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Quotes by Howard[]

"You know Jimmy, sometimes in our line of work you can get so caught up in the idea of winning that you forget to listen to your heart."
―Howard to Jimmy .[src]

Howard: "We've been using this particular font for 12 years now, and it, in concert with our tri-rectangle graphic and Hamlindigo Blue, constitutes a trademarked brand identifier."
Jimmy: "Whoa, whoa. Back up. Hamlindigo Blue?"
Howard: "Yes. That is our trademarked name."
Jimmy: "Holy crap. You seriously named a color "Hamlindigo"? That is... yikes."
Howard: "Yikes? From the man dressed exactly like me. Your Honor, I feel like I'm in the mirror routine with Groucho Marx, like we should be standing, waving our arms at each other!"
―Howard and Jimmy appearing before a judge, due to Jimmy erecting a billboard that deliberately imitates HHM's logo and branding.[src]

Kim: "I don't know what image you have of him, past or present, or whatever he did or said, but Jimmy is a good lawyer. And he works very hard."
Howard: "Did your friend send you in here to say that?"
Kim: "No. I'm saying it because I believe it."
Howard: "Well, duly noted. You wanna know what I believe? I believe that you are way out of your depth in this matter. So, next time you want to come in here and tell me what I'm doing wrong, you are welcome to keep it to yourself! Because I don't care!"
Kim and Howard argue about HHM's treatment of Jimmy.[src]

Howard: "Chuck, you're at a crossroads. You can keep looking backwards, stay focused on your brother, what he's up to, or you can go forward. And Chuck. listen to me. Jimmy's just not worth it. Where would we be if, say, Clarence Darrow had devoted the best years of his life to supervising ne'er-do-well relatives? Think of the cases he wouldn't have taken, the injustices that would have gone unanswered. What a waste. I say, put your energy into the future. Anything else is a waste of your time and intellect. What do you say?"
Chuck: "[After a moment] To new beginnings."
―Howard trying to remobilize and remotivate Chuck around a very good bottle of alcohol.[src]

Howard: "What the hell is this?"
Kim: "I think it's pretty self-explanatory. Look, Howard, you were very generous when I left HHM, but it never sat right with me that you covered my law school loans."
Howard: "Seemed to sit right at the time!"
Kim: "I appreciate the gift, but now that I'm able to afford it, I wanna pay you back."
Howard: "Well, you "appreciate the gift.""
Kim: "Yes, I do."
Howard: "You know what I'm doing in there? Take a guess. I'm doing damage control, and I'm doing it three meals a day for the past two weeks with every one of our clients! I am busting my ass, trying to repair the reputation of the firm after you and Jimmy dragged it through the mud!"
Kim: "I did everything in my power to defend my client."
Howard: "Oh, is that what you're calling it?"
Kim: "That's the job, Howard. And by the way–it was all very convenient for you to ignore Chuck's illness when it suited you."
Howard: "So I take you out of the mailroom, put you through law school, mentor you, and then when you leave and stab me in the back, that's my fault? I'm not cashing this. Kim! Your debt is forgiven, but anything else? That's on you."
Kim: "All Jimmy and I did was show the situation for what it is, and if you are hiding that from your clients? Well, Howard, that's on you."
―Howard confronting Kim after she gives him a check during his luncheon

Chuck: "What are you talking about, Howard?"
Howard: "What I'm saying is... maybe it's time to hang up your spurs. Become partner emeritus. Leave your name on the firm, but focus on your legacy. You always said you wanted to work on The Commerce Clause. You can write the book on it."
Chuck: "And no longer be a practicing lawyer?"
Howard: "Chuck, there's more to life than this."
Chuck: "That day is far in the future, Howard... and I don't appreciate the suggestion."
Howard: "What if it's not a suggestion?"
Chuck: "Meaning?"
Howard: "Meaning, if enough tell you that you're drunk... maybe it's time to sit down."
―Howard forcing Chuck to retire from HHM.[src]

Chuck: "Oh, so this is about my condition? Look! Look! You see? See? I’m better! Howard, I’m fine!"
Howard: "This is not what 'fine' looks like. Chuck, you’re one of the best legal minds I’ve ever known, hands down, but your decision making has become unpredictable. I can’t be partners with someone whose judgment I don’t trust."
―Howard and Chuck about Chuck's condition.[src]

Chuck: "Yes, I'm suing HHM for breach of contract."
Howard: "Do you have any idea what you're doing?"
Chuck: "I believe I do. I'm calling your bluff. This is MY firm. I built it. Your father was working in a 2 room office when I joined him, and you, I tutored for the bar exam. You're not kicking me out. If you can't trust my judgement then, as you say, so be it. But you're going to have to pay me for my share. I believe it comes to around 8 million dollars. We both know the firm doesn't have the money."
Howard: "You'd rather tear down HHM than retire?"
Chuck: "You think I'm trouble now, as your partner? Imagine me as your enemy."
―Chuck and Howard arguing after Chuck decided to sue HHM.[src]

