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Better Call Saul[]

"It's not in my interest for Hector Salamanca to die.... at this time."
―Gus revealing to Mike why he prevented him from assassinating Hector.[src]

"I can't allow you to kill Hector. However, I am not completely unsympathetic to your sense of justice. You hurt Hector when you robbed that truck. You hurt his business, his pride. Quite effectively. And if you were to hurt him in the same manner again, I would not stand in your way."
―Gus to Mike.[src]

Gustavo: "Would you care to know why I stopped you from killing Hector?"
Mike: "Like you said it wasn't in your interest."
Gustavo: "A bullet to the head would have been far too humane."
―Gus to Mike about Hector.[src]

"I decide what he deserves. No one else."
―Gus on Hector's fate.[src]

Bolsa: "How long before our dealers run dry?"
Gus: "No more than a week."
Bolsa: "This is a problem. Find a local supplier on your side of the border.Cut a deal."
Gus: "Don Juan, with all due respect, Don Eladio forbids buying from outsiders. He's been very clear."
―Gus to Bolsa about the "hit" on the Salamancas.[src]

"I know what you've done. The Salamancas... they do not. Do you understand what I am saying? Look at me. From now on, you - are - mine."
―Gus cornering Nacho.[src]

Mike: "You wanted to see me, here I am."
Gus: "In order for our arrangement to continue, there is a matter we need to discuss."
Mike: "Okay."
Gus: "Do you have something to tell me? If you do, you would be well-advised to do so."
Mike: "Nacho Varga. I wondered when you were gonna get around to this."
Gus: "You came to me. You asked for a favor. You looked me in the eye, you shook my hand. And all the while, you knew Varga was moving against my interests."
Mike: "I said I wouldn't kill Salamanca. I never promised to be his bodyguard. So... what now? If you're gonna make a move, you better make it. But they're not gonna, are they? You brought me here because you have an ask. So why don't you stop running a game on me and just tell me about the job?"
―Gus testing Mike.[src]

"The doctor tells me your fever has gotten worse. They say this infection may kill you. Even if it doesn't, my doctor tells me again and again that you may never wake. And yet, I wait. I grew up quite poor. We lived in the hills. In a place my brothers built from things they found. Metal sheeting, plywood. When it rained, it smelled like hay. We were always hungry. But there was a lucuma tree. Scrawny. Barely alive. My family had given up on it years before. Never bore fruit. When I was seven, I became fixated on it. I watered it, tended to it. It took a long time, but the buds grew into green fruit. I was so proud. I didn't tell anyone. I plucked one and hid behind our shack. I ate the whole thing, I'd never tasted something so sweet. It was like caramel. At first, we ate the fruit ourselves. And then I began taking it to the village to sell. One day, much of the fruit was gone from my tree. Pieces were scattered on the ground, half-eaten. I thought it was probably a coati. Have you ever seen one? About the size of a large house cat. Opportunists. I built a snare, using branches and wire. It didn't take long for the animal to set it off. But the coati trashed so hard it broke out of the snare. Broke its leg as well. I tried to grab it, but it slipped away. It ran under the house. I knew it would show itself sooner or later. So I waited, for hours, into the night. When my brothers called for me, I did not answer. I didn't make a sound. I was so still. Finally, it came out. It knew I was there, but it was hungry. This time, I was ready. I caught it. It fought me, but I was stronger. The merciful thing would've been to kill it. I kept it. It lived for quite some time. I believe you will wake, Hector."
―Gus's plan regarding Hector.

Bolsa: "He wishes to make amends. At least hear him out."
Gus: "Don Hector. It's no secret that I did not see eye to eye with your nephew. And while the friction between your family and myself did not start with him, today I am reminded we are all Eladio's men. No matter our disagreements, a strike against one is a strike against all. I hope you will accept my condolences and my support as you navigate this terrible loss."
Bolsa: "Gustavo speaks the truth. In this matter, he and I both stand shoulder to shoulder behind the Salamanca family. We are still looking for the traitor, Ignacio Varga. We will find him. And then your family will have justice. (...) We'll be in touch."
Mike: "What did you learn?"
Lalo: "Lalo Salamanca lives."
―Gus and Juan Bolsa during their visit to Hector at Casa Tranquila, before Gus realizes that Lalo survived the assassination attempt.[src]

