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"Grilled" is the second episode of the second season of Breaking Bad and the ninth episode altogether.



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Out in the desert, Jesse's car is riddled with bullet holes and bounces wildly on its hydraulic suspension system, shedding glass fragments from its rear windshield. Spent casings and drops of blood litter the ground. A body lies behind the car, half hidden from view.

Act I

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After briefing his DEA team about a raid on Tuco's hideout, Hank tells Gomez he's taking personal leave to search for Walt, who has gone missing. At the White residence, Sgt. Tim Roberts questions Skyler about the events leading up to Walt's disappearance. She says that he was agitated about something, but that he didn't explain what it was. Skyler and Marie distribute "Missing" posters of Walt. Marie tries to use the occasion to try to explain the tiara situation, but Skyler cuts her off. Meanwhile, in the desert, Tuco releases Jesse and Walt from the trunk of Jesse's car.

Act II

Tuco takes Walt and Jesse to a remote, run-down shack in the desert where his ailing uncle, referred to as Tio, lives. Tuco orders Walt and Jesse to empty their pockets. Among Walt's belongings is the ricin-laced meth and his wallet, which reveals his true identity to Tuco.

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Tuco grabs Walt by the neck and asks if he can trust him. After railing about his suspicions that Gonzo snitched to the DEA, Tuco says he wants to get high. Jesse tries to convince him to sample the poisoned meth, but Tuco balks at its "head cheese" smell. Jesse tries to improvise by describing the high Tuco could achieve, but Tuco refrains from tasting it when Jesse says it contains chili powder. Tuco instead opts for the "blue magic" he previously purchased at the junkyard, claiming he hates the spice.

One snort gets Tuco so ripped he wants to shoot Jesse, but Walt intervenes. Tuco then announces that has cousins from Mexico who are coming to smuggle him and Walt out of the country, with Walt being forced to cook meth for them 24/7 in a superlab. As for Jesse, he'd better hope there's room in the trunk for him.


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At the White residence, Marie tells Skyler that she suspects Walt has a second cell phone which he used it to contact Jesse, who Skyler believes is his pot dealer. Hank thinks she is grasping at straws, but Marie insists Hank should question him. Hank instead visits Jesse's mother, who tells him the type of car Jesse drives. Hank calls Gomez to find out if Jesse installed a car-tracking system, and, if so, to try to get a fix on the vehicle's location.

Back at Tio's shack, Tuco prepares to cook burritos while Gonzo and No-Doze's deaths are covered on the local news. Walt changes the channel, afraid that Tuco will suspect him and Jesse of ratting him out should he learn that Gonzo is dead and not a DEA informant. Jesse suggests Walt sacrifice himself and attack Tuco before he learns of Gonzo's fate. Walt proposes instead that they slip Tuco the ricin in his food. However, Tio catches Walt trying to lace Tuco's burrito and repeatedly rings a bell attached to his wheelchair to warn his nephew. Tuco misreads Tio's warnings as a request to trade burritos, but when he gives his uncle the poisoned burrito, Tio knocks the plate to the floor. Shaking, Tio points a finger at Walt.

Act IV

After the meal, Tio continues to ring his bell until Tuco realizes that his uncle is trying to warn him about Walt and Jesse. Tuco becomes enraged and drags Jesse outside, holding a gun to his head. Tuco forces Walt to admit that he tried to poison him, but Walt then states that Tuco is an "insane, degenerate piece of filth" who deserves to die. Tuco, further enraged by Walt's remark, takes his eyes off Jesse, allowing him to grab a rock and strike Tuco across the head. During the ensuing struggle, Walt grabs Tuco's assault rifle and Jesse his pistol, shooting Tuco in his side. They kick him into a ditch and leave him to die.

The two rush to Jesse's car, but quickly realize they don't have the keys. They see a vehicle approaching in the distance and assume that Tuco's cousins are approaching. Realizing that the keys are still in the shack, Walt and Jesse abandon the car and take cover nearby, leaving the rifle behind. Meanwhile Tuco, despite being critically wounded, manages to crawl out of the ditch and staggers over to the car just as the vehicle that Walt and Jesse spotted -- Hank's Jeep Commander -- pulls up the shack.

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Having tracked Jesse's car to this location, Hank climbs out of the Jeep and momentarily thinks that Tuco is Jesse. He is alarmed when Tuco turns to face him. Both men stare at each other for several tense seconds. The tension is broken when Tuco suddenly reaches into the car and grabs the rifle, resulting in a shootout. Tuco and Hank fire at each other until their guns are empty. Hank is quicker to reload and, the moment Tuco stands up, Hank fires a shot into Tuco's forehead, killing him instantly. Hank then emerges from cover and advances over to Tuco's body, not knowing that Walt and Jesse are watching him from nearby. The two flee on foot unnoticed by Hank, whose attention is drawn to the sound of Tio's bell ringing repeatedly inside the shack.

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  • This episode marks the first appearance of Don Hector Salamanca who is addressed as "Tio," meaning "uncle."
  • When Walt and Jesse arrive at Tio's house, he is watching the Mexican movie "El Mago" (1949), starring Mexican comedian Cantinflas. Jesse incorrectly identifies it as a telenovela
  • When Tuco uses the M4A1 Carbine at the beginning of the episode, it has what appears to be an ACOG optic attached. When Walt uses the weapon at the end of the episode, the optic is missing. The ACOG sight was removed by Tuco Salamanca after his shooting practice inside the house.
  • Several events involving Hector Salamanca in this episode are humorously alluded to in the Better Call Saul episode "Something Stupid".
  • Raymond Cruz actually knocked out Aaron Paul and gave him a concussion while filming the scene where Tuco throws Jesse out of the door.



Filming Locations

  • Tucos uncles desert house - Location where Walt and Jesse are held, and of Hanks shootout with Tuco.
  • In the search for Walt scene, flyers are handed out at these locations. (all located on one corner)
    • Taco Sal - 9641 Menaul Blvd NE (Located behind the bus stop)
    • Budget TV Repair - 9641 Menaul Blvd NE (Located behind the bus stop)
    • El Mirasol - 9649 Menaul Blvd NE (Located behind the bus stop)
    • Blue Bus Stop - 9663 Menaul Blvd NE

Featured Music

  • "Red Moon" by The Walkmen (while Skyler and Marie pass flyers out)
  • "Unknown Track #1" by Unknown Artist (while Walt and Jesse are prisoners of Tuco, a Latin guitarist is shown singing on a Spanish-language TV music channel)

Memorable Quotes

Jesse: "So, you plan to, uh, ice Gonzo, like...future tense?"
Tuco: "What?"
Walter: "You're saying, Tuco, you're saying Gonzo is currently operating as a police informant as far as you know? I'm very sorry to hear that. That's disappointing."
Jesse: "Yeah. I would waste him too, yo."
―Jesse, Tuco, and Walt discuss Gonzo's disappearance.

"We tried to poison you because you're an insane, degenerate piece of filth and you deserve to die."
―Walt telling to the truth to Tuco about what they were trying to do.