Howard: "17 years. 18 in July, actually. All those years we built this place together. And all that time I've supported you. Looked up to you, deferred to you. Because I always thought you had the best interests of the firm in mind."
Chuck: "I have."
Howard: "You did. For a long time. But you've let personal vendettas turn your focus away from what's best for HHM. You've put your needs first. To our detriment."
Chuck: "I don't think that's accurate."
Howard: "And the moment that I mildly suggest, with empathy and concern, that maybe it's time for you to consider retirement the first instinct you have is to sue me?! To sue the firm? Well, I I-I don't even know I-In what world is that anything but the deepest betrayal of everything we worked so hard to accomplish? In what world is that anything but the deepest betrayal of our friendship?"
―Howard confronting Chuck.[src]

Chuck: "Three million dollars?"
Howard: "The first of three payments, as per the partnership agreement."
Chuck: "The firm can't afford this. Are you... ? You're not shutting down, are you?"
Howard: "I would never endanger the firm. This is mostly from my personal funds... and a few loans."
Chuck: "You're paying me out of your own pocket?"
Howard: "You won."
―Howard eliminating Chuck's leverage over HHM.[src]

Howard: "I think I owe you the truth about Chuck. Those lanterns. He was living in that house without electricity for the better part of two years. He knew how to use those lanterns. He was careful, I saw it, I know you did too. There was never a problem. I know it's a terrible thing to. I don't think what happened was an accident. You probably heard Chuck was retiring from HHM. But that's not the truth. The truth is that we had a disagreement, and I pushed him out. I made him go."
Kim: "Chuck was sick for years. And after the bar hearing–"
Howard: "The bar hearing had nothing to do with it."
Kim: "Okay."
Howard: "The fact is, he started getting better after that. He took more of an interest in the firm, he came to work, we could leave the lights on. He was improving until the thing with the insurance, so i-it wasn't the bar hearing."
Jimmy: "The insurance?"
Howard: "It was a ridiculous thing. I should have just let it go. I mean, God knows he's done enough for me. But he kept pushing, and I, um, I got my back up."
Jimmy: "What about the insurance?"
Howard: "It was, uh, our malpractice insurance. They found out about Chuck's condition, raised our rates. Chuck went ballistic. He wanted to go to war. I drew a line. He wouldn't back down, so I forced him out. Never occurred to me that I could hurt him. He always seemed so strong. But he wasn't. I think he did what he did because of me."
Jimmy: "Well, Howard, I guess that's your cross to bear."
―Howard telling Jimmy and Kim that Chuck may have committed suicide.[src]

Kim: "What were you thinking when you came to Jimmy on the day of his brother's funeral and laid that shit on him? That Chuck killed himself? What's wrong with you?"
Howard: "I thought... I thought I owed it to Jimmy, to tell him."
Kim: "Owed it to him? Did you owe it to Rebecca? You tell her your theory? That Chuck intentionally set himself on fire? I guess not. I guess you just saved that one for Jimmy."
Howard: "Kim, I didn't do it to hurt Jimmy--"
Kim: "No you did it to make yourself feel better. To make yourself feel better by unloading your guilt. Who cares what it does to Jimmy, right? As long as Howard Hamlin is okay."
Howard: "Kim, I don't think that's fair--"
Kim: "Fair? Let's talk about fair. "Hey let's let Jimmy dig around the fire-damaged wreck where his brother died screaming. And then let's let him pick up a keepsake or two." That is so, so fair. And did I hear you right? You want him to serve on the board of a scholarship committee? A scholarship that Chuck never in a million years would've given to Jimmy. Never! It is just, I mean... Oh what's this too, Howard? What's in this? One last "screw you, little brother" from beyond the grave? Am I really supposed to do this to him?"
Howard: "All right, Kim. What can I do to make it better?"
Kim: "Nothing. There is nothing you can do. Just stay away."
―Kim and Howard arguing about Howard's revelation to Jimmy about Chuck's death.