Tyrus: "They found the truck, but no sign of Varga. Salamancas have all eyes looking for him, including the federales. Still not picking up his cell, so nobody got a lock on it. Now as for Lalo, still missing. As far as everybody in the cartel is concerned, top to bottom, Lalo is dead."
Mike: "May I offer a thought? If Salamanca was coming straight for you, he'd be here already. We've got guys watching anywhere he might turn up this side of Mexico. Wire taps on any phone he might call. There is not a whiff of him. Now, my guess is he's smart enough to know it's not in the Salamanca family interest to take you out without a reason the bosses can get behind. So, the odds are he's searching for Varga. Finds him alive, gets him to talk. Varga's alone in foreign territory, no one he can trust. The kid's smart, but he's not gonna last. He's gonna get caught."
Gus: "Continue."
Mike: "The best way to handle this: I take four of our best guys, cross the border and track Varga down. Let me find him, bring him back before the Salamancas sweep him up. It's our only play."
Gus: "Varga's father. Bring him here."
Mike: "No. You're not doing that. [locks the door after Tyrus gets his gun out] You don't understand. That's not happening."
Tyrus: "[walks up to Mike and aims gun at him] Just say the word."
Mike: "Whatever happens next... it's not gonna go down the way you think it is. [beat; hears cell phone vibrating] It's him."
Tyrus: "Bullshit. I've been calling Varga for hours. He hasn't picked up once."
Mike: "He's been trying to get me since he left the Salamancas. [opens phone] You want me to answer it? [Tyrus turns to Gus, who nods. Mike answers the phone and speaks to Nacho] Yeah. (...) Yeah. ...Not my call. (...) That's up to you. [to Gus] He wants to talk to you."
―Gus, Mike, and Tyrus discussing the Nacho situation[src]

Nacho: "It's me."
Mike: "Yeah."
Nacho: "You knew. You knew that I was going to Mexico to die, that I was never supposed to make it out of that motel. And you let it happen."
Mike: "Not my call."
Nacho: "What happens now?"
Mike: "That's up to you."
Nacho: "Is that bastard with you? Put him on."
Mike: "Hmm. [to Gus] He wants to talk to you."
Gus: "[takes cell phone from Mike; to Nacho] Yes."
Nacho: "You are screwed. You want the cartel to blame me for Lalo. But if they catch me, and make me talk? Ooh... That is not good for you, is it? Even if I disappear, everyone's gonna smell your stink all over it. The only way that this works for you is with me dead. Alright. Whatever bullshit way you want the story to go, I will make it go. But... I need one thing."
Gus: "Yes?"
Nacho: "My dad. I need to know that he will be safe."
Gus: "If you are true to your word, there will be no reason for anyone to harm your father."
Nacho: "You are not the one that I need to hear it from."
Mike: "Your dad's gonna be okay."
Nacho: "How do you know?"
Mike: "Because anyone who goes after him is gonna have to come through me."
―Nacho calls Mike at an auto repair shop in Mexico while on the run from the Salamancas[src]

Gus: "You can't kill me."
Lalo: "Why not?"
Gus: "I haven't told that fat pig Eladio what I think of him yet."
Lalo: "Hoo-hoo! Perfect! You've got one minute."
Gus: "Eladio... you greasy, bloated pimp. You talk of honor. But you have none. A pack of stray dogs fighting for scraps has more honor. Jackals. That's all you are! No vision. No patience. No thought. Stupid and impulsive! That is how I did all this. You couldn't see it, couldn't even conceive of it. And you Salamancas... you're the worst vermin of all. You say you believe in "blood for blood" but you only understand blood for money! You're whores! (in English) I understand blood for blood. Hector? Yeah, I kept him alive. Kept him broken. I will save him to the last. Before he dies, he will know I buried every one of you."
Lalo: "Big talk. You done?"
Gus: "No, Not yet."
―Gus and Lalo's final exchange.[src]

Mike: "You happy with the way things went down tonight? 'Cause I'm not. How'd you know Lalo would be at the laundry?"
Gus: "I didn't."
Mike: "Well, the next time you get a wild hair to play detective, tell me. This could have gone down a whole lot different."
Gus: "It could have."
―Gus and Mike's conversation after Lalo's death.[src]

Breaking Bad[]

"I don't think we're alike at all, Mr. White. You're not a cautious man at all. Your partner was late. And he was high. (...) He's high often, isn't he? (...) You have poor judgement. I cannot work with someone with poor judgement."
―Gus Fring to Walter White, upon revealing his true identity.[src]

Gus: "What does a man do, Walter? A man provides for his family."
Walter: "This cost me my family."
Gus: "When you have children, you always have family. They will always be your priority, your responsibility, and a man - a man provides. And he does it even when he's not appreciated or respected or even loved. He simply bears up, and he does it because he's a man."
―Gus offering Walter insight on reasons for working with him.[src]

