they play golf, before beginning their scheme against Howard.

Jimmy and Kim follow through on Kim's plan to force a resolution of the Sandpiper case by ruining Howard. Jimmy and Kim watch Howard and Cliff play golf at the club. Jimmy goes inside and takes a tour with Norm Wakley and Kevin Wachtell spots him in the lounge. Kevin Wachtell tries to pressure Norm into kicking Jimmy out. Jimmy accuses the club of engaging in antisemitic discrimination; and Kevin confronts him. Kevin gets so angry that he leaves. Jimmy has Norm show him the way to the mens locker room. In the locker room Jimmy purposely clogs up a toilet to distract a nearby employee. When Jimmy finds Howard’s locker number he gets a text from Kim telling him to come out, as Howard and Cliff have ended their game early. Jimmy ignores the message and finds Howards locker and slips something through the door. When Howard and Cliff enter, Jimmy hides by pretending to be a fellow member changing in the locker room. A small bag of what appears to be cocaine falls out of a locker and Jimmy overhears. Howard and Cliff show it to a staff member. Outside the club Jimmy and Kim watch the two men walk to Howard’s car. ("Wine and Roses")

At Kim's instigation, Jimmy meets the Kettlemans at their shady tax preparation service and cons them into believing they have grounds for a lawsuit against Howard. The Kettlemans ask Cliff to sue for ineffective counsel because Howard supposedly used cocaine during Craig's embezzlement case, but Cliff refuses on the basis of a conflict of interest and lack of evidence. Jimmy later attempts to bribe the Kettlemans to keep silent about their role in smearing Howard. When they refuse the money, Kim coerces them by threatening to reveal their tax preparation scam to the IRS. Someone unknown follows Kim and Jimmy as they drive away. ("Carrot and Stick")


Kim meets with Cliff at an outdoor coffee shop.

Jimmy and Kim plot to obtain a duplicate of Howard's car and vanity license plate, but realize actually obtaining access to his car is more feasible. They later work with Huell to obtain duplicates of Howard's car key and remote unlock button. ("Rock and Hard Place")


Kim and Mike Ehrmantraut having a conversation, where he reveals to her that Lalo survived.

Kim meets with Cliff Main while Jimmy disguises himself as Howard and takes Howard's car during Howard's visit to his therapist. Jimmy pushes Wendy out of the car as Kim and Cliff watch, giving Cliff the impression that Howard is using prostitutes. When Kim drops Wendy off afterwards, she identifies a car she believes contains undercover police officers, but they continue to follow Kim as she drives away. Kim spots the car again while she is meeting with a client and confronts the occupants. Mike tells her the men who are following her work for him, that Lalo may still be alive, and Mike is overseeing surveillance of anyone Lalo might attempt to meet. A shaken Kim meets Jimmy to look at a potential location for his new office and gives her approval but does not tell Jimmy about her conversation with Mike. ("Hit and Run",  "Black and Blue")

During a meeting with Viola Goto, her former paralegal, Kim obtains the name of the retired judge Rand Casimiro, who will mediate an upcoming settlement conference for the Sandpiper case. Jimmy and his film crew fabricate photos that include Lenny, an actor made up to resemble the mediator. Jimmy later sees the mediator at a store and tells Kim he has a broken arm in a cast, which is not depicted in the photos. Kim abandons her plan to meet in Santa Fe with Cliff Main and representatives of a foundation interested in funding her pro bono criminal defense work and returns to Albuquerque to help Jimmy hastily re-shoot the photos. ("Axe and Grind")

"You two are soulless. Jimmy, you can't help yourself. Chuck knew it. You were born that way. But you—one of the smartest and most promising human beings I've ever known, and this is the life you choose. You're perfect for each other. You have a piece missing. I-I-I thought you did it for the money, but it-it—It's so clear. Screw the money, you did it for fun! You get off on it! You're... you're like... Leopold and Loeb. Two sociopaths. You know it's true, you just don't have the guts to admit it."
―Howard's angry rant at Jimmy and Kim over their scheme to undermine him.[src]

"D-Day" of the scam began when Jimmy drives up and offers Lenny $400 if he walks off the job and helps him for ninety minutes. Lenny hesitantly agrees. Shortly afterward, Jimmy pulls Marshall Dixon out of a UNM film class he is lecturing, taking him to a grassy part of the campus where Sherry is tending to Lenny. Lastly, Phil rushes to the scene with photography equipment while Kim arrives with her old sling intended for Lenny-as-Casimiro. Jimmy tells Kim that she can still make her luncheon in Santa Fe, but Kim insists this is where she wants to be.

