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"Hit and Run" is the fourth episode of the sixth season of Better Call Saul and the fifty-fourth episode of the series altogether.



A middle-aged couple dressed in track suits, Mr. and Mrs. Ryman, ride their bicycles through a suburban neighborhood. The couple return to their house, where a group of heavily armed men wearing body armor—henchmen for Gus—are milling about. One of the men sits at a makeshift surveillance station in the Rymans' living room, closely monitoring CCTV feeds of Gus's house.

Act I

Howard drives his Jaguar to his therapist's office. In session, he says that things are going very well at HHM, but that there is lingering tension at home with his wife, Cheryl. As the session continues, Jimmy—who has dressed himself as Howard in a manner similar to his appearance on his JMM billboard—carries a traffic cone and Huell's duplicate keys to the Jaguar, using the electronic device attached to the keys to unlock the car. After leaving the traffic cone in Howard's parking spot, Jimmy takes the car to the Crossroads Motel and picks up a hooker named Wendy, who is in on Jimmy's plan.

Meanwhile, a nervous Kim meets with Cliff at an outdoor coffee shop. Kim proposes starting a pro bono practice and tells Cliff she has come to him because of his connections to state government; he is open to the idea, mentioning that his son's struggle with drug addiction opened his eyes to the need for such services. At the same time, Kim is secretly sending Jimmy text messages via her phone under the table. When she texts "GO!", Jimmy recklessly drives the Jaguar around the corner, slams the brakes just past where Kim and Cliff are sitting and pretends to violently eject Wendy from the passenger door, with Wendy cursing him out the whole time. As Jimmy speeds off, a bewildered Cliff looks on.

Jimmy drives back to the therapist's office, satisfied that the plan has apparently worked, but finds—much to his consternation—that someone else has moved the traffic cone and parked in Howard's space. Thinking quickly, Jimmy parks the Jaguar over the yellow lines next to the space, wrenches the "Patients Only" sign out of the ground and jams it into place in front of the car, just barely managing to finish up and scurry out of sight as Howard approaches. Howard, apparently not noticing that his car is now in a different spot, gets in and drives away; a few seconds later, the "Patients Only" sign falls over.

Kim drives Wendy back to the motel and hands her an envelope of money as payment for her participation in the setup. Wendy spots an unmarked sedan nearby and assumes that undercover cops are hassling her; Kim hands over a business card and tells her to call if she finds herself in trouble. However, as she is driving away, Kim spots the sedan following her in the rearview mirror. Eventually the sedan pulls away, but Kim remains uneasy.

Act II

At Kim's apartment, Jimmy recounts his ordeal with Howard's parking space to an amused Kim. She, in turn, tells Jimmy that Cliff bought in to her proposal. The couple are seemingly on a roll. Kim then recounts her sighting of the sedan after dropping off Wendy, expressing concern that she and Jimmy are being followed. Jimmy, speaking from his experience as a con man, tells her that she is feeling anxious because she got away with the setup on Howard and assures her that no one has caught on to what they're doing.

The following day, at the courthouse, Jimmy arranges an appointment with a client at his "satellite office" in the nail salon through his earphone. However, he finds that the staff at the courthouse, including the counsel administrator, are suddenly treating him with coldness. He comes across ADA Bill Oakley and helps him force a packet of food out of the vending machine; Oakley simply walks away upon being given the packet without even giving thanks. Angered, Jimmy follows him into the stairwell and confronts him. Oakley explains that Jimmy has become a pariah for scamming the court into releasing Lalo. Jimmy challenges Oakley to present proof of the allegation, but Oakley replies, "There's proving, and then there's knowing."

Meanwhile, Kim is having lunch with a client at the El Camino Dining Room when she spots the unmarked sedan across the street. Deciding to confront the situation directly, she walks across the street, writes down the car's license plates, and speaks to the two men sitting inside. The men won't say if they are following Kim or what organization they belong to. Kim threatens to call in the car's plates, prompting the men to drive away.