"You are a wealthy man now. One must learn to be rich. To be poor, anyone can manage."
―Gus to Walt[src]

Gustavo: "I told you before. You will not kill Walter White. Not until my business with him is concluded."
Marco Salamanca: "We've waited long enough. We won't wait any longer."
Gustavo: "You'll have to. The decision is not yours to make. Explain to me...why this man White? He betrayed your cousin Tuco, yes. But he's not the one who murdered him. Was there not another man who pulled the trigger?"
Marco Salamanca: "A DEA agent. Bolsa says the DEA is off-limits."
Gustavo: "North of the border is my territory. My say. As a show of respect...I say yes. The agent's name is Hank Schrader. May his death satisfy you."
―Gustavo confronts The Cousins and turn their hunt to Hank.[src]

Walt: "You knew. You knew my brother-in-law was with the DEA."
Gus: "I investigate everyone with whom I do business. What careful man wouldn't?"
Walt: "He is not a problem for us or our business, but you being this some sort of message?"
Gus: "I'm supporting my community. I hide in plain sight, same as you. Are we done?"
Walt: "No, listen, I, uh...this attack on my brother-in-law, I don't understand it, I don't know what it means. Please, if you may have some knowledge that you can share with me. I fear for my family."
Gus: "I'm sure they'll be fine. I am told the assassin that survived is gravely injured. It's doubtful he'll live. Now thank me and shake my hand."
―Walt confronting Gus in the hospital lobby.[src]

Gus: "Has your condition worsened?"
Walter: "Excuse me?"
Gus: "Your medical condition, has it grown worse?"
Walter: "Not that I know of, no."
Gus: "Is there a ringing in your ears?"
Walter: "No."
Gus: "Are you seeing bright lights or hearing voices?"
Walter: "I'm quite well, thank you."
Gus: "No. Clearly you are not. No rational person would do as you have done."
―Gus confronts Walter over killing his associates.[src]

"Well? Get back to work."
―Gus to Walt and Jesse after murdering Victor.[src]

"I can give you the highlights. Your nephews grew impatient. They continued to press me for my permission to kill Walter White. When I wouldn't give it, they settled instead for DEA Agent Schrader. But a phone call was placed to Agent Schrader moments before the attack, thus giving him the upper hand. Marco, shot in the face and died instantly. Leonel lingered for several hours. The warning call to the DEA agent....Juan Bolsa may have some insight into who placed it. For yesterday the federales raided his hacienda, and in the confusion, Juan was shot dead. An accident, perhaps? A mistake made by his own men? But we may never know. At any rate, I thought you should hear it from me. This is what comes of blood for blood, Hector. Sangre por sangre."
―Gus telling Hector about the deaths of Leonel, Marco and Bolsa[src]

"Don Eladio is dead! His capos are dead! You have no one left to fight for! Fill your pockets and leave in peace, OR FIGHT ME AND DIE!"
―Gus beginning to suffer from the effects of the poison after killing Don Eladio and the other cartel capos.[src]

"Hello, Hector. All of them, Hector. Don Eladio. Don Paco. Cesar. Renaldo. Artuno. Cisco and Luis. Escalara. All dead. As is your grandson, Joaquin. Do you know who killed Joaquin? Would you like to see? This young man. Do you remember him? That young man shot Joaquin to death while I made my escape. I believe you have met him before. It was just you and Joaquin. He was the only family you had left. Now the Salamanca name dies with you. Will you look at me now? Look at me, Hector. Look at me."
―Gus to Hector after poisoning the entire cartel.[src]

Gustavo: "You are done. Fired. Do not show your face at the laundry again. Stay away from Pinkman. Do not go near him...ever. Are you listening to me?"
Walter: "Or else you'll do what?"
Gustavo: "What did you say?"
Walter: "Stay away from Pinkman...or else you'll do...what? Kill me? If you could kill me, I'd already be dead. But you can't. You can't kill me because Jesse wouldn't cook for you if you did. That's it, isn't it? [coughs] No matter how hard you try to turn him against me, to screw with his head, so that he would hate my guts...and he still won't let you do it."
Gustavo: "For now. But he'll come around. In the meantime, there's the matter of your brother-in-law. He is a problem you promised to resolve. You have failed. Now it's left to me to deal with him."
Walter: "You can't."
Gustavo: "If you try to interfere, this becomes a much simpler matter. I will kill your wife. I will kill your son. I will kill your infant daughter."
―Gus threatening Walter's family in the desert.[src]

"What kind of man talks to the DEA? No man. No man at all. A crippled little rata. What a reputation to leave behind. Is that how you want to be remembered? Last chance to look at me, Hector."
―Gus' final words.[src]