Jimmy coaches Lenny on the updated details of his "role", while Kim uses Marshall's camera tape to apply a fake cast to Lenny's arm. She gives direction to the group as Marshall shoots photos of Jimmy sitting at a bench, handing an envelope to Lenny-as-Casimiro. After Marshall develops the photos in a darkroom, Jimmy and Kim apply drops of the mild psychotropic drug supplied by Dr. Caldera to the photos. Jimmy runs to a street where Howard's private investigator Genidowski—now revealed to be on Jimmy's payroll—receives the envelope containing the photos and speeds away.

Hoaward holding the fake photograph in front of the room

Howard during the mediation hearing.

Genidowski delivers the photos to Howard shortly before the mediation session begins. They depict the mediator, Rand Casimiro, accepting money from Jimmy and are coated in a drug that causes Howard's pupils to dilate. Before Casimiro can open the proceedings during the mediation, an incensed Howard grills him about his whereabouts that morning. He has Julie retrieve the envelope containing the photos, which he insists will prove that Casimiro received a $20,000 payoff from Jimmy. However, once Howard gets his hands on the photos, he discovers that they instead show Jimmy innocently handing a frisbee to a jogger (actually Marshall's sound technician, in disguise). He becomes agitated and his pupils dilate, unnerving everyone else in the room. Cliff calls a recess and walks an irate Howard out of the mediation session. In the hallway, Cliff apologizes to Casimiro and is told by Sandpiper Crossing's counsel, Rich Schweikart, that his team is going back to their original settlement offer and that it will be reduced by a million dollars a day if it's not accepted immediately.

In his office, Howard has discovered that Genidowski's phone number has been disconnected, surmising that the P.I. was in on Jimmy's plan. He raves to Cliff that Jimmy targeted him in order to deliberately torpedo the mediation and thus force an expedited settlement. Cliff has misgivings about these claims, which to him seem more like paranoid conspiracy theories, and explains that "it doesn't matter" whether they can be proven because the damage cannot be undone. Cliff tells Howard that he will recommend to the class action participants to take Schweikart's offer. Howard desperately suggests pushing the Sandpiper case through a civil trial, but Cliff dismisses this course of action—his only concern now is to cut their losses and take the best option for their clients. Howard hangs his head in defeat, and reluctantly agrees to settle. Cliff announces through the conference call that a settlement agreement has been reached; Jimmy and Kim have sex on Jimmy's office couch.


Howard's confrontation and subsequent death[]

Howard confronting Jimmy and Kim

Kim and Jimmy confronted by Howard.

After the mediation concludes, Howard pieces together the whole plot, including Kim and Jimmy's success at causing him to rely on a fake private investigator. That night, he arrives at Kim's apartment to confront her and Jimmy. He presents the couple with a bottle of Macallan scotch whisky to mockingly celebrate Jimmy's victory, bitterly asking what entitled them to ruin his reputation. He proceeds to call both Jimmy and Kim "soulless" and tells them that they are "perfect for each other", disgusted that they dragged him through the mud via an elaborate scheme for "fun".

Howard dies

Howard being murdered by Lalo Salamanca.

Lalo Salamanca arrives soon afterwards, intending to interrogate Kim and Jimmy about the assassination attempt on Lalo's life, and to get Jimmy to murder Gustavo Fring (in reality, to create a diversion against Gus' men so Lalo can sneak into the Superlab and collect evidence of Gus' treason for Don Eladio and the Cartel). Jimmy and Kim are absolutely horrified by Lalo's appearance while Kim tries to get Howard to leave. When Howard asks Lalo who he is, Lalo states nonchalantly he is nobody and that he merely wishes to “speak to my lawyers” (much to Jimmy and Kim's alarm). Kim nervously implores Howard to leave immediately, but Howard remains oblivious to his danger, sarcastically telling Lalo to find himself better lawyers. Lalo affixes a silencer to a pistol, and although Howard finally realizes his peril, he is too late to react before Lalo suddenly shoots Howard in the head, instantly killing him. Jimmy and Kim both scream in horror at what has just happened in front of them, before Lalo shushes them to calm down, saying, "Let's talk." ("Plan and Execution")

Lalo's plan and subsequent death[]


Kim explaining the Lalo situation to Mike and his men, who alert Gustavo Fring.

