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Henry DeVore is a man who attends the support group at the church.



Henry Devore is a man who attends the support group to gain attention and pity from the other group members. He does this by making up a story about a woman who he was once married to named Judy. Every meeting, the details of his story would change.

Better Call Saul[]

Season 4[]

While at lunch with Anita, Mike tells her Henry's stories are fake with incorrect details and change every time. He also says Henry has a habit of rubbing his wrist when he is lying and bets Anita 10 dollars that Henry's story will change again. Later that night Mike is angered by Stacy after she talks about forgetting Matt that morning. As a result, when Henry starts telling his story, Mike calls him out for lying. Henry then gets up and leaves the church. ("Talk")


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