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"How to..." are a series of minisodes made to advertise season 5 and season 6 of Better Call Saul on their Facebook Watch account.

The first 6 mini-episodes were published in early 2020, before the season 5 premiere. Then, 2 more were released during the season run.

The final 4 mini-episodes were published before the season 6 premiere, on April 2022.


These are the titles according to their upload name on Facebook Watch, as such some episodes to not contain their featured characters names in the title, while others do.

  1. How to Tie a Tie with Saul Goodman
  2. How to Carne Asada Tacos
  3. How to Iron a Shirt
  4. How to Negotiate with Kim Wexler
  5. How to Make a Pimento Cheese Sandwich by Mike Ehrmantraut
  6. How to Get Out of Jury Duty
  7. How to Spot a Counterfeit Bill: Nacho
  8. How to Ace That Interview with Howard Hamlin
  9. How to Find Jupiter with a Telescope
  10. How to Make Friends With Anyone
  11. How to Manage Threatening Clients
  12. How to Throw A Punch ft. Howard Hamlin