Lalo orders a terrified Jimmy and Kim to calm down and sit on the couch. Handing them a written address and a map, he tells the couple that he wants Jimmy to take Lalo's station wagon to the address, use a revolver in the car's glove compartment to shoot the occupant (having provided a simplified description of Gus) when he answers the door, and take a photo of the body. Eager to prevent her from becoming Lalo's hostage, Jimmy suggests that Kim be sent to perform the task, over her horrified objections; Lalo agrees. Left with no choice, Kim leaves the apartment and drives away in Lalo's car. Kim drives to the address, agonizing over what she is about to do. At a stoplight, a police car pulls up next to her; she rolls down the window and considers alerting the officers inside, but is unable to do so. Kim finally drives into a residential neighborhood and finds the house -- Gus's residence—and reluctantly walks up to the front door, ringing the bell. Just as she raises the revolver and is about the shoot the person answering the door, Mike appears from behind and disarms her, forcing her into the house.

Gus watches through the surveillance monitors at the Ryman residence while Mike questions Kim. Mike is shocked to learn that Lalo is at her apartment and has taken Jimmy hostage, and sends an order for Tyrus Kitt to get there immediately. He takes the underground passage to the Ryman residence, tells Gus to stay there with two of Mike's men, then enlists two others to come with him. Watching Kim through the surveillance monitors, Gus calls Victor, who is standing in the room with Kim, and asks to speak with her directly. When asked by Gus why Lalo sent her, Kim tells Gus that Lalo had originally wanted to send Jimmy to kill him, but that Jimmy had talked Lalo out of it by sending her on the mission instead. Gus is suspicious by the fact that Jimmy had talked Lalo out of his original plan, and realizes that Lalo didn't care about who was sent over to his home to carry out the hit, because the hit was a diversion to leave the Superlab with minimal guards; he tells the two men guarding him to follow him to Lavandería Brillante.

Frame-up of Howard's death[]

"Alright. Here's what's gonna happen: In a few days, Howard Hamlin's car will be found several states away by the water. The odometer will have rolled to the exact number of miles it took to get there. There will be cocaine in the upholstery. That was the story you were setting up for this guy, yeah?"
―Mike referencing the scam to Jimmy and Kim.[src]
Lalo and Howard's corpses

The corpses of Lalo and Howard.

After Lalo is killed during the gunfight with Gus at the Superlab, Kim returns home with Mike and runs towards Jimmy; the couple tearfully embrace. Mike sits them down and tells them what is going to happen next: Howard's car is going to be driven several states away and abandoned at a beach, staged as a suicide; since the car was likely seen at the apartment before his disappearance, Jimmy and Kim are to tell the police that he showed up in a drug-addled stupor and left uneventfully. Mike stresses to them that they are to act casually for the rest of the day and pretend the events of the previous night did not happen. Jimmy sees Howard's body being stuffed in the old refrigerator while Mike's men wheel a new one into the apartment; Mike eventually buries Howard and Lalo in the Superlab. ("Point and Shoot") When Jimmy and Kim return that night, they find that all evidence of Howard's murder has been thoroughly cleaned but decide to spend the night at a hotel. Jimmy recites the advice Mike gave him that there will be a day that they can forget about the murder and move on; Kim doesn't respond and simply stares blankly at a wall. ("Fun and Games")

Howard's funeral and HHM's downsizing[]

"Nobody could relate to a client quite like he could. (...) What else is there to say?"
Richard Schweikart commenting on Howard at his wake to Jimmy and Kim.[src]
Howard Hamlin memorial

Howard's memorial service at HHM.

At Howard's funeral, Rich Schweikart converses with Jimmy and Kim, revealing that HHM would be downsizing and rebranding itself as Brookner Partners, due to the deaths of all of the firm's namesakes and Howard's stained reputation. Kim encounters Howard's widow Cheryl, who interrogates her and Jimmy regarding the suspicious circumstances of Howard's death. Kim relates the apocryphal story of Howard's cocaine addiction, and lies that, during her time as an assistant at HHM, she encountered Howard using cocaine late at night; Kim uses knowledge of Howard's strained marriage to gaslight Cheryl, saying that as his wife she should have known better. Cliff is unable to deny these false allegations, and Cheryl begins tearing up and excuses herself to the restroom. Jimmy tells Kim that their post-traumatic healing can begin now, and Kim kisses Jimmy before driving off to their apartment.

