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Greg: "There's a lot of people we both know who think Fensky got what was coming to him. Hoffman too. That whole precinct was a sewer. Wouldn't be surprised if there was a few more early retirements. Might be a good thing. New blood."
Mike: "Like the kid."
Greg: "Yeah. He's alright. He's just gotta learn, that's all. Some rocks, you don't turn over."
―Greg and Mike Ehrmantraut discuss the future.[src]

Greg Sanders is a detective who formerly worked with Mike Ehrmantraut.


Season 1[]

Greg and his partner Geoff Abbasi arrive at Mike's house. When Mike opens the door, he notices Greg and asks him "A long way from home, aren't you?". "You and me both," Greg replies. ("Alpine Shepherd Boy")

Greg and Abbasi bring Mike into an interrogation room at the police station. Mike immediately demands a lawyer and picks Jimmy McGill. When the detectives begin questioning Mike, Jimmy insists they start from the beginning and explain the events that brought them to New Mexico. Exasperated, Abbasi obliges: Mike was a cop in Philadelphia for nearly 30 years, and his son Matt, a rookie cop, was killed in the line of duty nine months ago. Matt, along with his partner, Officer Troy Hoffman, and his sergeant, Jack Fensky, were ambushed while responding to a shots-fired call in a bad neighborhood.

Hoffman and Fensky escaped the attack, but were killed six months later, shot to death in a similar ambush. Operating under the theory that Hoffman and Fensky were involved in some unethical business that might have led to them, and Matt, getting killed, the detectives hope Mike can shed some light on what might have gone down. Mike admits to seeing Hoffman and Fensky in a cop bar on the night they were killed, but offers nothing more. He also says he wishes he could help the detectives, but he was drinking pretty heavily in those days, and doesn’t remember anything else.

As the group prepares to leave the interrogation room, Jimmy makes up his mind: He pretends to lose his balance, and spills coffee all over Detective Abbasi. Considerate Mike immediately whips out a handkerchief and dabs at the irritated detective’s jacket, successfully lifting his notepad. ("Five-O")

Mike and Jimmy wait at the police station for Greg and Abbasi. When Abbasi and Greg arrive, Jimmy returns the younger detective's notebook, claiming that he found it on the ground in the parking lot. Irate, Abbasi confronts Mike about stealing it, but Mike and Jimmy deny it. Abbasi storms out of the station, but Greg lingers behind. Mike dismisses Jimmy so that he can talk to his old friend, privately. Greg apologizes for Abbasi’s behavior, but Mike waves it off, as the young detective was just doing his job. ("Bingo")


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