Howard: "Jimmy, I'm sorry you're in pain."
Jimmy: "Sorry. You're sorry? You kill my brother, and you say you're sorry? Let me tell you something. The job offer, it didn't upset me. It amused me. Ooh... big job at the illustrious HHM. A chance to play at the palace! With little old me?"
Howard: "I was trying to..."
Jimmy: "You have no idea what's going on! You're a teensy, tiny man in a teensy-weensy little bubble!"
Howard: "Oh, Jimmy..."
Jimmy: "Oh, don't you fucking, "Oh, Jimmy," me! You look down on me, you pity me! [Howard starts walking away from Jimmy] Walk away. That's right, Howard! You know why I didn't take the job? 'Cause it's too small! I don't care about it! It's nothing to me! It's a bacterium! I travel in worlds you can't even imagine! You can't conceive of what I'm capable of! I'm so far beyond you! I'm like a god in human clothing! LIGHTNING BOLTS SHOOT FROM MY FINGERTIPS!"
―Jimmy dramatically rejecting Howard's job offer.[src]

Howard: "No person in their right mind would behave the way Jimmy has. We are talking about someone who’s not in control of himself. You and I both know it makes no sense to drop a client like Mesa Verde, and I gotta think Jimmy had something to do with that."
Kim: "Do you have any idea how insulting that is? I make my own decisions for my own reasons."
Howard: "You gotta listen to me, the man needs help."
Kim: "Howard, I know Jimmy and you’re wrong."
Howard: "You know who really knew Jimmy? Chuck."
―Howard trying warn Kim about Jimmy.[src]

"I'm just getting warned up."
―Howard to his therapist[src]

"You're right. I do have a problem. Just not the problem you think. I have a Jimmy McGill problem."
―Howard realizes Jimmy is scamming him[src]

"You didn't even try to hide your tracks. The baggie of drug at the country club. The clients you sent to discredit me. Another prostitute. Please. I could go on. All roads lead back to you. It's Psych 101. You want to get caught."
―Howard confronting Jimmy about the scam to ruin him[src]

Howard: "Here. Let me show you a little trick. Something about the centrifugal force. It pulls the bubbles from the inside of the can, stops it from exploding. Don't want our clients to get a surprise, now, do we?"
Cary: "That works? Oh. Alright."
Howard: "You know who taught me that trick? He used to do it, out of habit. Any time he opened a can, almost unconsciously. I asked him about it once. Just his way of being prepared for anything, accidental or otherwise."
Cary: "Um. I'm sorry, I'm kinda new here. I have to ask... who... who is that?"
Howard: "Charles McGill. The "M" in HHM. The greatest legal mind I ever knew."
Cary: "Wow. (Breathes sharply) I hope someone says that about me someday."
Howard: "Well... maybe there are more important things."
―Howard's conversation with HHM employee Cary Anderson[src]

"I mean, what do you tell yourselves? What justification makes it okay? "Howard's such an asshоlе that he deserves it?" So... what is it? I sided with Chuck too often? I took away your office, put you in doc review? All of the above? Howard's daddy helped him get to the top, but you both had to struggle. "Howie has so much, and we have so little, let's take him down a peg or two"? What allows you to do this to me? Because this isn't just a prank. No. This goes beyond throwing bowling balls on my car. This took planning. Coordination. I mean, how many weeks? O-Or was it months? It couldn't have been easy. So, tell me... why? Why go through this elaborate plot just to burn me to the ground?"
―Howard confronting Jimmy and Kim over their scam[src]

"Oh yeah, sure. The Sandpiper settlement—HHM's share will be substantial, absolutely. Even though I humiliated myself. And my clients and peers will whisper that Howard Hamlin's a drug addict. You're right. I've worked my way through worse. Debt. Depression. My marriage falling apart. Oh, yeah. Been sleeping in the guest house for the better part of a year. Just one more thing that good ol' Howard has to work through. But yes, I will land on my feet. I will be okay. But you? Far from it. You two... you two are soulless. Jimmy, you can't help yourself. Chuck knew it. You were born that way. But you? One of the smartest and most promising human beings I've ever known... and this is the life you choose. (...) You're perfect for each other. You have a piece missing. I... I thought you did it for the money, but now it's... It's so clear. Screw the money. You did it for fun. You get off on it. You're... you're like... Leopold and Loeb. Two sociopaths. (...) Oh, you know it's true, you just don't have the guts to admit it."
―Howard's angry rant at Jimmy and Kim, ending right before Lalo Salamanca enters.[src]

"I’m going to make it clear to everyone, because I’m going to dedicate my life to making sure everybody knows the truth... believe it... you can’t hide who you really are forever."
―Howard's final words to Jimmy and Kim during his angry rant, just as Lalo enters.[src]

Howard: "Who are you?"
Lalo: "Me? Nobody. I just need to talk to my lawyers."
Howard: "Oh, is that right? You want some advice? Find better lawyers."
―Howard and Lalo's conversation[src]

"I, uh... I think I'm in the middle of something, uh... There's really no need to—"
―Howard's final words before being shot by Lalo[src]