At the courthouse, Jimmy continues to be ostracized by the other lawyers as he is eating his lunch. He suddenly finds himself being contacted by multiple prospective clients through his earphone, prompting him to drive over to the nail salon. There, Mrs. Nguyen complains about the large group of shady characters who have assembled inside her business, all of whom have come to get a consultation from "Saul Goodman". The first client to approach him is a man named Spooge, who refers to Jimmy as "Salamanca's guy"; Jimmy, although perturbed, accepts the moniker. Jimmy meets with Spooge and a friend of his in the back office while he has the other clients form a line outside of the nail salon.

Meanwhile, at the El Camino restaurant, Kim is accosted by Mike, who tells her that the men in the sedan were working for him. He explains that, contrary to what she has been told, Lalo is still alive; Kim is quietly horrified by the news. He further explains that she and Jimmy are being watched in case Lalo tries to contact them, even though he considers it unlikely. Kim realizes that Mike is "the guy from the desert" who saved Jimmy's life. She asks why Mike is giving her this information instead of Jimmy, to which he replies, "Because I think you're made of sterner stuff." He advises her to ignore being followed from this point on, telling her that the ordeal will soon be over. As Mike is about to leave, Kim comes to another realization: he used to be the parking booth attendant at the courthouse. Mike simply says, "I was." Kim is left shaken.

Act IV

Upon arriving home, Gus, continuing to be on-edge, changes his clothes and reconsiders wearing an ankle holster. He then goes into his basement, which is revealed to contain a secret passage which takes him through a tunnel and into the basement of his next-door neighbors, the Rymans. In their living room, Gus confers with Mike, who warns him that their resources are being stretched thin with Gus' men being made to work eighteen-hour shifts across the city. Gus insists on keeping the surveillance in place as long as Lalo is still alive. With Lalo having not recently resurfaced, Mike wonders where he could be.

That night, Kim drives to a strip mall, where Jimmy is looking at potential office space. He informs her that Mrs. Nguyen has kicked him out of the nail salon, but Jimmy is still pleased with how the day turned out because he now has regular paying clients. Kim—who doesn't tell Jimmy what Mike has told her—assesses this new "temporary" office space: it's small, dirty and "smells funny", but it is conveniently close to both the courthouse and the Metropolitan Detention Center. Jimmy considers Kim's opinion and settles on renting the office. The two decide to visit a taco joint around the corner. As they walk away, Kim cautiously looks over her shoulder.

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  • The characters Spooge and Wendy from Breaking Bad make cameos in this episode. They last appeared in the episodes "Peekaboo" and "Half Measures" respectively.
  • The actors for the cycling couple in the beginning of the episode, Joni and Kirk Bovill, are actually married in real life.
  • This episode marks the first chronological appearance of the Saul Goodman & Associates strip mall office, which is featured prominently in Breaking Bad
  • Jimmy claims that his "satellite" office, which is really Mrs. Nguyen's Day Spa and Nail, is located on Juan Tabo Blvd, the same street that Gale's Apartment is located on.
  • Toward the end of the episode, Kim mentions that Taco Cabeza is near by Saul's office. Taco Cabeza is mentioned by Jesse in the Breaking Bad episode "A No-Rough-Stuff-Type Deal", where he mentions that half of his drug deals take place there.
  • This episode has Mike finally meeting Kim onscreen for the first time in the series.
  • Gus' house address number is 1213.
    • A Season 6 teaser features the scene in this episode where Gus checks his mailbox and enters his home. However his address number was changed to 418 - to tease the season premiere date of April 18th.[1]
    • This marks the first time that Gus' house is shown during the day; before this episode, it has only been shown at night.
  • Rhea Seehorn makes her directing debut in this episode.
  • Wendy tells Kim that the people following her are Five-O (aka undercover cops). This could be a subtle reference to the Season 1 episode "Five-O"; the only episode to date in the series where Kim does not appear.



Guest Starring


  • Zach Rose as Andre
  • Philip Fornah as Sam
  • Sabrina Baca as Shelby
  • John Robert Wylie as Abe
  • Rose Cordova as Rosa
  • Josh Domingo as Waiter
  • Debra Olson-Tolar as Nervous Older Lady
  • De'Angelo Bethea as Beef


  • TBA

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Memorable Quotes

"What kind of asshole moves a cone?!"
―Jimmy McGill

"There's proving, and then there's knowing."
―Bill Oakley