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Hotel Adaluz is a hotel in Albuquerque, New Mexico.


Better Call Saul[]

Season 5[]

After Lalo Salamanca leaves with Nacho Varga, Jimmy McGill and Kim Wexler decide to stay at the hotel until it is safe for them to return to their apartment.

Reflecting on what Mike told him in the desert about Kim being "in the game", Jimmy asks if he is bad for her and states that the incident with Lalo would not have happened at Kim's apartment if she wasn't associated with Jimmy. Kim tells Jimmy that he "crossed a line" and asks whether he will do it again; Jimmy promises he won't, but he doesn't sound confident in saying so. Kim turns in for bed while Jimmy stays awake, troubled.

The next day, Jimmy awakes to see Kim preparing to leave for work at the courthouse. He tries to persuade her to stay in, expressing worry that she might be tracked and attacked by Lalo's henchmen. Kim refuses to live in perpetual fear, telling Jimmy that they "just need to keep our eyes open and move on with our lives." She further points out that there will be a heavy police presence at the courthouse, which will mitigate any danger she might put herself in by going there. Kim leaves the hotel while Jimmy stays behind.

Having met Mike Ehrmantraut and learning that Lalo will be killed that night, Jimmy packs his and Kim's possessions and, when Kim returns, repeats what Mike told him: she and Jimmy are going to be safe "this time". Kim tries to get an assurance from Jimmy that "there won't be a next time"; he simply tells her to check out of the hotel and go home, but she replies that they have already paid for the night and don't have anything to eat at home. After ordering dinner from room service, Kim tells Jimmy about what Howard had told her at the courthouse. Still angered by Howard's comments, Kim gives him ideas for further pranks targeting Howard, with which Jimmy reluctantly goes along. The conversation escalates into foreplay. Jimmy and Kim make love, still talking about getting back at Howard after the act. Eventually, Kim suggests tricking Howard into committing misconduct which forces a settlement in the Sandpiper case; she plays it off as a simple "spitballing."

Later that night, they order room service for ice cream and Kim revisits her idea of using Howard to force a settlement from Sandpiper Crossing, who Kim says has offered $26 million. She states that she would use her share of the cash to rent an office in the courthouse and open a pro bono practice. Jimmy tries to dissuade Kim from this idea, saying that forcing the settlement would require "scorched earth" tactics and ruin Howard's career; Kim dismisses this outcome as "a career setback for one lawyer." When Jimmy asserts that Kim wouldn't really be okay with this plan, she responds: "Wouldn't I?" Heading into the bathroom to take a shower, Kim turns around to a disturbed Jimmy and makes gun gestures with her fingers. ("Something Unforgivable")

Season 6[]

Jimmy lies awake in bed, troubled by his conversation with Kim the previous evening. When the alarm goes off, he greets her. ("Wine and Roses")


Better Call Saul[]

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