Quotes about Howard[]

Chuck: "You have to admit that shows a lack of judgment on her [Kim's] part. She knows you. She should have known better."
Jimmy: "You are such an asshole."
Chuck: "Why? For pointing out that her one mistake was believing in you?"
Jimmy: "For Christ's sake, could we get some perspective here? It was a simple little commercial, it aired once, that's all. And can I remind you it worked – it worked like a dream?"
Chuck: "See, that's your problem, Jimmy. Thinking that the ends justify the means. And you're forever shocked when it all blows up in your face."
Jimmy: "What did I do that was so wrong?"
Chuck: "You broke the rules. [Jimmy scoffs] You turned Kim into your accessory. You embarrassed Howard who, God help him, inexplicably vouched for you with Cliff Main. You made Cliff and his partners look like schmucks. Shall I go on? How he hasn't fired you for this positively mystifies me. "Perspective." You want perspective? I'll give you mine. You're my brother, and I love you, but you're like an alcoholic who refuses to admit he's got a problem. Now someone's given you the keys to the school bus and I am not going to let you drive it off a cliff."
―Chuck trying to make Jimmy aware of the consequences of his actions, especially on his personal and professional environment.[src]

Jimmy: "Come on, Kim. We're not talking about a bar trick here. We're talking about scorched earth. We would have to hurt him. Hurt him bad. To get a bunch of lawyers to run for the exits, Howard would have to have done something... unforgivable. At the end of it, he might never be able to practice law again. He doesn't deserve that."
Kim: "We're talking about a career setback. A career setback for one lawyer."
―Jimmy and Kim Wexler before beginning their scheme against Howard.[src]

"Alright. Here's what's gonna happen: In a few days, Howard Hamlin's car will be found several states away by the water. The odometer will have rolled to the exact number of miles it took to get there. There will be cocaine in the upholstery. That was the story you were setting up for this guy, yeah?"
―Mike referencing the scam to Jimmy and Kim following Howard's death.[src]

"Nobody could relate to a client quite like he could. (...) What else is there to say?"
Richard Schweikart commenting on Howard at his wake to Jimmy and Kim.[src]

"No. No. No, Kim, you're wrong! This is about Howard! Okay? What happened to him wasn't on us! It wasn't your fault! It wasn't my fault! It was that FUCKING LALO SALAMANCA! That psychopath came back from the dead and he walked through that door! He did this! Not us, him!"
―Jimmy ranting about Lalo as he unsuccessfully tries to prevent him and Kim from breaking up.[src]

Cheryl: "Howard was murdered? (Kim nods) Why?"
Kim: "He was... in the wrong place at the wrong time."
Cheryl: "Where's his body?"
Kim: "I don't know."
Cheryl: "And the police? Will they search again?"
Kim: "They'll search. I don't think they'll find him. Cheryl, he... it... it all happened in an instant and he didn't... he didn't suffer."
Cheryl: "He didn't suffer? The lies you two made up. The picture you painted. That's all he is now. That's all anybody remembers."
Kim: "I wanna change that."
―Kim reveals the truth to Cheryl about the scam and Howard's murder.[src]

Cheryl: "What happens now? Will you be tried? Will you go to jail?"
Kim: "I don't know."
Cheryl: "You're a lawyer, right? You're a, a great one Howard said! How could you not know?"
Kim: "Bernalio County has my affidavit. It's up to the district attorney whether to prosecute. And she may not."
Cheryl: "Why?"
Kim: "There's no physical evidence. No remaining witnesses other than my ex-husband, assuming he's still alive."
Cheryl: "I could sue you in civil court, I could take everything you've got."
Kim: "Yeah."
Cheryl: "Why are you doing this?"
―Kim and Cheryl discuss the potential consequences for Kim and Jimmy's actions against Howard.[src]

Jimmy: "What happened to Howard Hamlin, it was... it was... (Jimmy's voice breaks) I can't even... After that, Kim had the guts to start over, she left town. But... I'm the one who ran away. And my brother Chuck - Charles McGill. Y--You may have known him. He was, uh, an incredible lawyer. The most brilliant guy I ever met. But he was limited. I tried. I could've tried harder. I should've. Instead..."
Bill Oakley: "Your Honor...."
Jimmy: "Bill, please! Just let me get through this. (to the court) Instead, when I saw a chance to hurt him, I took it. I got his malpractice insurance cancelled. I took away the one thing he lived for, the law. After that, he killed himself. And I'll live with that. (sits down)"
Bill Oakley: "What was all that? That thing with your brother, that wasn't even a crime."
Jimmy: "Yeah, it was."
―Jimmy finally takes accountability for what he did to Chuck.[src]