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Helen is is an elderly women and a friend of Irene Landry.


Season 3[]

Helen and her friends Rose and Myrtle are at the door of thier friend Irene Landry’s apartment just as Jimmy McGill is leaving after a visit. She is later seen walking with her chair yoga group at the mall, when Jimmy stops by and pulls Irene away from the group and gives her some cool sneakers. After this she is seen sitting at the table with her friends and Jimmy, who has a prolonged scheme to indirectly turn them against their friend Irene by telling them that she took improper advantage of being a Sandpiper class representative and referring to the running shoes as proof. Helen and the others exclude Irene as a result of Jimmy’s demonization, much to her surprise and confusion. She is later seen at a Sandpiper bingo game when Irene wins but they don’t congratulate her, so she leaves the room in tears, and tells Jimmy that Helen, Rose and Myrtle were talking about her behind her back. ("Fall") Helen and her friends sit at a table at the mall with Jimmy, who is trying to get them to reconcile with Irene. They tell him he’s a good friend but Irene doesn't deserve him. Helen is present when Jimmy is leading the yoga group, and Erin Brill interrupts to confront him about his lies to his clients. When Jimmy returns the ladies reprimand him and walk away. ("Lantern")


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