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My husband and I scrimped and saved for so many years. We did our best to build a nest egg... so that we wouldn't be a burden to our family. After Ronald passed, I moved to an assisted living facility. A nice place. They told me they'd take care of everything. But, then one day they said all my money was gone. How could that be? Where did it all go?
― Geraldine Strauss in Jimmy McGill's commercial for Davis & Main[src]

Geraldine Strauss is an elderly woman who collects porcelain Hummel figurines and is also a client of Jimmy McGill.



Nothing is known about Mrs. Strauss' background, except that she collects porcelain Hummel figurines in the living room for rewards to her relatives; an Alpine Shepherd Boy figure goes to her nephew Clarence upon graduating college. However, if he decided to drop out, it would instead go to her niece Raylene, who is also being rewarded with another figure that depicts a girl with geese, but it will also instead go to her cousin, Helen as long she never remarries her ex-husband Frederick. ("Alpine Shepherd Boy")

She also had a husband named Ronald who passed away prior to the series and a nephew named Brett Dunst. ("Amarillo",  "Piñata")

Better Call Saul[]

Season 1[]

Mrs. Strauss was one of seven clients who leaves a voice message to Jimmy McGill where he answered them off-screen after rescuing a billboard worker from falling. ("Hero")

Jimmy visits Mrs. Strauss' house. He assists her with estate planning, which mostly consists of allocating various Hummels to different friends and relatives. Mrs. Strauss finds Jimmy's moxie quite charming, and pays his full fee upfront. ("Alpine Shepherd Boy")

Season 2[]

Jimmy asks Mrs. Strauss to star in his commercial for Davis & Main. In the commercial Mrs. Strauss tearfully admits that her life savings disappeared when she moved to an assisted living facility. ("Amarillo")

Mrs. Strauss appears in the finalized version of Jimmy's commercial for his own law firm. ("Klick")

Season 3[]

During Jimmy's bar hearing, Mrs. Strauss comes to lend her support. She is one of the many who sit in the audience as Kim delivers her closing statements in Jimmy's defense. ("Off Brand")

Season 4[]

At CC Mobile, Jimmy gets a call from Brett Dunst, the nephew of Mrs. Strauss and the executor of her will. He is informed that she has passed away and that there's an issue with the will. Jimmy tells him that he's no longer practicing as a lawyer and refers him to HHM. Returning home, Jimmy loads up the VHS tape of the Davis & Main TV commercial that he filmed with Mrs. Strauss. ("Piñata")


Better Call Saul[]

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  • During her appearance in Jimmy's commercial for Davis & Main, Mrs. Strauss references a famous quote by Gloria Swanson in Sunset Boulevard: "I'm ready for my close-up."