Kim leaves Albuquerque and divorces Jimmy[]

"You would pull the plug on the scam, and then we'd break up. And I didn't want that. Because I was having too much fun."
―Kim to Jimmy during their final conversation as a couple.[src]

Kim breaks up with Jimmy, saying that they are hurtful to those around them when they are together.

Kim later submits her retirement as an attorney from the New Mexico Bar, which heavily upsets Jimmy. Jimmy tries to tell Kim that they can move to a new place and have Kim appeal to the New Mexico Bar to re-instate her attorney status. Jimmy goes to Kim's room to retrieve a printer to create these letters, but instead finds Kim has already packed all of her belongings. Kim explains to Jimmy that, when they are together, they are hurtful to those around them. Jimmy blames Lalo for Howard's death, but Kim explains how she believes that she was at fault, and that she was having too much "fun" ruining Howard's life, and how her and Jimmy have to break up to stop hurting those around them. Through tears, Kim finishes packing up and leaves shortly afterwards. With Kim's departure, Jimmy had lost everything that kept him grounded; his family, his elder practice, the McGill name, and now Kim. All that was left is Saul Goodman. Kim breaking up with Jimmy is the final straw that causes him to fully embrace his Saul Goodman identity, believing that he now has nothing left to lose. ("Fun and Games")

Kim and Jesse's conversation

Kim having a conversation with Jesse Pinkman after signing the divorce papers with Saul.

Months later, Saul treats Kim dismissively as she signs the divorce papers in his office. She is disturbed at how callous her ex-husband has become, and by the hardened criminals that he is now taking on as his regular clientele; one of these clients, Emilio Koyama, is his next appointment. Outside Saul's office, Kim has a conversation and shares a cigarette with Emilio's friend, Jesse Pinkman, who recognizes her from when she successfully defended Combo after he stole a statue of the Baby Jesus from a Nativity scene. Jesse notes Saul's shady advertising and, hoping that Saul can help Emilio avoid serving serious prison time, asks whether he is a legitimate attorney; Kim replies that Saul was when she knew him before leaving, pulling over the hood of her raincoat and running to her car. ("Waterworks")

Kim admitting the truth to Cheryl[]

Cheryl: "The lies you two made up. The picture you painted. That's all he is now. That's all anybody remembers."
Kim: "I wanna change that."
Cheryl Hamlin telling Kim about the impact the scam had on Howard's legacy.[src]
Kim crying

Kim crying after admitting the truth of Howard's murder to Cheryl Hamlin.

In November 2010, Kim takes a flight to Albuquerque and visits the Bernalillo County Courthouse, observing places she remembers from her former life. She then visits the Hamlin residence, where she is greeted by Cheryl. In the dining room, Kim hands over an affidavit detailing her and Jimmy's scheme to frame Howard as a cocaine addict, Howard's murder by Lalo, and the staging of his death as a suicide by men working for Gus (including Mike). Cheryl is overwhelmed, her longstanding suspicions confirmed. Kim says that Howard "didn't suffer", but Cheryl angrily retorts that his reputation was thoroughly ruined because of the lies Kim and Jimmy told. Kim informs Cheryl that she has given a copy of her affidavit to the district attorney, but it is unlikely she will be prosecuted or that Howard's body will be found. Kim flies back to Florida. On board an airport shuttle bus, she fails to hold back her emotions and breaks down sobbing, being comforted by someone sitting next to her. ("Waterworks")

About a month later, Jimmy is finally arrested and attempts to use the truth about Howard's murder as leverage towards a plea deal, only to learn that Kim has already come forward about it. Jimmy's defense attorney Bill Oakley, himself a former Bernalillo County deputy district attorney, confirms what Kim had told Cheryl about it being unlikely that she will ever be prosecuted for the crime. However, Bill reveals that Cheryl is "out lawyer shopping as we speak" to sue Kim for everything that she has and everything that she's ever going to have. Jimmy later lies to the authorities about Kim's role in Howard's death in order to get her to come to his plea hearing, something that he reveals at the hearing itself so that she doesn't face any repercussions from his lie. It is unknown if Jimmy's confession had any effect on Cheryl's civil case against Kim and if she still faces repercussions for the scam or not. ("Saul Gone")


  • The scam is a major part of the plot of the sixth and final season of Better Call Saul, with the first half of the season showing the scam's plan and execution, and the second half showing the aftermath of Howard's death and its impact on Kim and Jimmy.