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Grace United Methodist Church is a church in Albuquerque.


Better Call Saul[]

Season 3[]

Mike and Stacey attend support a group meeting at this church. Stacey talks about how she copes with the death of her husband Matt. After the meeting Stacey tells Mike that she volunteered to help build s playground for the church. ("Off Brand") Mike helps with the concrete project for the playground. While he’s working he reluctantly accepts help from some friends from the group meetings. He shows Anita how to use a broom to add texture to the walkway, he seems to have a strong connection with her. ("Expenses")

Season 4[]

During a meeting Anita asks Mike to befriend a new member named Henry DeVore, who tells stories of his late wife Judy. Mike thinks Henry is lying about Judy when he points to inconsistency in his story of his first claimed kiss. Anita expresses disbelief so Mike advises her to look for Henry to give a tell if he talks about Judy at the next meeting and they agree whether he dose so or not. At another meeting Stacey recounts her day with Kaylee, saying she realizes she hasn’t even been thinking of Matt too much while starting her daily routines. She expresses her fear that she might forget details of him for life and that effects Mike who’s sitting next to her. Henry starts to talk about Judy and rubs his wrists like Mike predicted earlier at the previous meeting. Mike eventually can’t contain anger anymore but still accuses Henry of lying about Judy and points to more inconsistencies in his stories and challenges him to show any record to show that Judy ever existed. Then he turns his anger on the rest of the group and says all they’re doing is feeding into each other’s misery. Then he coldly says "You wanted me to talk. I talked." ("Talk")


Better Call Saul[]

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